British Octomom Claims She’s Too Sexy to Have to Work (Photos)


If you’re familiar with the theory of telegony, then you might speculate that a woman’s brain has been invaded by the DNA of ALL of the lovers she’s ever had.

One look at Octomom Marie Buchan’s sprogs and you can see that her lovers have something in common, namely their Negroid DNA.

Thus, Marie’s brain is possibly a cesspool of festering Negroid degeneracy. Her brain impairment must be intense.

That old black DNA lodged in her gray matter has made her self-deluded.


The Sun

MUM-of-eight Marie Buchan insists she can’t get work because “dirty big perverts” keep hitting on her.

And now the ‘Octomum’ has put her money where her mouth is – so to speak – and stripped down to her underwear to show just why she is so unemployable.

Former lapdancer Marie, who is training to become a mechanic, says she has faced a barrage of sexism while trying to get work experience – making it impossible for her to get a job.

Marie, who has eight kids aged between three and 15, said she constantly faced sleazy propositions while trying to get work.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “A couple of garages approached me after seeing me on TV but as you talk to them more and more you see what they’re after.

“They’re not really after me working there, they’re looking for something more. I think they’re just dirty big perverts.”

She added: “You’ve got women in the police force, in the Army, we have the skills, it’s just that men see us as sex symbols.”

The mum, who survives on work benefits, said men often asked her if she wanted to get a drink, or what else she was interested in outside of working at a garage.

From Birmingham’s Selly Oak, she said she was desperate to get work experience and learn from other females in the profession but there were limited numbers of women in garages.

She said she was now almost finished her diploma, expecting to finish in March, but was determined not to be ripped off by men thinking they could take advantage of her.

Obviously, Marie wants to be an auto mechanic because that’s where the men are. She’s hoping to find a fool willing to marry her and support that brood of future criminals she’s spawned.

Attention, all white men! Achtung! Avoid this sleezy scumbag woman at all costs. A roll in the hay with her will leave you feeling dirty all over. It won’t wash off either. If you get tempted, just think of all the purple crayons there before you.


12 thoughts on “British Octomom Claims She’s Too Sexy to Have to Work (Photos)

  1. Evidently the Brits are messed up in the head as well, from decades of dumbing down. I think women wanting to work in male trades is ridiculous…. like female construction workers, and now mechanics? That’s a new one on me.

    Yet she’s complaining. It’s like going into a lions’ den & complaining that they might not appreciate your presence & may want to eat you alive.

    Wake up, chic. Stay out of the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat.

    And showing off her body, oh please. Schizo much? First she complains re the male attention, then flashes her body to rebel against the attention? HUH???

    Pity the little children stuck at the mercy of such dimwit parent(s)!

      • Ah, so that’s it. I wonder if she realizes she’s being negatively used by the press?

        If she has some brains, I wouldn’t allow any interviews without the press giving me a big fat check!

  2. Give me a break! She looks like every bottle blonde you’d ever see in a cheap bar. Where’s the classy, sexy ladies? Must have stopped making them after Sophia Loren and started turning out pale imitations who also serve as Petrie dishes for STDs. With Lena Dunham being thrust upon us little wonder gays are multiplying.

  3. Definitely not “too sexy” for anything, no woman is. However if that is her idea; then go back un the patriarchy and zip it.

  4. Why is it that BEFORE I saw the picture of the niglets, I had “pegged” her as a mudshark? She just has that “look.” I wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick.

  5. Good grief! I think the Brits may have outdone us…they seem to have skankier mudsharks than here in the US…if that’s saying anything?!?!?!?!

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