Have A Laugh GIF: Dad to the Rescue

8 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Dad to the Rescue

  1. That dad must have been brought up wrapped in cotton wool. Falling down is an education, and this dad has just started his education rather late in life.

    • There was no need for the man to run – on slippery wet wood. Note the small baby at the left. Runs up and claps and is excited when dad falls. Note how the baby is careful to keep off the wet surface while clowning?
      Also this dad could seriously have injured his kids by falling like this.

      • You must not be a father. ALL parents run to their kids when they appear to be hurt from a fall or other childish activity. His thought was for his kids, NOT his footing. He fell well away from them so “could haves” are just a waste of time.

        It seems to me, Robert, that you are always criticizing what you see here but rarely take time to enjoy a simple joke or check the facts behind a picture or video but seem to always have to “correct” our perception of it. .

  2. I’m a parent and I found it amusing. We don’t think about things like slippery surfaces when rushing to see if our child is ok. We just run.

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