Feuding Richard Spencer Agrees to Boxing Match, Debate with Alt-Lite Nemesis Jew Mike Cernovich



I haven’t been following the feud between Mike Cernovich, a sell out Jew, and Richard Spencer, the alleged “Nazi,” as the press calls him.

However, I think the feud started when the alt-lite’s Bill Mitchell claimed that Spencer had assaulted him. Anyway, Cernovich chimed in for his friend Mitchell by calling Spencer a COWARD.

Such drama!

Within the last few hours, both men have agreed to settle their differences in a constructive way.


20 thoughts on “Feuding Richard Spencer Agrees to Boxing Match, Debate with Alt-Lite Nemesis Jew Mike Cernovich

  1. It’s better to just ignore nemeses usually, especially if they are kind of on your side, a little, but not connected. “Punching Right” should be avoided. But hey, if they gotta get it on; they gotta get it on.

    As to steroids- not necessarily. As muscular guy myself, although nowhere near as big as Cernovich, I’ve seen plenty of physiques like his on guys that I know for a fact have never done anything. It has a lot to do with bone structure and basic build really, then you just add mass to what is there.

      • You never know, but it sure does look that way. We’ll see. Or maybe not, I am sort of tired of all this stuff now. This shouldn’t even be happening among people who are on similar sides. If you think they are not, just ask the SJWs.

  2. Spencer giving mixed messages…all American traditional boy with a plaid shirt and jeans versus Nazi haircut and boxing matches!

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      • We had Peinovich – son of Pein – possible jew, here recently outed and doxxed by the left. Now we have Cernovich – son of Cern – Jew.
        For a victim to agree to fight a much bigger and stronger attacker is ridiculous. It would be like a women raped by a man with a gun to allow him to try again – but this time with no weapons, just his hands, fists, teeth and feet etc. In most cases, she will lose and get raped a second time.
        And so will Spencer take a fall, who is bluffing.
        Roids are rampant in gyms and so is Roid rage.
        If the Jew Cernovich is “on our side” he is classic false opposition.
        Was he not one of the “Nazis’ who gave the Nazi salute to the same Ricard Spencer, intentionally causing Donald Trump to dump the entire alt-right movement? A few Jews got all of us tarred as Nazis, a classic Jew trick.
        Thus I think Richard Spencer is also false opposition.
        Maybe he and Cernovich are in on this together. So even the fight will be rigged. The jew may take a dive!
        Two narcissists at work.
        Spencer and Milo are both in love with themselves, the very definition of narcissism.

      • Did this Cern guy say he’s Jewish? He doesn’t seem it, but then again everyone we don’t like is automatically “Jewish.” As for controlled opposition, I highly doubt that it even exists as the denizens of this alternative school of thought destroy and sabotage themselves better than any op ever could.

      • Oh did he, I don’t pay much attention to the guy and mostly know of him third hand. He can’t be full at any rate, but if he claims it- at least in part- then it should be true. His structure is crop-magnid & mesomorphic, usually not associated with them.

      • I can listen to him for about 2 minutes then that high pitched whiny voice gets on my nerves! The annoying voice sounds Jewish… he’s controlled opposition just like JU lapdog Alex Jones and x Mossad Mat Drudge…blah…all fed Jew news to regurgitate

  4. With such antics it’s difficult to take the AltRight as a serious movement. I’ve been looking into them for quite a while trying to get a grip upon their ideology but in most cases I keep encountering personalities. Many have the mentality of gamers and skateboard fanatics; teenagers who happened to read some philosophy and political science and are now proclaiming their expertise like pro wrestlers before a match. Goofy people are relegated to the sidelines and the Alt Right already has enough going against it without playing into the concept they’re just belligerent teenagers. If we’re to convince a wavering public, disgusted with business as usual and fed up with deceptions and neglect, this sort of behavior must not be allowed.

    • George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his followers. At least we’re not doing that.

      Twitter facilitates these feuds. Witness Trump’s many feuds with Rosie, Jeb, Little Marco, etc.

      • That was because there was no net yet. If all the people that constitute “alt-right,” WNs, neoreationaries, etc., had to actually meet in person instead of online, we’d be more a sh*t show than we are now.

    • I agree with this long comment above. Any boxing matches should only be waged against leftists/sjw. This is embarrassing and they can’t take it back now. Also, now that people pay a little attention to these kinds of sites, it behooves y’all to drop the hyperbolic tough guy chatter, the ridiculous “every single person is a Jew/jew/Joo” nonsense (except where applicable of course), drop the nose-gazing/nose-interpretation, try and ignore people you disagree with if they are at least marginally swimming in the same general direction as you (unless they pick on you, of course). In loo of making foolish comments on the web you can spend that time learning a European language and stop the English-only culture if you are serious about preserving Europe (Evropa is my nation!!!! But only in English!!!). Oh, and those who haven’t already- start working out. When everyone is doxxed, I bet most of us will look a lot more like Mike Enoch than Marcus Follin.

      Just a few gentle suggestions.

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