Lawsuit Reveals Why Companies Should Never Hire Scheming Negros in Responsible Jobs

Letting a hambone operate your computer system for your whole school. That’s real genius. As one school has found out the hard way.

Excerpt from the Indystar

Indianapolis-based American College of Education fired its information technology employee last year, according to court documents, but not before an administrative password was changed.

The online college then asked the man to unlock the Google account that stored email and course material for 2,000 students, according to a lawsuit filed by the college. The man said he’d be willing to help — if the college paid him $200,000.

Welcome to the new frontier of tech concerns in a business world that has come to depend on the cloud.

“A lot of organizations are using cloud-based services and online services like this,” said Von Welch, director of Indiana University’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. “Even under a good situation, somebody could leave and then you find out the cloud service you depend on gets canceled because maybe the bill didn’t get paid.”

The American College of Education offers online masters and doctorate degrees to teachers across the country. It’s headquartered in Downtown Indianapolis, but the students come from all over.

The college’s IT employees had been spread across the country, too, but the school decided early last year to give them the choice to move to Indianapolis or resign and take a severance deal. Other IT workers resigned, according to court records, leaving Triano Williams as the sole systems administrator when he was fired on April 1 after he refused to relocate from his home in suburban Chicago.

Before he left, the college alleges in a lawsuit that Williams changed the password and login information on a Google account. In May, returning students could no longer access their email accounts, papers and other course work. Google suspended access after too many failed login attempts to the administrative account.

School officials asked Google for help. Google, the college said, refused to grant access to anyone other than Williams, who was listed as the account’s sole administrator.

When officials called Williams, he directed them to his lawyer.

“In order to amicably settle this dispute, Mr. Williams requires a clean letter of reference and payment of $200,000,” attorney Calvita J. Frederick wrote in a letter to the college’s attorney.

Williams, meanwhile, filed a lawsuit of his own in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, claiming the college bullied him and discriminated against him and other black employees.

Williams told the school the password had been saved on a laptop computer that he returned to the school in May. The college, however, claims Williams erased the laptop’s hard drive and installed a new operating system. Williams’ lawyer told IndyStar that the college must have erased the hard dive.

Blackmailer is a term that fits the black man here. Negro logic or just another black scam artist at work?

he's a nigger

4 thoughts on “Lawsuit Reveals Why Companies Should Never Hire Scheming Negros in Responsible Jobs

  1. American College of Education sound like real dumb asses. Maybe their license to edumacate should be cancelled. Strange that Google takes the side of a blackmailing fraudster. Or is it?
    The Coon is a wise but ruthless man and he will win. In many countries he would be jailed for blackmail. n the USA, lying, cheating and blackmailing are rewarded. Nice guys finish last – white guys.

    The name cloud is apt. Why would any company or institution risk storing their private data in a cloud?

  2. Reliance on technology such as cloud is bad enough but relying on a nigger to be honest is just beyond the pale. I have no sympathy, they should have known that the nigger would welch, there are many way’s that a company can get around these affirmative action hire’s, trouble is, this college just wasn’t smart enough to do it. Serves them right I say, it’s going to take something like loosing vast amounts of money before they begin to take the nigger problem seriously.

  3. …attorney Calvita J. Frederick… I bet “Calvita” is also black.

    As for that attorney’s “offer” to the school, no way. Just reply, “See you in court.” If there’s a sane judge left anywhere, he/she would see right through this crook Williams & the lawsuit.

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