Katy Perry’s Latest Video Slams Trump as She Sides with Muslim Terrorists

Race mixing slut (remember her black boyfriends?) Katy Perry says that Japanese internment camps in World War II were a bad thing, but just as bad is Trump’s plan to keep track of Muslims in the interest of public safety.

Her 95 million Twitter followers must be proud of her.

Maybe she thinks Muzzies have big d*cks or something.

Whatever, she’s a degenerate.

One thought on “Katy Perry’s Latest Video Slams Trump as She Sides with Muslim Terrorists

  1. Sad but true.

    As you said about Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry is thousands of years of upward racial eugenics laid to waste. But unlike the sooner, Katy embraces the negerhorden far too openly.

    Speaking of race-mixers, check this out. A white nationalist woman from Finland, known as The Swan of Tuonela recently exposed herself as a mudshark:

    A friend of mine, Six Million Dollar Gas Bill (clever, huh?), trolled much of the comments section and eventually made a response video:

    The first video is eye-opening. Although some of her fans defend the mongrel sperm-bank as looking white and being a half-white realist, the Swan of Tuonela herself describes the man she plans to breed with as non-white! Even the video itself is called “Racial Collectivism and MY NON-WHITE BOYFRIEND”.

    The second video is insightful. However, she believes the coal chuter is a white sister worth saving. The only men I’d allow this otherwise beautiful Finnish woman to risk procreating with now is our untermensch! Still, it’s good to see women calling out other women for this shit.

    But the comments section is both eye-opening and insightful. I think the most can be learned there.


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