Outside VP-Elect Mike Pence’s House (Queer Video)

The faggot is bragging that the police just stood around and did nothing. Guess what, faggot, when we’re done the doctors are going to stand around and do nothing while you die in agony of AIDS. We’re tired of paying for your AIDs meds, you dumb fuck.

Try pulling your shit in front of the Bikers for Trump tomorrow. In a sane country the police would throw your sorry asses in jail where you can anally rape each other to your heart’s content.

5 thoughts on “Outside VP-Elect Mike Pence’s House (Queer Video)

    • LOL. To be honest, I couldn’t bring myself to look at the whole thing even though they’re short. I don’t know which one your’e talking about. Your plan sounds good though. Even a missed shot would hit something deserving.

  1. The following is my interpretation of the United States and what the forefathers meant…

    You’re entitled to your beliefs and practices. But when you FORCE me to accept your lifestyle your violating my rights. That means you can enjoy your practices and beliefs but don’t come to my house and demand that I accept your beliefs/practices.

    This is a disgusting and offensive display. There are noise ordinances and public gathering ordinances. I’m sure there have to be laws regarding the number of people that can gather in a neighborhood. This was not a quiet peaceful gathering and has to have violated laws regardless if they are misdemeanors.

    How would these ignorant out of control people like a loud gathering of white heavy metal heterosexuals blaring Pantera in front of their house?

  2. I’m betting they chose the Pence home because he’s a Christian & has publicly stated that’s why he cannot condone LGBTQ, so those bozos are, in reality, rebelling against Christ. They are probably too stupid to realize it, though, but that’s what it boils down to.

    Here’s another idiot…

    Um, No. We don’t need help “understanding” perversion.

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