Shocking New CBS Investigation Reveals Disturbing Facts about Pizzagate (Video)


Wow! The breaking video embedded in this post is amazing. Kudos to CBS and reporter Ben Swann. Ben has put together a brief (5 minutes and 49 seconds) yet comprehensive report on the strange coded pedophile language and references to Comet Pizza in the John Podesta emails published by Wikileaks.

As you may remember from my previous posts on this subject, #pizzagate involves allegations of a child sex ring operating out of Washington, D. C., involving some of the most powerful people in government.

Everyone in the mainstream media except Ben Swann (out of CBS Atlanta) has dismissed #pizzagate as fake news.

Pray for Ben’s safety. Pray too for a law enforcement agency to investigate #pizzagate to determine once and for all whether the sickening suspicions about child abuse are true.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jan 17, 2017

After looking at much of the current evidence, Ben Swann asks a very good question…. “Why is no one investing this?”

Below are some of the most relevant Tweets responding to Ben’s “Reality Check” video:

Link to Ben Swann’s Truth in Media Project

38 thoughts on “Shocking New CBS Investigation Reveals Disturbing Facts about Pizzagate (Video)

  1. It has been claimed by some the the reason the Israelis are so quick to send teams to disaster zones to “help” is that it is less about helping than it is about hunting and gathering. The Alertsense woman reminded me.

      • In the first year of the Syrian “Civil” War, in the rural, eastern parts of the country, late night attacks on small villages would wipe out hundreds of people. This was to soften up pro-Assad areas prior to the “rebel” invasion. Survivors would tell UN reps and War crimes adjudicators that the assailants weren’t Assad’s men, but so-called “rebels.” Many of the survivors said that these soldiers spoke Arab with an Hebrew accent. These claims were scoffed at at first. But one woman who had lived in England, but was visiting family told one of the UN delegates that “we (Arab Speakers) can tell the difference in accents, just like a Scottish person speaking English is still recognized as being Scottish.” In other words, these ISIS operatives were obviously Israelis.

  2. As for the logos mentioned in the tweet:

    β–² MAGA Carrera β–² @TheMercedezXXX
    .@BenSwann_ @SenorFoolery – Multi-National Corporations like #Microsoft, #AOL, & #TimeWarnerCable also have #Pedo Logos. WTF??? – #PizzaGate
    11:44 PM – 17 Jan 2017

    The word has always been that those pyramid logos like AOL’s, shaped like a PYRAMID with the circle/ALL-SEEING-EYE inside or on top, were Illuminati/Masonic/occult symbols.

    The Time-Warner logo is the same All-Seeing-Eye a/k/a “Eye of Horus” of the Egyptian occult mystery religions, but without the pyramid.

    CBS has long had an “All Seeing Eye” logo without the pyramid.

    The difference, I think, between those & the “Boy Lover” & “Little Boy Lover” logos, as disgustingly evil as it is, is attempting to depict the rectum. And the heart shape has long been said to be a representation of the female genitals.

    Good news segment by Swann. Too bad he had to keep repeating that there was no evidence that the pizza place was involved in sex traffic/pedos. But I guess he had to keep saying it in order not to get sued.

    It’s true it is very dangerous to be a whistleblower. The German reporter who exposed the CIA paying & strong-arming journalists to say what they are told to say, he ended up dead two years, almost to the month, after he exposed all that in 2014. He was only 56 & supposedly died of a “heart attack.” I bet the CIA waited on purpose to off him so people would be less suspicious. Good article here re that & other similar “deaths”:

  3. Thanks to Ben Swann. Good Luck. Watch your back.

    Help Ben Swann, and keep those who would harm him – off of him.

    Pizzagate – Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered for Exposing Podesta

  4. Breitbard died 3/1/12.

    It could be this story, & people trying to out it, has been building up for a long time.

