New One Hour Interview with Amren’s Jared Taylor

H/T to Originist for pointing out this new interview.

I may not agree with all that Jared Taylor says or his strategies in terms of advancing White Nationalism. Nonetheless, he’s still a good guy who makes sense.

Jared is especially sincere and interesting via the stories he tells during the interview.

Tara McCarthy is the name of the young lady interviewing Jared. Her About page on her site can be accessed here.

Published on Jan 17, 2017
I discuss the reality of racial differences and how we came to understand them with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance.


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5 thoughts on “New One Hour Interview with Amren’s Jared Taylor

  1. What a classic Irish face and colouring she has.
    Jared is a decent enough ambassador but he admits to having no knowledge of why we are destroying ourselves. It’s easy Jared, it’s the globalists pushing an agenda that doesn’t bode too well for whites. If you want a vision of the future Jared, just look at South Africa.

    • I’m glad you said that, I was expecting commenters to stare at her nose, jaw & hair and look for excuses to claim she is 0.0000000000000000001% “North African” or some such foolishness, like they often do.

    • I agree with these two above.

      I had in fact not seen her last name posted anywhere last I checked, so she must have released it only this week because now I see it everywhere. Sinead McCarthy is very hostile to this lady, because she doesn’t call out the Jew on her new channel, and she accused Tara of catering to low-energy cucked males. But fans of her past work already (((know))), so her huge subscriber base only red-pills people faster. I joke that Sinead and Tara are distant cousins who should stop bickering.

      Tara McCarthy looks Irish, descends from them and is tenacious too (she in fact has spent so much more time than anybody else covering #PizzaGate that she has published letters of the government threatening her if she doesn’t shut up). Her voice is both haunting and ethereal, and her accent is delicious. She’s also quite beautiful, so she’s a joy to look at and to listen to. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Reality Calls before (her channel) but you should investigate it, PJ. It’s informative and sincere for a young British girl living in the USA.

      Perhaps eventually, after the good journalists revolt, she and Jared Taylor will become more direct and outspoken about the real causes of white genocide. I’m not find of how take this interview is, but hey, every journey begins with a single step.

      PS: She just released another interview, this time with Brittany Pettibone, who is one of the most photogenic girls I’ve ever seen. She has an identical twin named Nicole (also exquisitely beautiful), and they’re both white nationalists. Could it hurt to cover some young and beautiful red-pulled women on this channel? Definitely not.

      • Haha. yeah. that Sinead girl is hostile to everybody. A lot of people bust her chops though, they keep looking at her mug to find traces of the mythical 0.000000000001% “negroid” or whatever it is they are looking for, as they are probably doing with this other girl. But it’s hard to sympathize with her. I haven’t seen but a few of her vids here and there a long time ago and noticed that she might be very prone to hostility, don’t think she likes getting it back though….kids.

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