White Detroit-Area Mayor: “Blacks look like chimpanzees,” Older Women “dried up c*nts”


Words are just words. Who cares so long as they’re not directed at any particular person.


The mayor of Detroit’s biggest suburb was allegedly caught on tape saying that black people ‘look like chimpanzees’ and describing older women as ‘dried up c***s’.

Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren Michigan, is said to the voice on a tape unearthed by Motor City Muckraker.

Fouts denies the allegations, claiming that the tape was fabricated by Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel.

The voice on the tape refers to black people as ‘n***ers’ and says, ‘’Blacks do look like chimpanzees. I was watching this black woman with her daughter and they looked like two chimps.’

nigger black chimp

The 70-year-old also allegedly talked about older women saying, ‘Think I want to date a f***ing 60-year-old hag?

‘F*** that s**t. I’m not interested in any old ugly hag. I think after a certain age they are dried up, washed up burned out.’

‘They are p***ies when they are young, and when they get older, they’re just mean, hateful dried-up c***s.’

The Mayor had best be careful. Older women and blacks may end up marching on his office, with pitchforks in hand. Advice to the Mayor: Stick with your denial. Apologies never do any good.

9 thoughts on “White Detroit-Area Mayor: “Blacks look like chimpanzees,” Older Women “dried up c*nts”

  1. Looks like a member of the (((tribe))) to me, but couldn’t find anything to prove it. See other photos of him on Google under images.

    I’d put him in the homosexual pedophile category! Look at those eyes!

    • I just looked up the last name. There’s some evidence that the name is Jewish. He looks suspect, now that you mention it. I also looked at other photos. 8/10 he’s a Jew. Actually, the stuff he said is more likely to be said by a Jew than a European-American.

    • I dunno, he could face lawsuits from angry chimps for defamation of simian character. As far as the mayor’s eyes go, he looks like the lights are on but nobody’s home; vacant, soulless

  2. Rude comments regarding women. How about this…he looks like he has a dried up old penis that he cannot get up anymore!

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