Weird Ugly Jew Ticket Scalper Claims No Demand for Trump Inauguration Tickets

I looked up Yossi Rosenberg, pictured above, after reading his claim that no one wants to buy tickets to the Donald’s inauguration.

He’s an attention whore, famous for trying to get a date via unconventional means. Attention whore is actually being pretty kind. He’s somewhere close to being clinically insane. That hat he’s wearing represents his idea of how to get a date with a woman.

This story is another example of the media’s fake news intended to delegitimize the Trump presidency.

Excerpt from

HE THOUGHT it would be an easy money spinner.
But Yossi Rosenberg appears to have made the wrong call when he forked out $937 ($US700) for two tickets to Donald Trump’s inauguration, in the hopes of making a profit.

The New Yorker, who is a Democrat, has resigned himself to the possibility of attending the event himself — although he admits that he, like a long list of VIPs who have boycotted the event, has “no desire to go”.

Mr Rosenberg bought tickets to the Washington DC event, which is on Friday, from a woman on Craigslist and thought he could double his money based on initial interest.

“I put out feelers on Thursday and said I had tickets even though I didn’t, and I got two people saying they would buy them for double,” he told

“But by the time I picked them up, the people who were interested in purchasing tickets, their deals fell through.”

Although they were handed out by congressional offices for free, only a limited number of tickets were issued and some offices used a lottery system to assign tickets.

Tickets for prime positions were reportedly listed for sale online last month for as much as $19,681 ($US14,700), but demand for the tickets has dropped.

Mr Rosenberg hasn’t been able to find a buyer despite posting to “all the Donald Trump groups on Facebook” and making a video that was shared more than 2000 times.

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