Bill’s Wandering Eye at Inauguration Draws Stern Look from Hillary

There’s a rape going through Bill Clinton’s mind, as shown in the picture above.

Actually, I strongly approve of any man’s right to stare at any woman he wishes to stare at. Feminists demonize the male gaze as some kind of patriarchy plot to oppress and enslave women.

In reality, the male gaze is normal and natural, probably even to faggots.

Furthermore, I’m not going to say anything bad about Hillary’s response to Bill’s wandering eye. Even if their marriage is a loveless business affair, it would be natural for her to be jealous of Bill staring off at another woman.

There are plenty of reasons to be happy that the Clinton’s political influence is now marginalized. So, let’s have fun watching the ultimate power couple suffer a bit of embarrassment, but let’s not hate on them for their natural, human reactions.


In cringeworthy footage of Mr Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the former Democratic candidate can be seen staring knowingly at her husband.

Moments before the former secretary of state glances over her shoulder, Mr Clinton can be seen with a smirk as he lets his eyes wander.

Despite more than 800.000 Americans flocking to Washington DC on Friday to witness the historical moment the billionaire businessman was inaugurated, the former President’s attention appeared to be elsewhere.

The awkward footage, which was uploaded to Youtube, shows the 70-year-old, glaring at someone in the distance.

In pictures from the ceremony, Donald Trump’s wife Melania, a former model, appears to be sat in the direction of Mr Clinton’s amorous gaze.

The Republican’s daughter, Ivanka, also appears to be in the eye line of the former US president.

After a few seconds of ogling into the distance, Mr Clinton appears to notice his wife has clocked onto his distraction.

Seemingly less than impressed with her discovery, the defeated Democratic candidate glares at her husband before returning her attention to the events in front of her.

8 thoughts on “Bill’s Wandering Eye at Inauguration Draws Stern Look from Hillary

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  2. I support everyone doing what he or she pleases. If a man is married and stares at other women and his wife is fine with it, so be it. Then again, there are many COUPLES where men and women DO NOT do this sort of thing out of respect for another’s feelings.

    You get what you give.

    • I don’t support doing what you please. I do support doing something natural that is really not hurtful in truth. There’s a difference. I do not support Bill’s adultery or Hillary’s. Adultery is harmful. Looking isn’t.

      • YOU think looking is not harmful. Other people may beg to differ.

        LOOK then THINK then DO.

        If a guy is looking he is thinking of doing.

        Some may support the stance I just stated.

        Who knows. I just avoid dealing with men that look at other women outside of me altogether. I am a loyalist.

        My choice.

  3. You got to love the guy even after all the crap Lewinski and impeachment and the full monty of the hillary mess e-mails and all the money wasted and all the other deals gone bad the guy still has the guts to looks.

    What was the one or two word response from Hillary that made the general behind them laugh?

  4. Imagine, just for a moment, you are married to Hillary Rodham. Now, tell me you wouldn’t look if a couple of knockouts are around knowing you’re stuck with the Wicked Witchs’ twisted sister.

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