Doxxed Alt-Right Leader “Mike Enoch” Backtracks on Retirement After Jew Wife Revealed


The internecine warfare on the alt-right continues as the fallout from the doxxing of Mike Peinovich continues.

Peinovich, aka Mike Enoch, said he was calling it quits for a while, but after a few days off from The Right Stuff and The Daily Shoah, he’s back.

There are reports that he and his Jewish wife have separated, but many wise skeptics don’t believe it. David Duke, Andrew Anglin, and Richard Spencer are supporting Peinovich.

Leftist Salon seems to be keeping the reporting on this crisis honest.


Racist podcaster Mike Peinovich has decided to return to his white nationalist program after quitting earlier this week, following reports that he had kept his neo-Nazi fans in the dark about his marriage to a Jewish woman.

In a podcast released to the public on Wednesday, Peinovich — better known as “Mike Enoch,” creator of The Right Stuff (or TRS) blog and co-host of “The Daily Shoah” — told listeners said that having his real name and details of his private life revealed had made him feel he had “basically lost everything in my life.”

On the program, Peinovich didn’t discuss his wife or the status of his relationship. In a separate podcast released on Tuesday, one of his partners, Jesse “Seventh Son” Dunstan, claimed that Peinovich and his wife were “separating.”

“This entire thing is not going to destroy us,” Dunstan said. “There’s nothing else for us to do but TRS.”

Dunstan went on to denounce the anti-fascist activists who had revealed Peinovich’s identity, vowing that their actions would only accelerate The Right Stuff’s long-term goal of supplanting the outdated and aging hosts of conventional conservative talk radio. “It’s a major miscalculation, man,” Dunstant said.

On the podcast, Peinovich claimed that media outlets were trying to destroy him by exposing the details about his marriage, in retaliation for Donald Trump’s victory.

“They’re saying it’s over,” the Right Stuff founder said, neglecting the fact that it was Dunstan who had earlier announced that Peinovich was leaving the site. “They want all of this to die and go away. And they’re hoping that this issue will make it happen.”

During his 90-minute appearance, Peinovich repeatedly denied that he had lied to his fans, saying that he had failed to disclose his marriage only out of a desire to protect his “normie” job, and by extension, The Right Stuff. “I don’t think it was deceptive,” he said.

Peinovich’s comeback efforts have received a mixed reception from fellow denizens of the far-right racist fringe. On Saturday, “Daily Shoah” co-host “Bulbasaur” sharply denounced Peinovich on Twitter, saying he belonged in a gas chamber. Bulbasaur subsequently deleted his account from the social-media service and has been unresponsive to his former associates’ attempts to contact him, according to Dunstan.

On Wednesday night, two of the podcasts hosted on TRS’ technology platform announced they were withdrawing and creating their own site. Their blog post announcing the move to TRS listeners was promptly erased from the site, apparently by Peinovich or one of his partners. (An archived version of it is still available.)

The hosts of TRS’ most popular podcast, “Fash the Nation,” abruptly erased their website and deleted all of their show archives. It’s unknown when or where the 120,000 listeners of the weekly program can expect to download another episode. As of last September, “Fash the Nation” was the most popular conservative political podcast on the audio sharing site SoundCloud. It was banned from the service shortly thereafter.

Other TRS hosts appear to be sticking with Peinovich, at least for now. He’s also received a fair amount of support from many of the leaders in the alt-right movement, including racist and anti-Semitic publisher Greg Johnson, who wrote an impassioned defense of Peinovich. Johnson also confirmed reports that Peinovich’s wife “was aware of Mike’s work and supportive of it.”

According to Johnson, Peinovich’s transition from an anarchist libertarian to anti-Semitic white nationalist was an “inspiring” tale:

Mike had a front row seat on America’s decline in his very own family. The Jews want to smash our families and mix our genes and loyalties to the point that we can never contemplate reversing our programmed march to extinction. But with Mike and so many others, these blended families and mixed children helped red-pill him. The true story of his life is far more inspiring than any of the shattered fantasies of disappointed fans.

Peinovich also received support from Richard Spencer, the president of a racist “think tank” made famous in December after Peinovich and others performed Nazi salutes in front of the media. Former Klansman David Duke has also defended Peinovich. Andrew Anglin, creator of the popular neo-Nazi blog the Daily Stormer, has also backed Peinovich, while adding that he believed the The Right Stuff creator should have divorced his wife long ago.

