Female Trump Supporter Lit On Fire By Protesters Chanting ‘Love Trumps Hate’

Luckily, the Trump supporter’s hair didn’t ignite like a bomb. She’s alright, but no thanks to an anti-Trump leftist. Watch for yourself.

We Are Change

A female supporter of President Donald Trump had her hair lit on fire by protesters who were ironically chanting “love trumps hate” shortly after the inauguration in Washington on Friday.

The shocking assault was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.

Luckily, the fire was quickly extinguished, and several of the anti-Trump protesters did immediately speak out on the woman’s behalf. It goes to show that there are actually some decent people on both sides.

Despite most of the protest organizers symbolically calling for “peaceful” protest, multiple people were assaulted simply for wearing their support for our president in the days surrounding the inauguration — including women.

The Daily Caller is asking for help in identifying the perp, pictured below.


10 thoughts on “Female Trump Supporter Lit On Fire By Protesters Chanting ‘Love Trumps Hate’

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  2. Throughout history it is the Left that engages in violence up to and including mass murder. The image of the violent extreme Right is by in large a (((media))) creation.

    • Precisely correct. And we all know very well that if it had been a white person attacking a black soros-paid sheboon at a protest march with a hillary shirt on the FBI would have already had them arrested, tried and executed…

    • The last real right wing violence I can think of was the KKK Birmingham church bombing in 63. Maybe a few others back around that era. But nothing of much consequence. A disaster was averted here by the guy who put her hair out.

      • You can take it all the way up to mass murders. No one denies that the Communist killed something like 100 million people in the USSR, China and Cambodia. But ask anyone on the street what regime did mass murder and they will bring up the “Holocaust.” Even if one accepts the “Holocaust” story, the “Holocaust” pales in comparison to the murders of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. So why the focus on the “Holocaust”. It is because our national dialog is controlled by the (((media))). It all fits a pattern of Leftist violence hidden by the (((media))) behind lies about “Extremist Right Wing” Blah blah blah. And we’re seeing it happen again. This time to us.

  3. Trump needs to act in order to protect patriotic Americans from the violent left.

    The left have always been violent, yet accuse the right.

    Someone must know that little rat. The only decent course is to report her to the Police.

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