Richard Spencer Allegedly Waking Up to the Jewish Menace

The source story in this post is one of those opinion pieces where a reporter infers someone is this or that, using the evidence at hand.

The best way to determine whether Richard Spencer is an “antisemite” is to ask him. Of course, any criticism of liberal Jews would be interpreted as antisemitism by leftist journalists like the author of this source article.

Read this excerpt or click on the link and read the whole article to decide for yourself if the alt-right leader is a a Jew-hater. I don’t think so. He’s just perhaps getting a little more outspoken about the damage that liberal Jews are doing to America.

Excerpt from

During a recent broadcast, longtime neo-Nazi and vicious anti-Semite, David Duke, lavished praise upon his guest, “Alt-Right” white nationalist poster-boy Richard Spencer. Duke told the audience of his eponymous program, “We can’t help but love the guy, and he’s really coming around to our opinion.”[1]

The “opinion” David Duke is so thrilled to see Spencer “coming around to” appears to be Spencer’s move towards fully embracing anti-Semitism as central to the white nationalist Alt-Right struggle.

Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute has increasingly given voice to anti-Semitism and allied his cause with hardcore anti-Semites. Spencer’s alliance with neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer has already produced plans for a January 15th armed march targeting Jews in Whitefish, Montana. And Spencer is currently defending anti-Semites in a spate of Alt-Right in-fighting.

Spencer’s growing embrace of anti-Semitism could add to tension between neo-Nazis and those white nationalists who preach a pan-white nationalism that includes (some) Jews.

Richard Spencer’s Pan-White Political Roots

Open anti-Semitism was not always Spencer’s political bent. As IREHR’s Devin Burghart describes in detail, Spencer’s political chops developed in conservatism generally, and paleo-conservatism, particularly. After serving as assistant editor for Pat Buchanan’s The American Conservative, and later as executive editor at the allied Taki’s Magazine, in 2009 Spencer began his fixation on “contemporary white consciousness.”

Even as he started – which would popularize “Alt-Right” as an umbrella term for a coterie of white nationalists, anti-Muslim bigots, anti-Semites and misogynists – Spencer honed a racism that downplayed anti-Semitism in favor of pan-white nationalism. Such were the politics of Spencer’s paleo-conservative mentors, Sam Francis and Paul Gottfried, as well as Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance (AR), where Spencer became a favorite conference speaker.

The story goes on to note Jared Taylor’s pro-Jewish position and Andrew Anglin’s contrasting “Nazi” style exposure of Jewish mischief.

I’ll end this post with a quote from Richard Spencer which is contained in the story. I fail to see how this bit of honesty could be interpreted as antisemitic.

“I’m not saying that we need them…I’m definitely not saying that European civilization wouldn’t exist without the Jews… But I am saying what you’re saying, which is it’s like, we can’t underestimate their power and the degree to which they really have embedded themselves in our civilization and our psyche. Like it is a powerful thing, we’re not dealing with Mexicans, we’re not dealing with a Chinese civilization…The Jews, it’s a much more painful relationship… It’s a very tragic thing.”

Painful and tragic indeed. Our ancestors should have allowed only white Christians into the United States. We are paying the price for the error of their ways.

9 thoughts on “Richard Spencer Allegedly Waking Up to the Jewish Menace

  1. The article sourced above is obviously written by a jew. David Duke is “vicious” etc.

    “Spencer’s growing embrace of anti-Semitism could add to tension between neo-Nazis and those white nationalists who preach a pan-white nationalism that includes (some) Jews.”

    I think for every white neo Nazi who voted Trump there would be 1000 or even 10,000 whites who prefer to live with white people and want less dark skinned people invading their country. I am not a “pan-white Nationalist” nor a Nazi.

    This Peter Pan group who want to include Jews are in Never Never Land. Include Jews (Captain Hook) and you will lose, if you are a right wing group or party. Include Jews and you will win, if you are a left wing or Marxist group.

    • A day or so ago I posted an item on neo-Nazi Mike Enoch. You can look up the story. His Daily Shoah podcast was very popular. He was doxed, his identity revealed and it turns out his wife is a Jew. There’s disagreement about whether he was sincere in his hostile views of Jews or whether he was controlled opposition. In any case, he’s laying low for now.

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  3. Sounds like Spencer is just now in the process of forming cohesive thoughts since he hung around Taylor and didn’t learn much about (((them.))). (((They))) may be Caucasian, but they aren’t European…a huge difference. Allow a few in and they will want their families, friends, and business associates to join too. We are in an exclusive club…no one else allowed! Then I think about (((Stephen Miller))), Trump’s “dynamic” speechwriter who has been a patriot, speaking out and writing openly against immigration, the destruction of our culture, and other things we hate since his high school days, even though his family was liberal, long before he met Sessions and Trump. What would we do about him?

    • What would we do about Ivanka and Jared Kushner for that matter?

      I saw Miller being touted on (((Drudge’s))) site on Tuesday, but didn’t have time to read the story. Glad to see you’ve discovered Heavy. They do a pretty good job over there. Downtrend does too.

    • Barry Goldwater, Jew, spent his whole life pretending to be an ultra Conservative. His huge 1964 election defeat by LBJ split and almost destroyed the Republican party. With Jews, you lose.

  4. First, lets get one thing straight – jews are NOT a semitic people. Thats just another ruse.
    anyway, being anti-jew is simply recognising truth and reality. Period. Hopefully Mr Spencer is waking up to fact, but lets not get too excited ; who is paying for all this new stuff? rent aint cheap where he’s at, and really, how DOES he garner this much msm attention? Not making any accusations, just saying watch carefully…

    • My research shows that who Jews are is controversial. I believe that Askanazi Jews are a mixed race, heavily turkic, which I believe is Asiatic. In any case, most of them have no ancestral ties to the land called Israel.

      From what I read about Spencer, the source of his money is from his family, but that claim is murky. You’re right that we have to watch carefully. Our leadership has been infiltrated before.

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