While Peinovich has maintained a fair amount of support among leaders of the alt-right, the grassroots activists who really make things happen for the movement have been far less forgiving of his deception. The anonymous activists with the image board 8chan have continued to expose even more details about Peinovich’s life since he was first doxxed on Saturday — including his phone number, email and home address in Manhattan — and show no signs of forgiving him. Many have also criticized him for lying when he initially told Salon that he was not Mike Enoch.

8channers also denounced Peinovich’s Wednesday podcast appearance, with many saying it proved his beliefs were not as far right as he claimed.

Peinovich also appears to be having difficulty retaining some of the The Right Stuff audience. Shortly after he first admitted that his wife was Jewish, the site disabled its free-range web forum after many users began condemning him. On the Wednesday podcast, Peinovich and Dunstan claimed the discussion board had been “infiltrated” by people looking to cause trouble. TRS site administrators appear to have disabled comments on all podcasts dealing with the Peinovich controversy.

At the Daily Stormer, readers were sharply negative toward Peinovich. One user wrote that he believed that “The Daily Shoah” was going to return to being a podcast for libertarians. “It didn’t sound like he was splitting up with her either,” the user added.

Another user likely spoke for many when he condemned Peinovich and his partners for answering irrelevant questions and not providing enough specifics about his personal situation during the Wednesday podcast:

This was not good. I really don’t think this could have been worse. He’s pointing to losing a job and his life being ruined, nothing we can prove, and as a tech guy he can get another job easy, contract work easy.

He never confirms the divorce, he acts like this is a TRS origin story, he doesn’t have a plan for reestablishing trust, and he babbles about the problems within the movement most of the time.

Epic Fucking Fail.

Despite widespread activist discontent, it may be too soon to write off The Right Stuff. According to Peinovich, the podcast network is “possibly self-sustaining at this point.” TRS relies primarily on donations and merchandise sales for revenue.

Given how uninterested mainstream conservative and libertarian publications and broadcasters have been in catering to younger right-wing audiences, and the fact that TRS faces little podcasting competition within the alt-right, it’s quite possible that Peinovich’s creation may continue and even expand, assuming it survives the current fracas.

As one 8channer put it: “Anyone with a brain can see that these people were trying to position themselves in such a way that they would profit immensely from this gap in the market. . . . These guys were ready to be the next Rush [Limbaugh].”

14 thoughts on “Doxxed Alt-Right Leader “Mike Enoch” Backtracks on Retirement After Jew Wife Revealed

  1. Ya know, I can’t say I ever paid too much attention to this guy’s site and show as there are way too many sites to see and shows to hear. I heard one of the early episodes and it was basically him and his friends sort of ‘talking trash’ about this and that. Nothing terrible but no big deal neither, it was a very long show too and went all over the place. They also spent an exorbitant amount of time mocking other people in the alternative sphere; especially the who’d be around longer and were not snarky. I didn’t care for that and I know those guys are laughing at him now. As to his wife, she’s half on her father’s side (not mother’s) from what I understand, I don’t think it is that huge of a deal really, as she didn’t see to be a hardcore type one.

    So I don’t really think this story is a big deal, nor do I think he is a bad guy, though not really someone I paid attention to. I don’t visit too many of these types of sites and am looking to downsize anyway. I’ll say this though; I believe he is like many of our “WN” kibbitzers out here who constantly mock the appearances of others, and stare at their noses and eyebrows trying to “expose” them for imaginary nonsense. He is like them in that he is not good looking, as I have a hunch that most of the amateur physiognomy critics are as well. As well-built pretty boy in my day I got to know this type well and sense them sometimes, lol! But this character above is typical of that type, gut and all. For most of these types being unattractive equals being not whites, as though all of the 800 million or so are supposed to be gorgeous. And he is mostly Norwegian, so I guess they all don’t look like those Viking fantasies, lol!

    Lastly, I guess he was “doxxed” from within; I don’t care for that crap. Strange days are coming.

    • I’ve tried listening to some of those podcasts and found that for what I learned it took up way too much time. To be honest I never heard of him, although I was familiar with the site and the podcasts. The real issue is whether he is sincere in his beliefs about the problems we face. I’m not informed enough about that to make a judgement.

