Is Black Genocide Right?

Written by Colin Liddell. Published February 16, 2012, but still very relevant.

The case in point is South Africa.

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It strikes me that one of the main things about having a good debate is how it is framed. Get that right and the chances are something good will be the outcome. However, for too long now, when we consider questions of race, especially questions concerning the Black race, we have been framing things in completely the wrong way. Instead of asking how we can make reparations for slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid or how we can equalize academic scores and incomes, we should instead be asking questions like, “Does human civilization actually need the Black race?” “Is Black genocide right?” and, if it is, “What would be the best and easiest way to dispose of them?” With starting points like this, wisdom is sure to flourish, enlightenment to dawn.

This might seem shocking to the usual gang of idiots, but right now very similar questions are being booted about and nobody seems to be batting an eye, all because the questions refer to White South Africans: “Does South Africa actually need the White race?” “Is White genocide right?” and “How many of the White devils do we have to rape, kill, mutilate, and bugger before the rest of them fuck off?”

These questions are being asked and answered everyday in South Africa as any visitor to the blog Boer Genocide will attest. The blog collects and collates news stories on an unending flood of racially-motivated atrocities – a Herculean task that has to be done because no one else, least of all the Western media, is moving a muscle to do so. And it must be deeply unpleasant work too as the crimes reported are truly horrendous and disgusting. A recent and quite typical story concerned a disabled White man, Thys Henzen, 43, who was arrested on a trumped up charge, beaten by Black police, and then savagely sodomized by Black prisoners in the police cells, something that is not uncommon and which has been likened to a “war crimes pattern.”

His ordeal started on 29 January 2012: he was roughly arrested that evening inside his own home, brutally assaulted, thrown into the police vehicle despite his physical frailty – and a few hours later the totally helpless Afrikaner man was dragged from his wheelchair inside the SAPS-cells—and raped with considerable violence by a black detainee: one man had held a blanket over his mouth while another sodomised him. He has been examined and given a first round of antiretroviral medicine to prevent AIDS-transfer. However—he cannot afford the entire course of medicines he would need to make sure he won’t end up with AIDS after his ordeal.

Boer Genocide’s title works like a question, positing the end of an unfinished story: Boer Genocide…question mark! With an increasing number of Whites excluded from the job market and reduced to poverty by the government’s blatantly racist employment policies, and with thousands of rural Whites murdered on their isolated homesteads, the answer to this question looks increasingly obvious.

But why should Whites even be in a position where we are forced to consider such a possibility? The White race is history’s victor. We conquered Africa and the Africans on the sheer merit of the superiority of our race, culture, and society, and in a land that was largely going to waste we built an affluent and modern society capable not only of supporting a large number of our own people but also a vastly larger number of Blacks than would otherwise have been able to survive there. Of course, Black labour helped, but if that hadn’t been there, we would have imported White, Indian, or Chinese labour and have done the job anyway.

Rather than asking about White genocide, it surely makes more sense by any objective standards of utility, morality, or progress, to ask whether there should be such a thing as Black genocide.

This is not just a tit-for-tat idea either. In the changing nature of the New South Africa, which is still essentially a collection of White-created-and-maintained institutions being gradually but inexorably Africanized – i.e. corrupted, ground down, and barbarized—we see the true nature of the society that will emanate from the continuing exaltation of the Black man; a world of savagery, disease, and death, replenished by a wild, thoughtless fertility; a world that will set no store on the higher values that have characterized the civilizations created by other races.

Although there are doubtless many South African Blacks who behave in ways that we could call decent, we have to wonder how much of this is real and not affected, when savagery of the worst possible kind seems to constantly lurk under the surface in even the most banal of situations.

No doubt Lloyd Doksande and Fanie Msiza could have been passed off by liberal apologists as examples of the decent, modern Black South African, content to rise up in the new South Africa by his merits and labour, but that was before the two workers at a Wimpy restaurant in Kempton Park decided to murder their young White manager, Lambert Theron, 21, after he refused to let them ‘borrow’ money from the till. This murder seeps with a savagery and genocidal hatred as so many crimes against Whites do. Once the attack commenced, the purely financial motive clearly took a back seat to sheer race hatred as the two men stabbed Theron at least 30 times, kicked in his teeth, cut off his lips, and crushed his head with a meat hammer.

The basic habits, ideas, and practices that help civilization to survive and prosper in other parts of the world seem largely absent among large elements of South Africa’s Black population, and it seems that it is only a matter of time before the country sinks to the level of poverty and savagery endemic in most of the rest of Africa and places like Haiti and Detroit. If this is the case, then, rather than the question of White Genocide, shouldn’t the debate really be focused on whether Black Genocide is something worth considering?

