Comedy Central Writer Tweets About His Mother Being Raped by Trump–10 Year Old Barron Trump!!!


These filthy vermin just keep sinking lower and lower. Work camps are too good for them. They must be executed once laws slandering the children of presidents are in place.

In case the Tweet is deleted by the rat-faced loser, here it’s been screen captured:

I have an earlier post on the woman writer at SNL, (((Katie Rich,))) who bullied Barron. She may have possibly been fired. Scroll down the homepage or click here to read it.

We have to stop this stuff. And let’s not forget that no one was aiming dangerous barbs like these at the Obama girls.

He’s bragging as of two minutes ago:

Since Spinola can’t be executed or sent to a work camp, let’s settle for seeing him fired. I would boycott the channel he works for except I don’t watch TV.

11 thoughts on “Comedy Central Writer Tweets About His Mother Being Raped by Trump–10 Year Old Barron Trump!!!

  1. These current comedy writers are a lot of sick SOBs. No wonder their material is revolting and not funny. What passes for funny today is a jumble of twisted, vulgar remarks that remind me of a group of schoolboys gathered saying things to make their buddies laugh.

  2. Spinola is a Wog and most likely a Jew. Andres Breivik the Norway shooter has a Spinola in his family tree, born about the 1860s.

    I think referring to a 10 year old boy like this is child abuse (illegal) and bullying (unethical and immoral). (((Comedy Central))) is power and evil at work.

  3. Freaking creep! I will no longer watch any channel that shows anything that has to do with him. Nor, will I purchase products, etc. for anyone that sponsors a show that hosts him. What he said about Barron is incomprehensible but equally so, about his mother. What a freakin’ creep!

  4. A trip through this guys head has to be like wading through a sewage treatment plant. I can’t help but be alarmed by some of the garbage spewing from their mouths because those thoughts have been there all along. They’re coming to the surface only recently.

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