3 Dead, at least 20 Injured in Horrific Muslim Terrorist Attack at Melbourne Mall

A man reported to be a Muslim has used his car as a weapon to kill three people and leave over two dozen injured in Australia.

None of the press reports that I’ve seen mention that the Melbourne killer yelled “Allahu Ackbar” as he went about his business of running over people.

You have to go to Twitter to get the truth. After a press report, some Tweets that peel back the Aussie government’s blackout of the Muslim allegation are presented.


New Zealand Herald

The driver who deliberately mowed down pedestrians in a busy Melbourne shopping mall – killing three, including a 10-year-old child, and injuring 29 others – was well-known to police and has a history of mental health and drug problems.

He was charged over a family violence incident less than a week ago.

The police chase through Melbourne’s Bourke St mall ended in gunfire on Friday, with police shooting the driver in the arm in front of shocked lunchtime shoppers. He is in hospital under police guard with non life-threatening injuries.

As well as the 10-year-old victim, police said a man and woman, both in their 30s, were killed. Several other children were among the casualties including a critically injured baby.

Another witness, Sian Bayliss, said the driver “was just driving in a really determined fashion, just in a straight line”.

“There was no hesitancy as he got to the crowds, he didn’t swerve, he just drove right through them.”

He said the footpath was full of people.

“I’ve got years of first-aid training so the moment I realised what had happened – as soon as the police had driven past and it was safe – I ran across to the other side to see who needed treatment.

“I got to [a] young man who has passed away – I don’t think there was anything we could have done for him.”

One young boy, aged about nine, had a bad abrasion to his head.

“There was just constant, high-pitched, panicked screaming, the terror in his eyes -he just looked straight at me while I was talking to his father and just… screaming. Out of control.”

Others had terrible injuries.

“You know, there was one lady who looked like she had had a fairly serious spinal injury. They were just holding her very, very still, and it felt like a long time. . But the response time was great, but every minute seems like an hour, so she was lying there waiting for what felt like a very long time.”

St Vincent’s Hospital said it was caring for three women in their 30s, two men in their 40s and a 31-year-old man. All are stable with severe injuries.

As well as the critically ill baby, the Royal Children’s Hospital is treating a two-year-old in a serious condition, a nine-year-old and a 23-year-old with limb injuries, and it is assessing a 12-year-old.

The Alfred is treating seven patients – two are critical but stable, two are seriously hurt and three are stable.

As I went through the Tweets at #Melbourne, I noticed that there were many denying any link to Islam or terrorism, preferring a mental illness/domestic violence explanation for the mass murder. These fuckwits also denounced any suggestion of Islamic motives as bigotry and racism.

These Tweets offer an on-the-ground look at events.

News.com.au offers more pictures and more details on the horrible day in Oz. That report is in depth, but given that the media in Oz must cover up Islam related crimes, there’s nothing in the story about the eyewitness reports that finger the killer as a Muslim. That’s just pathetic. They’re not fooling anyone but idiots. Whatever happened to “Honesty is the best policy?”

26 thoughts on “3 Dead, at least 20 Injured in Horrific Muslim Terrorist Attack at Melbourne Mall

  1. The name of this bastard is James “Jimmy” Dimitrios Gargasoulas, which means he should be a Greek, but his picture clearly shows something else – http://www.afr.com/content/dam/images/g/t/v/s/b/9/image.imgtype.afrArticleInline.620×0.png/1484910122487.jpg – It’s more than obvious that his face is not Greek but rather Arab or something from the TW. Maybe he is a product of adoption or mudsharking or he just adjusted his name to blur his problematical origin. It’s typical Muslim tactic, similar with 20 to 35 years old Muslim leeching-intruders to Europe, declaring themselves as teenagers.

    Here is more on the subject


    The fact is that no Nation or Race is perfect and without criminal ballast, but without effing diversity and multicultural agenda, there would be far less crime and problems in our Euro-societies.

      • Being Greek means being autochthone Greek and same with other Nationalities. Being Greek citizen doesn’t mean that one is Greek, even if born in the Greece. Simple logic – If one is born in the stable it doesn’t mean that one is horse, for instance.

  2. Melbourne Police Chief says “Not a terrorist incident.”
    So, that’s alright then.
    “Nothing to see here folks, move along… “

  3. Where was Plod when this started? They had chased the guy in a car that morning and let him go due to “safety” concerns. He stabbed someone the day before! Flinders St Station was announced as one of the three likely Muslim terrorist attack spots at Christmas just one month ago. So the wallopers no longer have any cops anywhere nearby, while the dude did his burnouts with a couple of Arabic looking guys obviously angry with him.

    Why did cops insist in 5 minutes this was not terror? Are white people never guilty of terror? What about Dylan Storm Water Channel?

    Why was this guy not already in jail or a mental hospital? Why was this slimeball even in Australia, the former white paradise which is a now a multicultural hellhole? Why did not the cops shoot this turd dead when they had the chance? Now he will cost the taxpayer millions, not counting the millions of dollars he lost the country yesterday. One day tourists will think twice beofre visiting Australia. Funny the politicians (puppets on a string) never think of this risk. More important to protect the feelings of Muslims in general.

