The White House’s LGBT page disappeared after Trump sworn in

Obama must have had a White House page for every crackpot leftist cause you can think of. But of course, no page addressing the concerns of working class or middle class white people who work their butts off to pay the taxes that keep the fat cats in government rolling in catnip.

Sodomites fake attacks on themselves in order to get more $$$ from government. This 2013 Mark Dice video offers a few minutes of examples of how fags have played the government.

Trump was right to remove the LGBT page. Hopefully, it stays gone.

It appears the White House’s climate change site isn’t the only thing to have swiftly gotten the chop after Donald Trump was sworn in.

Just moments after Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, the website’s LGBT rights page has completely disappeared.

The LGBT community in the US has been getting increasingly worried about their rights under the new Trump administration.

Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, is notorious for his anti-LGBT views and policies. As Governor of Indiana, he passed some of the most rigid, homophobic laws in the country.

If you try to visit what was once the White House’s LGBT page, you will now see this.

Whether this is because the administration is yet to put up its own page, or because LGBT rights are going to be drastically cut down, this could signal dark times ahead for the community.

“Dark times?” LOL. The MSM has brainwashed the public into an insane obsession with “gay rights,” which the Supreme Court has already ruled on. You can legally sodomize another man, if you’re so inclined. Trump can’t stop you. He might be able to get you the help you need though.

This Mark Dice interview video is hilarious.


10 thoughts on “The White House’s LGBT page disappeared after Trump sworn in

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  2. They’ve all got either mommie or dada problems.

    As for the Obama fag webpage, I read a comment elsewhere saying that is normal for every new administration > The prior administration’s webpages are immediately archived. That made sense but I don’t know if it’s really true.

    If only a few of Obama’s pages were removed, but not others, then it would not be true, unless, I guess, the New Admin agreed with certain pages 100% so no need to remove them; whereas other pages they do not agree with, they would yank those ASAP.

  3. 1.8% of males and 1.6% of females in Western Culture identify as gay. These figures are misleading however in that gender dysphoria accounts for almost half of these statistics; so the real numbers are probably at or just below 1%. And we have changed the entire legal and moral systems of the West to accommodate these degenerates…

    • Excellent point. Even worse is how the media worships them. At the university every same sex attracted person I met was seriously mentally ill. My dean, Lynda de la Vina, is a horrific lesbian with a strong hatred of white males and Christians. I could cite many other examples.

      • Sexual dysphoria is a consequence of a culture in decline. Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Athens—they all had it. What bothers me though is that in all of these examples, this decline occurred soon after Jews got into the city centers in large numbers. Coincidence?

        Dr. David Astle’s infamous book (pdf) on the history of Jewish money making. He was one of the first to connect Jews with western cultural decline…

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