Media Crowing About Trump’s Low Numbers, But Here’s What They Won’t Tell You

I’ve been looking at news stories that claim that Donald John Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony had fewer in attendance than the Kenyan’s ceremony. There’s also stories that say that Trump’s TV ratings for his inauguration were lower than Mr. Hope and Change’s ratings.

So, what is going on here? Is the media lying?

Well, they lie all the time, so it wouldn’t be anything new. But for the sake of argument, let’s suppose that’s the truth–Trump’s numbers were smaller.

Let’s analyze this together.

The media is doing everything possible to delegitimize the Trump presidency. We know that. Thus, these stories about the numbers are being put out for the same reason. The idea is to demoralize Trump, his team, and all of us who voted for him.

To put it rudely, “F*** that sh**.” It’s not going to work. It just increases our resolve. At least it does mine. I’m in this fight for the long haul and I’m in it to win. Trump isn’t going to be scared off any more than you or me.

Now, why were Trump’s numbers smaller, again assuming they were.

First, D. C. is a typical “Nagger” city. The people who turn out for an Inauguration are heavily drawn from the local population. Naggers turned out in droves to see their fellow Nagger sworn in back in 2008 and 2012. There just aren’t enough whites in D.C. to get Trump’s numbers up to the Kenyans.

Furthermore, D. C. is a typical liberal city, with most of the residents dependent on a parasitic federal government for their incomes. Trump promised to “Drain the swamp.” D. C. residents are the swamp creatures. They stayed in hiding on Friday.

The other thing about the crowds in D. D. on Friday is this: The left had promised violence and they delivered. The person with a family wanting to bring the kids to the ceremony would obviously think twice before exposing them to possible harm.

There was also a huge amount of Internet chatter about Trump being assassinated. No one would want to get into the line of fire. I’m sure that helped keep the crowds smaller than the Kenyan’s crowds.

Now let’s turn to the TV ratings. Trump’s “deplorables” are mainly hard working white people who had to work on Friday. Obong’s people were heavily welfare recipients who eagerly tuned in to see their boy sworn in and to hear what new gibsmedat he had in mind for them.

Add in the factor that public schools were in some cases boycotting the inauguration because the leftists in charge of classrooms across America didn’t want the kids to see the “orange Cheeto” (a racist term) sworn in.

Subtract the blacks who had no interest in watching Trump and realize that whites were mostly working, and the TV audience for Trump is naturally going to be smaller.

Does this matter?


It only matters because the leftist press has another chance to demonize Trump as a loser. They don’t want a white male president. It’s as simple as that.

Ignore the garbage reporting and fight on. To use my old tag line I haven’t used in a while: Sabotage the System.

13 thoughts on “Media Crowing About Trump’s Low Numbers, But Here’s What They Won’t Tell You

  1. Low turn out for a faggy high end party?

    Who gives a fuck? The inauguration is not power, nor is it the type of thing most Trump voters (that I personally know) give a fuck about

  2. I’m adding a couple of thoughts that didn’t make it into the post:

    1. Rain will hold down a crowd. It was raining on Trump’s big day.

    2. I’m not 100 percent convinced that Trump’s numbers really were smaller. They probably were, but to me it’s no big deal. The important thing is what the media is trying to do with the story.

      • Trump campaigned to the EC system, as did Hillary although she did a lot of vote rigging in California as a long-term Democrat goal of moaning about the “popular vote”.
        The “popular vote” narrative is meaningless (even if not rigged) since the real “problem” with the US system is that each state has a winner-takes-it-all approach to determining the number of electoral college votes. The states choose that system themselves and award the votes as they see fit. The candidates campaign accordingly. Apparently 48 states are like this. If for example, Pennsylvania instead of giving its 20 votes to the winner gave the votes to all candidates on a pro-rata basis the Trump might have got 11 votes to Hillary’s 9 there.

        The bottom line: if the election was about the popular vote then Trump would have won the popular vote. He just didn’t even bother campaigning in California because he knew he couldn’t win California, so Hillary’s spics gave her over 4 million more votes there than Trump and that’s where all her “popular vote” lead came from.

        You should do an article on this. I’m a guy from NZ who did some reading and now probably knows more about the actual process than at least 90% of Americans. Its sad but true. No wonder Mark Dice has to make his questions and petitions more and more ridiculous just to find a single person who can’t be tricked.

  3. I was thinking about the same things as well. Not sure how much the friday being a work day matters, but otherwise indeed, can’t understand how people are so ignorant.
    D.C. is a liberal city and obviously, most people in it didn’t vote for Trump, not to mention that as you said, the left promised violence and they kinda delivered on it, so i doubt people who care a lot for their safety or the safety of their family would join.
    Also, one more thing. You know how a lot of people have lost their jobs and other things if they supported Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people didn’t show up because well, as you said, D.C. being a liberal city, perhaps a lot of them might have risked losing their job if they actually went to the inauguration to show their support for the president.

  4. In the Sean Spicer press conference (where he chastized media for fake news re the bust of MLK having been removed from the Oval Office; & re the fake news of low Inauguration attendance), he gave some figures but I can’t remember them all now. It’s in this video:

    He said whatever dept. it is in charge of the mall & monument area, does not count heads so there’s no official number. But, he did give the figures of how much each section can hold (ALOT! So in the 360-gigapixel photo-scan by CNN, you can see all those areas are packed).

    He also said the DC transportation dept. reported 430,000 rides which was something like 11,000 over what Obama’s 2nd Inauguration had.

    Obama’s 1st Inauguration was on a Tuesday.
    His 2nd one had two: Private Inaug on Sunday, then a Public one Monday.

  5. “Ignore the garbage reporting”.
    Yes never ever buy a (((newspaper))). Read one, right wing only, for free at the library, coffee shop or pub. But not too often less you be brainwashed even right wing rags are owned by Jews. Never pay money online to read any (((“news”))). Do not subscribe to any magazine which is political, such as Time and other Jew Spew.

    I have not bought a newspaper or a magazine in many years. Do not feed the (((beast))). Do not subscribe to (((cable TV))).

    Ditch the glass toilet. Never watch TV, especially (((news))). Watch TV shows for free online without ads.

    Never go to a modern movie if it is PC or has a nigger as a star or in authority, or marrying a beautiful blond, or the Germans are baddies. Or if a swarthy short dark Jew “hero” is marryi9ng a blionde shiksa. This is 99.9% of Hollywood output including childrens movies.

  6. The photos showing lower numbers were taken well before the event. I watched it on Fox that day and the place was packed from the capital to the monument, down the center and along the sides. The media is lying.

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