    Victorian police are now famous for a Govt ordered (left wing hand wringers) “stand down” policy towards Africans and Muslims. Police car chases have all but ended and this has been publicised in the newspapers. For example, 180 police car chases or so two months ago was reduced to only 5 in the entire State for one month.

    Obviously the criminals, blacks and Muslims have taken over Victoria, which is now an anarchic Rotherham run by PC idiots, traitors to the white race. Black on black crime is so bad some Africans send their children to school in Africa! This was announced by Ray Hadley on radio 2GB and confirmed by him in the Daily Telegraph,

    I should add that a big percentage of heavy truck drivers in Sydney have dark “complexions” and plenty of them are Middle East Muslims. I intentionally check out these guys every time I see such a vehicle which is often. Sydney is the Ponzi scheme home building capital of the world. New apartments going up everywhere for Chinese crooks and African/Muslim welfare breeders, a home building bonanza, but not for older white Australians who are short of the folding readies.

    If the photo at the top of the article is accurate, he looks like yet another Afghan murderer to me. Is not Muslim immigration a wonderful thing?

    All the media in Australia are trying to cover up the ethnicity of the perpetrator. If he was a white man this would not happen. He has a light skin, that much can be seen. Maybe he is an unusually ugly Kurd/Greek who likes ISIS. The chocolate shop terrorist in Sydney Australia who loved ISIS was from Iran which makes no sense at all. ISIS hates Iranians.

    If this guy is a white man I would say he is yet another Ice freak of which there seems to be a lot these days.

    Lastly just a month or so ago a Botulism man tipped over a huge truck filled with sand on the main expressway leasing in to Sydney, costing the community millions of bucks due to the massive traffic jam. He was already disqualified from driving until 2019 when he got behind the wheel. Nobody is calling this Muslim “accident” terrorism – except me.

    • I could troll the Oz government with questions like yours. I could set up a fake identity as a Chinese businessman wanting to live and invest in Oz. Then start questioning the Oz reps about Muslims, no-go zones, crime rates, etc. All done by email. Maybe I could get something on them via a sting like this. I wanted to do something like this before but my lawyer forbid it. I don’t have him around anymore.

    • Burnouts and donuts in the middle of Flinders and Swanson and next to no Police response? Something isn’t passing the smell test here.
      I still think the Allah Akhbar bit was decoration more so than statement of intent, and this was a mental case / junkie at work, but the adapting of the truckers method of instant terror seems suspect. Maybe he was a useful idiot? Fried brains like him can still serve someone’s nefarious purpose (see: Port Arthur). Sadly Australia is lacking in good conspiracy theorists so the guts of this event may remain hidden.

  4. Mystery meat mud blood zero is wrongly called a hero as his action directly leads to the attack. What is the point of attacking a moving car with a baseball bat? The way to stop the car was, any one of the timid sheep motorists could have rammed the crazy mans car head on. Naturally their insurance company would welch on paying out, they would lose their job, maybe lose their marriage, they would be publicly shamed and maybe charged with a crime, especially if the tinted man criminal was injured. But the idiot with the bat is a “hero”.


  5. I was right with my earlier guess. He is an Ice addict. Who makes the Ice, who imports it and who makes the profits? Why are the police and Govt so powerless to stop such a hugely profitable criminal business? MAYBE BECAUSE THEY ARE IN ON IT?

    “An hour earlier he ranted about connections between Scientology, the Illuminati, and the Free Masons, who would ‘do anything in the power to dominate the world'”.

    He forgot to mention the Jews, or did the Jewsmedia edit this fact out? How come Muslim terrorists never ever blame the Jews? “Illuminati and Free Masons” has Henry Makows prints on it – except that Henry nowadays names the Jew and very often indeed. So the turd may be was an Infowars fan, who will never be blamed by the media for this attack. Could this be the act of a brainwashed man? Nor much brain to wash. The media promotes terrorism by giving so much free publicity and fame to terrorists. The media loves terrorists and hates babies in prams. The media would love babies in prams to be killed by terrorists every month or so. Once a day is too much and would lead to boredom. The media also promotes iSIS and thus encourages people to join. Without the media, ISIS would wither and die.


    Daily Mail is not allowing comments to these articles of murder of innocents by mud blood scumbag and wannabe Muslim. I wonder why?

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  7. I don’t agree with many of the comments here that he had a mental problem or that he should be excused by it. He looks just like a thug. What we’re gonna make excuses for every criminal or terrorist now “oh no he’s not responsable for his actions or what he says, he was mentally ill!”.
    I totally disagree. Other than actually being locked in a mental institution and having an obvious mental defficiency (as in not able to function in society, which is clearly not the problem here), everyone else is responsable for their actions, no matter what.

  8. I was following Melbourne’s news station 10 News as this was occurring. Shortly, after it occurred, police reported it was not a terrorist attack. Said the driver was mentally ill. But, witnesses said he was yelling Allahu Akbar out the window. Pure Greeks are pretty recognizable and this guy doesn’t look like one.

      • Open-slather immigration was a pet project of the Leftist Labor Party when they were in power. One of the primary architects of this policy was a hideous Zionist Jew named Michael Danby, who is known derisively by those who pay attention as the “Minister for Israel”.

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