Cold-Blooded Negro Who MURDERED Beautiful White Family Sent to Hell by Lethal Injection Last Night



If you’re a white liberal egalitarian (aka Negro worshiper) I dare you to read this story.

If you don’t become a race realist in favor of the death penalty and judicially mandated torture for violent criminals, then there’s something wrong with you.

If Ricky Gray had tasted the lash early on he might have thought twice about committing the heinous murders of the Harvey family.

Blacks only understand pain. It’s too bad that executions are conducted so humanely now. He should have been tortured to death.

Daily Mail

A man who killed two young girls and their parents by slashing their throats and setting their home ablaze during a violent New Year’s Day home invasion in Virginia more than 11 years ago has been executed.

Death row inmate Ricky Gray, 39, was pronounced dead at 9.42pm on Wednesday following a lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia.

Gray showed no emotion as he was walked into the execution chamber wearing blue jeans and handcuffs. Asked if he had any final words, Gray responded: ‘Nope.’

Gray was sentenced to death for the slayings of nine-year-old Stella Harvey and her four-year-old sister Ruby.

He was also was convicted of killing their parents, Bryan and Kathryn Harvey.

The family was attacked by Gray when their front door was left open as they prepared to hold a holiday party with friends. Gray and his nephew Ray Dandridge were looking for a home to rob at the time.

Court records show the men tied up the family in the basement and Gray slashed their throats and bashed their heads with a hammer before setting their home on fire.

Prison officials closed a blue curtain at 8.54pm, shielding Gray from view ahead of his execution. That is typically when officials insert the IV and place heart monitors before starting the injection.

The curtain remained closed for more than 30 minutes before it was opened and the lethal injection began, which Pfeiffer said was significantly longer than usual and concerning.

The lethal injection began around 9.28pm. For several minutes, Gray’s appeared to be breathing heavily and snored loudly several times. At 9:33 p.m. he stopped moving.

He was put to death with the sedative midazolam, followed by rocuronium bromide to halt breathing, and potassium chloride, which stops the heart.


We have to separate from the black race. If we don’t we’ll keep losing our families.

As far as I’m concerned if you’re not a believer in the creation of a white ethno state, then you’ve just spit on the graves of the Harvey family.

17 thoughts on “Cold-Blooded Negro Who MURDERED Beautiful White Family Sent to Hell by Lethal Injection Last Night

  1. It would be interesting to do a study on how many of these blacks that “wile out” in the South with vicious crimes like this do so because they have spent time Up North and have been radicalized. The North is actually more segregated and “waycis” than the Dirty South.

    Also, this story goes to show that “white wimenz” can “have a man” and still be victimized by DieVersity.

    Beyond terrible.

    • I agree and it should not take 11 years. Even one year is too long. The punishment must fit the crime and justice must be seen to be done.

      • Indeed, i cannot understand what takes so long especially when the culprit is clear.
        It’s just wasting the taxpayers’ money with legal fees, housing and feeding a criminal.

  2. Notice that in the photo more than half the demonstrators demanding that Gray not be executed are white.
    White altruism must end and the death penalty must exist in all States and nations with more than 1% Africans and or 2% Muslims.
    White softness, kindness and altruism should only be for whites.
    The modern welfare State can no longer afford to house and feed violent murderers. They should mostly be executed – quickly – and especially they should never be released and offend again, or even worse, breed and pass their horrible genes into the population.

    The Jews have all but killed Christianity, which means the foolish aspects such as forgiveness (and even thanking) of some black who murders ones own white children should end. Time to return to the Torah. “An eye for an eye”.

    • The Bible, and therefore Christianity, prescribes a swift death penalty for murder. As well as rape, kidnapping and homosexuality… An ‘eye for an eye’ is Biblical ; people misinterpret and misuse Jesus’ phrase of ‘turn the other cheek’ ; He was speaking about minor offences between brethren, NOT capital crimes. Jesus Himself said ‘Think not that I have come to destroy The Law, nay but to fulfill it.’ True Christianity not only supports, bet demands, the death penalty -as well as swift justice – for these types of crimes.
      Not so ironically it is the jew at the forefront of the push to eliminate the death penalty as well as the mollycoddling of criminals. Except thought criminals of course…

  3. In Goulburn jail, near Sydney, there were 7 recent murders in just 3 years. Now Goulburn is the only NSW jail with segregated exercise yards. One for Lebanese, one for abos, etc. Interestingly, the whites and yellow Asians are put together in one yard. There has not been one murder since.
    This inconvenient truth is proof that diversity does not work. that multiculturalism does not work.

  4. Re above comment, as Australia has no death penalty, the worst of the lifers (“never to be released”) often kill other prisoners and know they can not be punished for it in any way. Just two week ago a 77 year old killer murdered his cell mate. How? By swinging a sandwich maker inside a pillow case and stoving in the other plus 70 year old crims head in.
    Nobody cares, saves the tax payer money. This is a type of unofficial death penalty situation.

  5. Being a resident of Virginia I expected our glorious Gov McAuliffe to extend mercy to the poor misunderstood negro (sarc if you are not sure). Apparently the facts in the case were so solid that not even McAuliffe was willing to grab onto that third rail so to speak, If a major “D” politician (remember he is a BIG BIG player in the democrat machine) did not offer clemency that means he and the democrats were willing to brave the fire of pissed off blacks and their supporters instead of the absolute HELLFIRE of the white voters in this state. Maybe things are beginning to change. If the racial “Get Out Of Jail Free” card has been declined DeMarcus and Shitavious are going to be a little more hesitant going polar bear hunting. Of course the loosening of concealed carry in Virginia will help that along.

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