Have A Laugh: Dumbest Feminist Ever

The 30 million women who voted Trump weren’t out marching on Saturday. The so-called Women’s March should have been called a feminist march or March of the Man Haters.

News for the woman above: Sweetie, men do pay for their razors.

4 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Dumbest Feminist Ever

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  2. Up in Canada a movement began for government funding of all tampons and women’s hygienic supplies. Trudeau (Commie/Faggot/Globalist Leader of Canada) was ready to fully support it—until the Minister of Finance told him it would cost 2.8 billion dollars per year. He knew that this would buy him a few votes, but he would still lose the next election; so we haven’t heard of it for a while…

  3. Psycho c*unts like this undermine everything that women have achieved, been granted and enjoyed over the past 100 years. Like the yapping monkeys we’ve had to deal with since the jews forced integration on us, they are never satisfied. For thousands of years, women have been proud wives and mothers, raising future generations to be brave, creative and productive citizens of their lands. This is what the White Race is all about, forging ahead and creating newer and more prosperous civilizations, always insuring our continued existence.

    The females of today have spit on and turned their backs on our incredible heritage, inculcating their children to be whining, dissatisfied feminists who will forever strive to be the equal of the men they now profess to despise. First of all, biology prevents it and secondly, women have always been the refiners and definers of civilization. The beauty that only women can create is now lost in the dust of the unnatural pursuit of the unnatural.

    I pity the children raised in this atmosphere; if women refuse to understand the core of their nature, we will be lost forever.

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