“I hate white people” is OK with Twitter

Twitter’s infamous outlaw, Microchip, (banned 60 times last year, but always finds a way back on) has in the last few hours retweeted what must be hundreds of instances of “I hate white people” on Twitter.

I’ve posting these for the benefit of normies who might accidentally stumble upon this site. If you prefer to ignore the fact that you’re hated because you’re white, then go kill yourself before the race war that nonwhites want commences.

At the end of the post, take a look at Microchip’s answer to the extinction of the white race.

Here’s a few samples:

These are probably less than 10 percent of the Microchip retweets.

I’m not saying why Microchip retweeted this from Uncle Adolf, but he did. You decide the meaning. Race war?

And one last thought:

27 thoughts on ““I hate white people” is OK with Twitter

      • Ugh! Even Richard Spencer’s “Slavic” (read as: mongrel) wife looks attractive standing next to this untermensch!

      • Dude what is scary though is that there were white guys that shagged Abos because they had no other women on Aus at that time.

        I am sorry but I would go celibate for 70 years before tapping that.

      • Yes, I think you’re right, but just showing pictures doesn’t seem to be doing it. It really started in 1967 with Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.


        Back then and before, most Whites abhorred such pairings, but when (((popular culture))) embraces it, the next generations can’t seem to help themselves and follow like lemmings.

        The tone of the movie was “Not in my backyard.” However, saying it’s OK for others but not yours, merely opens the door to let the flood in. Now we can’t shut it. If we’d get together and protest these race mixed movies, like the ones out now, maybe some would listen. Those Trump protesters aren’t afraid to look like idiots with their pussy hats and screaming obscenities. We should take a lesson.

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    • Ya like that, eh? Sounds like both you and the writer haven’t had any in years. And who’d want either one of you??? Hahahaha!

    • I won’t critique your views on white men and white women. I am well aware of your views and can agree with tidbits here and there.

      Most of the alt right is now engaging in “politcs”. Politics is bullshit, but it exists, and there is no way around it. I voted for Trump after not voting at all beginning in 2008 after the bailouts. I don’t “like” Trump, and my core beliefs regarding Goldman Sach, Wall St., and jewish political power stand, despite Trump now setting a record for Goldman Sachs’ alums in his cabinet.

      I do agree with something that Matt Heimbach said, that “Trump buys us time”. I am finally getting ready to go “offline” and meet people in my general area. People feel emboldened by Trump, and that is what matters most. Trump gave fuel to the leftists fire, and that in turn gives more fuel to the alt right fire. No other candidate on the republican side could give us the NEEDED controversy to fuel that fire. Using a logical mental progression to persuade others in politics doesn’t work, as I’ve tried the “logical” approach for years. It is raw emotion, that is the reality, whether we like it or not. I want the leftists to keep rioting because it gives someone like me a platform in which to respond that wouldn’t otherwise be there. That’s not something I necessarily like, as I prefer logic, but logic doesn’t reflect political reality. I will stoop as low as I need to go to get what I want, politically.

      • Why cannot people be emboldened to do what the hell they want to do without whatever buffoon is in office?

        White Kwans are pu$$ies. They tow the line and go to church and tithe to some statue that basically is put in place to brainwash their azzzzzes into being dumbified compliant little goy.

  2. It’s escalating on Twitter. Next time I see them, will retweet to Trump. He needs to see this. May I suggest all here with accounts should, as well as, any of the black on White murders. The volume should get his attention. Tweet here:


      • VPN’s are easy to use to change your IP to other servers, so you won’t get tracked as easily.

      • I thought it was something like that. I know there are free proxy servers on the Internet. As far as I can tell, that’s what he’s talking about. Right?

      • Interesting. I read the article and learned something. Microchip once Tweeted that he had bought 10 burner phones from Walmart for $13 each. Actually, the local Walmart sells a Tracfone for $10 where I live. I’m not sure how having a burner phone helps you bypass Twitter’s ban. Maybe they ask for a phone #. I don’t remember.

    • I should add that Microchip may be some kind of bot or group effort. He seems to do around 500 Tweets a day most of the time, finding all sorts of stuff to Tweet about and Retweeting others. That seems humanly impossible. Some have accused him of being Baked Alaska, but I don’t think so.

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