Rather than getting bogged down in specific, emotionally-wrought cases like the brutal sodomization of a disabled man or the savage killing and mutilation of an honest, young manager, we really should consider the bigger picture. As we know, the world is becoming increasingly over-populated, while at the same time vital resources are being rapidly depleted. The world will be unable to support much of its future projected population growth. In fact we are probably heading for a great ‘die off’ in which hundreds of millions of our kind will cease to be.

With Europeans and some Asians having much less children, most of the population growth leading to this future crisis is projected to come from Africans. This is the race that history and the present example of South Africa proves is least able to take care of itself; a race that has contributed almost nothing to the pool of civilization and which even shows little inclination to stay within the bounds of that civilization; a race that also seems to harbor a potent inferiority complex and savage hatred towards the creators of that civilization; and a race that votes to keep the ANC in power, the very party that helps power their increasingly genocidal attitude towards Whites.

Maybe it’s unfair to tar every Black in South Africa with the genocidal tar brush, but the support the majority have given to the ANC at least allows a reasonable case to be made for the kind of collective racial guilt that also serves as the basis of the ANC’s efforts to pull Whites down to the level where they can be raped, sodomized, murdered and mutilated.

Sterilize all blacks. Within 75 years they will be gone.

Black genocide, the easy way. Go Planned Parenthood.

9 thoughts on “Is Black Genocide Right?

  1. Black genocide is essential to save humanity. Not just civilization. The world is doomed before 2100 if blacks are not sterilized or starved to death by the billions. 4.7 billion blacks will be rampaging across the planet during 2100 if they are fed non stop by whites. There is little chance that a few hundred million whites can feed and house over 4 billion lazy bum blacks. The parasite often kills the host.

      • That’s the plan, the blacks are helping the globalists to put them back in chains. They are undoubtedly the most stupid race on earth and they will be used to kill everything of any worth in the west and then they will be put to work by the elites for a bowl of nasty tasting gruel a day, if they are lucky and work real hard. The stupid blacks have never been any good at predicting the future.

  2. Our biggest mistakes were first trusting jews and second allowing other primitive races (blacks, muzzies) access to our technology.
    The first because they now control the banks and the media and they work towards our genocide constantly, by either promoting degeneracy, killing us or flooding us with invaders.
    The second because now blacks are over populating africa because of our medicine and killing themselves and the wildlife there though our technology. Then you have muzzies who have the same culture as 1000 years ago, using guns and other tech to wage the same “jihad” against infidels as they have been doing since the beginning of their religion.

      • A few days ago I heard a short report in radio news congratulating the negro race, especially Africa on having a very active and stare of the art space agency, computer industry and car manufacturing industries; claiming the reason we do not hear more is because “white dominated” media refuse to give blacks credit for their cutting edge tech advances….<<<<<I've heard of lies and not even bathhouse barry could concoct lies this far out there!

        Nooze report also clamed that there are just as many African blacks with IQs over 100 as there are whites in the west.

        As far as 86ing the entire sub-species; since they seem hell bent on exterminating all non negroes as well as being the most backward and primitive races, we may wind up getting into a "who can exterminate who first" war with negross out of sheer survival. They have shown themselves along with their goat buggering cousins unable and unwilling to assimilate and pitch in their share

        Negross are following the lead of their far left and jew pet owners, projecting all their own internal vile spew on whites

      • It won’t lead to anything. This is all by design. The UN pushed billions of aid and medicine into Africa in the 70s and 80s at a time (which you probably remember) when the entire African people were on the verge of extinction. The result? A 400% increase in size rather than a 400% decrease. The planet of the apes thing is part of a bigger plan to lower IQs amongst Whites, that is why an estimated 150 million Africans will be imported into Europe and North America this century. The whole tech transfer thing is a cover. You cannot change jungle brains with fancy gadgets. I have been to parts of Africa—when I was young and stupid—trust me, these people are borderline stone age. The real difficulty is going to be: how do we engage our next generation of young women and persuade them that going out with blacks is a bad idea? I do it all the time with my nieces and cousins. When their mothers are out shopping, I tell them horror stories to get their minds straight. The look in their eyes suggests I have scarred them enough about black culture that I need not worry about things down the road. What else can you do? They are taught in school to worship black dick by the age of 7; they are sold the victim story 24/7. I am only trying to neutralize these toxic narratives…

  3. Some people say we’re running out of “fossil fuels”, but they’re overlooking the obvious. There are lots of fossils left to convert to fuel. The Future is Bright, the Future is White. Our enemies are already dead. We can kill them just by turning off the foreign aid spigot. Close their counterfeiting Central banks and the (((enemy))) half wit goblins will be easy meat for other animals. My grandchildren and their grandchildren will go to The Moon and Mars. Those inferior biped parasites are the fossil fuels they’ll use to commute to work.


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