If George H. W. Bush Dies During Inauguration Week, I’ll Take it as a Sign From God

Breaking news reports say that both Bush I and wife Barbara are in the hospital now, the old man in ICU.

Bush I, George H. W. Bush, was the brains of the Bush Crime Family, Dumb Bush II and Jeb just coasted on daddy’s coattails. Both of them, unlike “Poppy” Bush, are dumber than a box of rocks.

Poppy is not only smart, but clever. He was surely involved in the Kennedy assassination. He was also certainly behind the Reagan assassination attempt. With his dying lips he should confess his role in crimes against humanity and seek God’s forgiveness.

Because of his cleverness, the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime machine are close allies.

But let’s say you don’t believe any of what I just wrote. You still can’t deny that the Bush family has tried to establish a political dynasty in America.

It looks like that nightmare scenario is over. Jeb has been exposed as an incompetent fool by Donald Trump.

If Poppy dies on Inauguration eve or thereabouts, I’m calling it as a sign from God that He’s blessing Trump’s personal safety. Once Poppy is gone, Poppy’s aging loyalists in the CIA and elsewhere in the Deep State have a strongly reduced incentive to assassinate Trump. I’m sure the Bush’s are still feeling the sting of Trump’s insults directed at “Low-energy Jeb.” They’ve also got to be worried about Trump’s plan to dismantle the Deep State that nourished their rise to power and wealth. Nonetheless, when the old man is gone, the baby Bushes just won’t have the same ability to plot against the rest of us.

Democratic Underground offers a history of the Bush clan going back a hundred years. This crime family has been starting wars and profiting from them for that long, according to the evidence.


Former President George H.W. Bush was admitted to an intensive care unit on Wednesday, and his wife, Barbara, was hospitalized as a precaution, according to his spokesman.

The former president was admitted to the ICU at a Houston hospital to “address an acute respirator problem stemming from pneumonia,” family spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement. McGrath said the former first lady was hospitalized as a precaution after experiencing fatigue and coughing.

George Bush was taken to the hospital over the weekend for shortness of breath. McGrath said earlier Wednesday that the 92-year-old Bush was responding well to treatments.

The 41st president was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Saturday, McGrath said in an email to The Associated Press.

“Doctors and everyone are very pleased, and we hope to have him out soon,” McGrath said.

Bush’s chief of staff, Jean Becker, told the Houston Chronicle and KHOU-TV that Bush was expected to go home in a couple of days.

Bush, who served as U.S. president from 1989 to 1993, has a form of Parkinson’s disease and uses a motorized scooter or a wheelchair for mobility. He was hospitalized in Maine in 2015 after falling at his summer home and breaking a bone in his neck, and was hospitalized in Houston the previous December for about a week for shortness of breath. He spent Christmas 2012 in intensive care for a bronchitis-related cough and other issues.

Despite the loss of mobility, Bush celebrated his 90th birthday by making a tandem parachute jump in Kennebunkport, Maine. Last summer, Bush led a group of 40 wounded warriors on a fishing trip at the helm of his speedboat, three days after his 92nd birthday celebration.

If Bush dies now, it will cast a pall over the Inauguration festivities. If he’s on his deathbed, hopefully Hell can wait until Monday.

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10 thoughts on “If George H. W. Bush Dies During Inauguration Week, I’ll Take it as a Sign From God

  1. Great post! And that would be interesting re GHW’s creepy Deep State buddies all dissipating if the old man dies. Perfect timing to CLEAN HOUSE.

    Old Daddy Bush is 92, & his old hag of a wife is 91. So they are definitely getting up there. (Saw a headline somewhere recently that an Oriental man just died who was 111 ! Wow!)

    Very true about the goofball sons. Remember when Jeb threatened Trump a year ago by tweeting, “I’d be careful, Donald.” We all figure his mommy made him do it, lol:

    • I was just reading some speculation that both of them are getting baby blood to rejuvenate them. Apparently, planned parenthood sells baby parts and tissue and such and the elite elderly get IV drips to keep them alive and more youthful.

      • Gaaaah! That is so gross. I don’t think the “youthful” part is working on the Bushes, however. 🙂

        The demon-elite types are probably behind the organ trafficking trades as well & for the same reasons… they want immortality of their own making.

      • That one has been around for 20 years. However a Swiss study done on lab rats proved that newborn blood transfusions can reverse the terminal stages of lymphatic cancer. Study was done a few years ago. Makes you wonder about the millions of children that go missing each year around the world. Aleister Crowley once wrote that the Qi of an 8 year old boy could add years to your longevity…

      • I just saw a headline that they’ve both had a miracle and are greatly improved. I have a feeling they get medicine, whatever it is, that the rest of us can’t get.

      • A friend of mine calls it “the Elixir.” Yes, I believe they take some kind of supplement that has very high Qi; perhaps an alchemical kind of thing.

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