Stupider and Stupider: Study Says Intelligence is Being Bred Out of the Gene Pool

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Intelligence and education are being bred out of the human gene pool, according to a new study.

Researchers from deCODE, a genetics firm in Iceland, found that the genes that make people predisposed to spending more years in education became rarer in the country between 1910 and 1975.

At the same time, the presence of more ‘education genes’ in a person means they are likely to have fewer, if any, children.

As a result, scientists proposed that the education genes had become rarer precisely because well educated people had contributed less to the gene pool.

And this wasn’t just because better educated people decided to have children later to focus on their careers, given greater career opportunities. The study found that even those who left the education system early had fewer children than others.

But Dr Kari Stefansson, the study leader, doesn’t believe this spells bad news for humans.

‘In spite of the negative selection against these sequence variations, education levels have been increasing for decades,’ he said.

‘Indeed, we control the environment in which these genetic factors play out: the education system. If we continue to improve the availability and quality of educational opportunities, we will presumably continue to improve the educational level of society as a whole.

‘Time will tell whether the decline of the genetic propensity for education will have a notable impact on human society.’

So essentially, both our education levels and the number of children we have are socially-determined – so much so that it overrides the genetic factors.

As long as we strive to provide the best quality of education for as many people as possible, humanity will be fine.

No, humanity will not be fine. The degenerate culture created by Jews has already resulted in a noticeable dumbing down of the populations in America. I can’t speak for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, but the American educational system is a mess.

American schools have become indoctrination centers spouting leftist values that aim to turn the white population extinct. Meanwhile whites are not reproducing at replacement rates.

Nonwhites brag about their fecundity, being too stupid to realize that it’s white farmers that feed them and white male technology that keeps the world humming along.

Let’s put it bluntly. In America the egalitarians have decided that everyone must have a college degree. But earning a degree and being given a degree that worthless are two different things.

diploma toilet paper cartoon

African American school boy looking up - Black people

9 thoughts on “Stupider and Stupider: Study Says Intelligence is Being Bred Out of the Gene Pool

  1. I don’t need s study to reveal that to me. I just look around whenever I am out for prime examples of devolution. The news pumps it into my home nightly, as well. Now millenials are crying school did not teach them Lifes basics, like how to balance a checkbook, sew a button on, cook a meal or do their taxes. Dumbasses! I was bright enough to figure that out on my own using the basic tools school provided! They have to be shown!

    • You wouldn’t believe how much pressure I was under to dumb down my classes at the University of Texas. The state demographer said every Mexican MUST get a college degree or the state’s economy would collapse. That was BS, but the Mexican administrators loved it. So, every damn 70 IQ Mexican was given a scholarship for college.

      • I can very well believe that. Adding Racial Quota Tracking and EEOC to corporate hiring practices made me resign from the telecommunications industry and start my own company. The last straw was having a 26 year old dental hygienist hired as a district engineer because the company failed to meet gov’t requirements. I guess I wasted all those years getting my masters when any dumbass who bungles Legos can walk in and become an engineer. I refused to ‘help’ him out on projects and that only made conditions tougher on me. I refuse to return as a consultant now because I know their network departments are full of set asides and incompetents. Let ’em suffer. Too bad the customer pays for this suffering, though, but until they get their heads out of their asses service in the southeast is going to degrade.

  2. Well, when a salary is barely enough to sustain a family with 1 child, maybe 2 if both people work, is it really surprising?
    Not to mention employers always wanting more and more of your time means that you have less and less to spend with your children. And trust me, more children means that you need more time to handle them. And i don’t think that babysitters or nannies or whatever they’re called are good (who’d want t mexiturd or nigger caring for their children?).
    Or how corporations place these pressures on us to always have the latest tech and stuff like that, which costs a lot of money.
    You can’t afford 3-4 kids from just 1 salary like it was some decades ago, at least not in the middle-class.
    But live on welfare and you don’t have to care about it anymore, the state will just handle it all. And you can make excuses not to buy the latest tech because well you’re poor and you live on welfare. But if you work and pay taxes everyone will look at you like you’re the fucking federal reserve.
    So yeah, not surprising. It’s the problem of the welfare state. Which is why i think it’s one of the most retarded things humans have invented, since instead of promoting the good people and culture, it promotes social degradation and retardation (and obviously i’m not talking about disabled people, just those that can and won’t work). Coupled with the media always acting like women should stay childless till they’re in their 40’s, which a lot of white women gobble up, but muzzies and niggs have 4-5 children by the age of 25, it’s not surprising.
    I really can’t forget a video from some time ago, where a black woman had 12 kids or more and wasn’t even in her 30’s, lived on welfare and when a news crew came by her house for an interview, she kept saying “who’s going to take responsibility for my children”. Like she wasn’t at fault at all for having them in the first place, or that the fathers should care for them too. No, it’s the state who in her mind should take responsibility, caring for her children with YOUR money, while you barely have enough money to have even one or two children.

  3. In 2100 half of all humans will be horrible black apes by the cheerful United Nations pwn statistics, so probably 60% will be Coons, not 50%. Out of Africa, they will have black swarmed all soft cock liberal white countries (i.e. all white countries!!!), like locusts.
    Simple maths proves that if white half of the population has an IQ of 100, and the ape half have an average IQ of 70, then the national average will be just 85.
    How did the Iceland scientist miss this trend? Notice how he is not worried, and makes magic things up to disprove his own research.
    More education for chimps still leaves them chimps, they do not turn in to human beings. An educated moron is still a moron. USA has had 50 years minimum prof of this. LBJs Great Society was a flop.
    “But Dr Kari Stefansson, the study leader, doesn’t believe this spells bad news for humans.”

    It is good news for the world, however. As humans dumb down, the population will crash and I mean by billions and I think this century. The world will be pleased. Greens should be happy about this, instead they love the entire world being drowned in niggers.

    • To be honest, I didn’t understand the researcher’s arguments. If I can’t understand it, I assume it’s logic twisted into a pretzel. Let them give college degrees to 85 IQ monsters. A college degree is already nearly meaningless anyway. Print them on toilet paper so they can be used.

    • I don’t agree with everything Hitler did, but if he won, we wouldn’t have been in half the trouble we are in now.

      And an educated moron is still a moron, sounds like politicians alright.

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