NFL’s Aaron Rodgers Yellow Fever Caused Rift with Family Who Have Not Spoken to Him for 2 Years


If you’re a man coming down with a case of fever, I suppose yellow fever is not as seriously insane as a case of jungle fever.

Actually, actress Olivia Munn, is only half Chinese, the other half being white. So that makes her both exotic and familiar at the same time. The problem is that she’s created a rift between NFL star Aaron Rodgers and his family.

Remember Yoko Ono. She broke up the Beatles. Asian women have a way of coming between a man and his friends and family.

GMA Yahoo

Aaron Rodgers’ father confirms that the family hasn’t spoken to the NFL quarterback for a couple years but says they are “hoping for the best.”

In a New York Times story about the family rift, the NFL star’s dad, Ed Rodgers, said the family hasn’t spoken to the Green Bay quarterback since the end of 2014.

The year 2014 is when Rodgers started dating Munn (not her real name by the way). His slant-eyed beauty seems to have soured his relations with his family, who are believed to be conservatives. Munn, of course, would be a Hollywood liberal demanding that her man share her Hollyweird views of the world.

The Inquisitr reports that Rodger’s family doesn’t like the actress.

It would be great if they would just come out and say, “We don’t want our son dating a gook.” That would scandalize the NFL, for sure.

Most likely, the family doesn’t like her political and moral values and it has nothing to do with Munn’s ethnicity.

But Rodgers is going to want his family’s support when the inevitable breakup comes. I predict they will welcome him back, wiser and if after a divorce, poorer.

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