Facebook’s (((Mark Zuckerberg))) Suing Hundreds of Brown-Skinned Hawaii Natives in Raw Display of Jewish Racism

Mark Zuckerberg’s arrogance has been in the news again. This time, he’s using his wealth to push around some little brown people, descendants of the original Hawaiians.

Zuck just can’t help being a bad neighbor. He already tried to push his neighbors out of their houses in California, in order to give himself the privacy that all cockroaches prefer. Now, he’s trying to invalidate ancient Hawaiian land claims.

As we’ve said before, Zuck’s Facebook is the perfect spying device in for a police state that wants to know everything about everyone. The billions he’s received for advancing the globalist agenda are now being tapped to undermine the remaining bit of traditional Hawaii.


Facebook’s CEO is ruffling feathers in Hawaii with a series of lawsuits that seek to stamp out the claims of locals residents who still have an ownership right in a large tract of land he bought on the island of Kauai.

Mark Zuckerberg purchased the 700-acre parcel of rural beachfront property in 2014, but, owing to the quirks of traditional Hawaii culture and property law, he technically shares the title with hundreds of other people in the state. As the Honolulu Star Advertiser explains, the Kuleana Act of 1850 granted land ownership rights to native Hawaiians—rights that can descend to subsequent generations without the formal transfer of deeds or titles.

The upshot is that, even though none of these descendants are living on the 700 acre Kauai track, hundreds of them could still claim a right to enjoy parts of the land. In response, three companies controlled by Zuckerberg filed eight so-called “quiet title” lawsuits to extinguish those claims.

Under the legal process, Zuckerberg will pay compensation to the people he is suing—providing an unexpected windfall to many of them who may not even be aware they have the land rights in the first place. Still, as social media shows, the spectacle of a tech titan filing lawsuits against locals to claim their traditional land does not make for great optics:

A lawyer representing Zuckerberg, Keoni Shultz, issued a statement saying all co-owners of the land will be identified and receive fair value.

“It is common in Hawaii to have small parcels of land within the boundaries of a larger tract, and for the title to these smaller parcels to have become broken or clouded over time,” said Shultz’s statement.

Meanwhile, a person close to Zuckerberg who was not authorized to speak for attribution said the Facebook CEO would not impede access to the beaches (which are public under Hawaiian law in any case), and would permit access to the land for traditional use. On Thursday afternoon, Zuckerberg published a post on Facebook to address what he described as “misleading stories” about the Hawaii property.

As for the “quiet title” lawsuits, the defendants are entitled to challenge Zuckerberg’s claim to exclusive use of the estate, but the cost and bother of going to court may deter many of them from doing so. And since the Facebook CEO will likely pay fair market value, some may be glad to just receive the money.

The total value Zuckerberg will have to pay is unclear, but the Star Advertiser cites property tax records to describe a two acre parcel as valued at $1.15 million and another tiny parcel worth $350. It’s also unclear if Zuckerberg will permit any of the land to be used as park or create any public easements to the land in the future.

The quiet title lawsuits are not the first controversy over the Kauai property. Last year, an earlier fuss arose when Zuckerberg erected a wall on the property that obstructed views of the ocean.
Meanwhile, closer to Facebook’s headquarters in California, the CEO remains embroiled in another land battle—this one over another private Zuckerberg residence in Palo Alto.

“[His] plans to rebuild four homes around his own will form a “compound” and reduce the city’s housing stock, which violates zoning codes and ideal land use,” reported the Mercury News in September in a story about a Palo Alto zoning board meeting.

Zuck sold out his tribe when he married a Chinese woman in order to gain a business foothold in China and add to his riches. There’s no one this cockroach won’t try to damage if there’s shekels in it for him.

Zuck’s nationwide tour hints darkly of a run for the presidency in 2020 or 2024. The same fools who put Obama in the White House twice would be attracted to his candidacy.

Oy vey! I can feel the cultural enrichment a Jew would bring to the white House already.

8 thoughts on “Facebook’s (((Mark Zuckerberg))) Suing Hundreds of Brown-Skinned Hawaii Natives in Raw Display of Jewish Racism

  1. Zuckerboy didn’t sell out his tribe by marrying a Chinachink. The jews come in all colors, and that is what they use for camouflage to do subversion. Here are some more, and they are doing it to Obama.
    So long, Old Uncle Tomobama – No slave is needed who can’t pick enough cotton

    Nigger houseboy’s usefulness is now ended and he doesn’t know how to pick cotton for Israel – so he is no longer wanted on the jew Plantation – which began operations in about the same year that the Federal Reserve Board act was “passed”.

    According to the site reporting this – you would almost feel sorry for Israel (If you were so absolutely dumb, or crazy enough to do so). It’s actually a pretty good laugh, even though I haven’t confirmed the story and there’s no link.

    “Throughout his 8 years of presidency, the Rockville Woodmont Country Club has given Obama a membership at their prestigious club free of charge—waiving the absurd $80,000 initiation fee and yearly membership dues of almost $10,000. Now, many Jewish members of the club are demanding for him to be kicked out of the club because of his disgusting treatment towards Israel.”


    [Woodmont Holohoax Reparations Clubhouse, or something like that]

    • “Jewish members of the club are demanding for him to be kicked out of the club”.
      The irony. Not so long ago most clubs of gentlemen always wisely excluded Jews. Once the Jews took over, now gentleman are excluded. Only crooks and thieves are welcome to join. Will Obama be black balled?

  2. Jews stealing indigenous people’s land again? These parasites will get their comeuppance as more and more people each day learn that they have been lied to and plotted against by this nasty race of sub-human’s. How anyone could even dream of signing up to faceberg is beyond me, I looked at it many years ago and they wanted far too much personal info that it was obvious that faceberg was a data collection scam on behalf of the globalist jews.

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  4. Of course, he got a jew lawyer.

    The surname is also established in Scandinavia. Jewish (Ashkenazic): from German Schulze (see 1 above). The reason for adoption are uncertain, but may perhaps have referred to a rabbi, seen as the head of a Jewish community, or to a trustee of a synagogue.
    Schultz Name Meaning & Schultz Family History at Ancestry.com

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