    One “conspiracy theorist” opinion re MIT-hacker Aaron Swartz, who was found hanging in his apt. 1/11/13, less than a year after Breitbart, & supposedly a suicide due to “depression,” was that the surveillance videos of Swartz hacking the MIT computers showed HUGE hard-drives, supposedly NOT normal size ones but bigger ones that are used for storing tons of MEDIA/photos/videos. So that conspiracy-theorist, Jim Stone, felt that Swartz had discovered PEDOPHILE photos/videos at MIT, & that it did definitely depress him, but not enough to hang himself.

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  6. Most replies to Roger’s first tweet about it are sympathetic:

    Only about 10 were questioning it as a ploy to sell more of his books, etc. One guy simply said, “That sounds like BS Roger.” I would almost agree, but need to listen/watch him tell the story first.

    Roger has several times in the past year mentioned that he had a stomach flu & other “mysterious maladies.” I was saving them for awhile because I was getting suspicious after I had read a comment somewhere that Roger himself is a CIA agent. (No proof was provided so I just put that “under my hat” for future reference.)

    • Skips Scramble has mucked this up. There are two former Presidents in these phtos – not one. The pollie on the left, Yushenko, is shown after his poisoning about 2004. The pollie on the right is Yanukovich, the one who ran away to Russia after the George Soros takeover of Ukraine.

      • Thanks, Robert, for that correction. I would never have know, though I do remember seeing in the news photos of the sadly poisoned fellow on the left.

      • Here’s a double photo from another tweet, both showing the real guy, Yushenko, who was poisoned:

    • Who’s running Ukraine now? I admit I don’t keep up with the happenings there, but do remember when their big troubles were occurring a few years back, that Makow wrote that it occurred so a Jewish guy could be installed as leader over there. Was that the one named Yanukovich who then “ran away to Russia when Soros took over” as Robert said above?

      I only ask because it would make sense if Urkaine-infiltrator-Jews were now running the place, doing all the hacking, blaming Russia, wanting to start WW3 between two countires they’ve hated for centuries (Russia+USA), & as the above tweet says, “poisoning the well” is supposedly an old Jewish tactic against Gentiles.

    • I would never agree with MSNBC but maybe it is better to buy all foods and medicines anonymously, off the shelf. If Alex Jones is a stooge and a traitor, then selling supplements which will harm the takers would be a brilliant plan. Take their money and their health. Only the most dangerous (cleverest) individuals would be supplied with tampered products. Else Alex would end up in jail.

      “Just because you’re paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you”.

  7. Infowars’ article re the Stone poisoning; Roger said his doctors sent the blood sample to the CDC & they confirmed it; that he survived because the dose was not enough to kill him:

    You mentioned seeing it at Drudge earlier today. One of the comments at above link says Drudge had it in bold red lettering at the top of their site earlier, but that it has been taken down. Many are clamoring for more “proof” to back up Roger’s story.

    Another commentor posted this, as you were saying… (my additions in brackets):

    PERS ponzi 1st responders β€’ 2 hours ago:
    D A N I T E S !
    assassins who specialize in murder which appear as:
    1. heart attack [Breitbart]
    2. death by staged car accident [Michael Hastings]
    3. suicide [Aaron Swartz]
    4. poisoning [Roger Stone?]

    He’s referring to the Tribe of Dan, the Danites, supposedly the most occultic apostate tribe of Ancient Israel who followed Solomon in his apostacy; and from which the Antichrist will supposedly come.


    BTW, I thought Roger was a homo but evidently he’s had two wives, & maybe one now. Also supposedly they were/are heavy swingers, so maybe he’s bi. Henry tweeted yesterday an old 2008 Wayne Madsen link/story re Roger Stone that had been posted at Infowars about Roger’s swinging days + his involvement re outing of Eliot Spitzer, which is no secret since Stone himself talks about being the instigator of that:
    twitter. com/HenryMakow/status/821502840657104900

  8. Stone recovering from his poisoning, #FloridaStyle, with a toast to the incoming President – 14 hours ago from his twitter feed:

    I’m all for tropical colorful photos. Love the green jacket and palms, but I don’t see any green around his gills. πŸ™‚

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