      • A waste of time. Have nothing to do with him or his crew. He is sponsored, controlled right (and he may be too stupid to even know it). If you want podcasts or live radio, Red Ice and others are available with bona fide intellectuals and ground troops alike who will engage the audience and further the White/Alt-R> cause for the better…

      • Basically, I only posted on him to show the division in the alt-right. I wonder why Anglin, Spencer, and Duke are defending him. The whole thing is somewhat puzzling, but fairly trivial to me personally and to the alt-right movement.

      • Agreed. Bigger fish to fry. But our splintered philosophy is a great indicator as to how deep the (((psy-op))) against Whites goes: we even have a schizophrenic psyche when it comes to understanding what is “good” for us…

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  3. He is hardly the ideal Nordic type. Neither were Hitler and Goebbels. If that bottom lip is always that fat, he looks a bit Jewey.
    His nose is not Semitic however.
    His name is Jewish (to me) – Peinovich. People should worry whether he is a Jew, not whether his wife is a Jew. She is only 1/’4 Jew and supposedly supported his right wing rants, but maybe only if the whole thing was kept a secret?

    • “hardly the ideal Nordic type” is a true understatement. Alt-right types tend not to be Nordic types except for Spencer and Duke. Anglin has been accused of being a Jew, Asian, or part black.

      • I highly doubt that most are Nordic types. I’ve been to Scandinavia and everyone is not some “Nordic type,” but most alt-whatever believe what they want. I saw guys that look like Enoch there as well as the Nordic type of the WN desire, and all points in between. All Europeans to be sure, as is Enoch- remember: being a chubby, not-too-handsome guy does not make you non-European. Before you judge, keep in mind by the time everyone is doxxed, most WN/altrights will be revealed to look more like Enoch than anything, and probably will be revealed to have some double lives as well. And furthermore, Nordic types are the most asleep in today’s world. Many of you are 3rd reich cultists, almost none of the leadership was Nordic, they were busy following Weimar’s commands.

        As to stuff people say about Anglin, again he is better looking than most of them so they feel compelled to attack him, as the do Duke or Spencer, and Richard’s fine, voluptuous wife is better looking than most of what these guys can get, and hotter than Enoch’s.

        And their podcast was way too long, something like 3 hours.

    • His name does not seem Jewish at all. He looks not a bit Jewy either. These are simply ‘fantasies after the fact’ due to his exposure.

      • His name is not Norwegian that is for sure. it is a Slavic name. From ‘pedia “The suffix -ович (-ovich) is used for son”.
        So he is “son of Pein”.
        Do a search for Pein and you will find pretty much only Jewish hits – lots of rabbis are named Pein.
        My guess he is an Eastern European with Jewish blood, more than 25%.
        His wifes ethnicity is a clue about him also.
        He is an Eastern European living in Hymie Town. I have never heard his voice but that could be a big clue. Does he sound like Arnold Strang by any chance? Is it a whiny nasal voice?
        OTOH if he was false opposition and a Jew then the lefties never would have outed him.
        Nobody hates Jews more than part Jews. Bobby Fisher was a good example of this – maybe Hitler, and Reinhard Heydrich.

      • His voice is that of a fat guy/average guy/prole type. Somewhat grumbly. Not New Yorkish. I’ pretty sure he is Mostly Norwegian and slightly Serbian. I’ll wait until further info, but who knows. I doubt he was false opposition. We don’t need false opposition or “agents” as we inevitably self-destruct sooner rather than later. Agents cannot do to us what we do to us. I assume he started a small-time podcast in order to vent and it grew larger than he imagined, took on a life of it’s own. We’ll see. Either way, this is no big deal, at least not to me since I was not really into the show.

  4. I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t what their real name & real life on the internet. Unless they are running a business & wanting to sell me something, then they better post a legit phone number, address, etc.

    In other “Jewey News” from Wednesday, over 30 Jewish Centers across 17-18 states. Wow, somebody was busy that day (probably Nuttyahoo’s boys trying to scare their own so they will all flee to Israel):

    • Holy Netanyahu is involved in a scandal. An Australian billionaire (there are not many) has been paying for free trips for Nyetanyahoos son, not allowed in Israel. The same billionaire, not a Jew, also tried to hire the now head of the Mossad for private security for his casinos. This also involved lavish free travel and fun and games for a Mossad employee, which is illegal in Israel.

      This story about James Packer and the Israelis was in the Murdoch press on 20/1/17. Packer is also a big media mogul.

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