Antifa Scum Who Punched Richard Spencer is LITERALLY A Sh*t Eating Sub

Sorry for the offensive photos in the Tweet from Microchip, but this needs to be seen so that everyone understands just how degenerate the left is. Guys who post photos of themselves eating whore’s poop need to be called out. I want to get this asshole fired, if he even has a job.

Microchip will be banned from Twitter again soon, so I’m going to try to save the collage of photos. When he’s banned, the collage will disappear.

The literal POS who punched Spencer deserves to be seen by tens of millions for what he is–a sociopath. And possibly a Jew.

23 thoughts on “Antifa Scum Who Punched Richard Spencer is LITERALLY A Sh*t Eating Sub

  1. Likely to be a Jew based on his perversions and his cowardly attack. He has chosen the nigger style coward punch to the head from the side. A genuine white man punches another man from in front, usually after a face to face challenge, and the victim can then punch back,
    His punch is an assault and he should do jail time for it. This type of sneaky punch can kill, the victim can be knocked out by the punch to the temple, and is then killed when hitting his head on concrete pavement. This is then murder, not assault.

    • You’re exactly right. Spencer was caught by surprise or he would have held his own. I saw it happen on TV. Anyone know if the asshole was grabbed and charged with assault?

    • Have you heard of the “Knockout Game”? Mostly Blacks sucker punching unassuming Whites in subways or out in the streets. Usually requires a hospital stay for the victims. Very popular in Liberal controlled cities. That is why—when I travel to the USA—I go to Montana, Colorado, Idaho, etc. Mostly Whites, clean, and beautiful. No urban games…

      • Yes, but I refuse to call such attacks by niggers on whites a “game”. In Australia such punches are known as “king hits”. The Murdoch press has been leading a campai9ng to change the name to “coward punch” which i think is a very good idea.
        The coward punchers have killed quite a few men in Sydney. The attackers are sometimes abos and sometimes whites. If they are Africans, the media is awfully quiet about it.

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  3. I do not like Anti fa folks, but that being said, I take stuff like the crap posted above as BS. There is so much illusion out here. Half the pics you see out here are doctored up. Half the boobs out here are fake. Photo shop abounds. Stuff is altered.

    Look, whatever. Unless I see it, taste it, touch it, I do not believe it.

    • Let’s accept it as trolling. Even so, I don’t care if it creates problems for him. Punching Richard Spencer will not get him fired. This will, if he works for a company that has any interest in public relations.

      • I disagree with you on the “trolling” part. No one should punch anybody. Agreed.

        Trolling people who are innocent though and creating fake things on camera etc and then posting it all over the place is a bad thing to support.

        So much deception is out there and this has torn our world apart and destroyed people. I do not support this kind of thing. It is shitty

  4. Andrew Anglin has finally come around to my point of view regarding militia. Of course, he calls them “gangs”. And Richard Spencer has finally come around to Andrew Anglin’s point of view that “nazis” are not a bad thing.

    I believe that Spencer will allow protection very soon in the near future. This will attract whites to the cause in droves because standing up and fighting attracts others to have the courage to do the same.

    Anglin posted his usual satire regarding this in a post where white women are standing for a pose near a mosque.

      • It is awesome. Even 6 months ago, Matt Heimbach spoke derisively of militias. I’m just glad the factions are starting to come together. I guess every generation wants to take charge themselves, and probably for that reason they(alt right youth) saw militias as this extreme wing of Ron Paul libertarianism, which they hate.

        I just hope all of the right wing groups can unite under a single militant banner soon.

    • I heard Anglin on the David Duke show about niggers taking over the world and was impressed. His link above is also true.
      It is even worse than he says. I have personally met one former attractive natural blond Sydney born female, now aged about 33. She converted to the Islam faith in Australia several years ago. She did not have a Muslim boyfriend at the time and had just broken up with her white boyfriend, who she lived with for several years – no babies of course – this is also the key to this. One can only guess how horrible her life is now. Or is it? She is probably married with several mud blood brats, wears a black burqa (ghost outfit) and is happy.
      Women were born to have children and care for them and for no other reason. (((Self actualizing))) is a jew scam to stop intelligent white women from having babies.

  5. The video was hilarious, and perfectly timed as he had just reached for his little cartoon frog pin. You guys want to talk about militias and forming gangs, don’t be surprised when people decide to answer calls for violence with the same.

    • You scum talk about “Love trumps hate” and “When they go low, we go high,” when all the time YOU are the ones engaging in cowardly sneak attacks. We’ll gas you before long. Trump is setting up the gas chambers now. Sleep tight!

    • Fuckin’ idiot. You already have. Did you see all of your wounded lying with stab wounds after the Battle of Sacramento, in which we were outnumbered ten to one.

      • This post has gotten a lot of play in the Netherlands. I suspect our troll is from there. Thanks for your support. I’ll add that in Greenville, NC (or South Carolina?) many years ago, the KKK shot and killed a bunch of dirty commies on the street. I think Reagan was president then. I should look it up.

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