Stefan Molyneaux Responds to the Attack on Richard Spencer

Baked Alaska has put a portion of Stefan Molyneaux’s explanation for the attack on Richard Spencer on Friday on his Twitter page. The footage lasts 50 seconds.

If you prefer to watch the whole Stefan video on youtube, here is it. It goes for about 3 and a half minutes.

I’m not a Stefan fanboy, but this explanation is OK, even if pretty obvious to most everyone who’s a regular on this site. It’s good that Stefan tackles the issue for his fan base, which tends to be libertarian, rather than race realist.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jan 21, 2017

Stefan Molyneux explains the Violent Leftists strategy is to attack people with opposing opinions in order to prevent others from speaking up in the future.

Israel is its very own Ethnostate and it is highly irrational to attack a White person who simply speaks about having one themselves. Listen to their arguments and choose to agree or disagree, but nobody should be violently attacked for “thought crimes”.

8 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneaux Responds to the Attack on Richard Spencer

  1. Oh wow, that was nasty!!! (the punch to the head of Spencer). Who were the masked-man creeps in all black? How totally sinister. Isn’t Mossad famous for dressing in all black w/hoods, hiding their heads (remember the beheadings from YEARS ago, not the more-recent-years-ones; those guys wore the hooded black masks, black garb, etc.).

    But I guess all bad guys do.


    Just saw this from Mitchell… I’m guessing he’s referring to the same Spender…

      • I and several colleagues of mine have inundated his place of work with about 40 emails—primarily sent to his boss and the company owner. We sent pix containing his sexual fetishes including the Scat footage and the on-the-ground photos of him attacking Spencer. We stated that he is a Terrorist with deep connexions to Antifa and that he is planning to assassinate Prez Trump. I think we have put his career in jeopardy at the very least…

  2. One reason I dislike (((Stefan Molyneux))) is because he’s obsolete. I think if you absolutely must allow Jews to influence your opinion, Gilad Atzmon and Henry Makow each do a job and a half more than this libertarian kike. Stefan never discusses or speaks to anybody willing to “go there”.

    • Yes too many Jews like Stefan and Shouldice telling us what to think. Brother Nathanael does not pull any punches and he knows the Jew very well, having grown up as one. Unusually, his site realjewnews does almost nothing except attack Jews. Though I guess that is the name of the site.

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