Why are European Nationalists Seeking Votes from Jews and Gays?

Because of the Muslim invasion and colonization of Europe, race realism has set in among a sizable segment of the population. However, the fear of being labeled racist is still strong.

The thesis of the source article for this post is that violent unassimilated Africans and Muslims are making Jews and gays look pretty good to the New Right in Europe. It helps draw normies into the populist/nationalist movements when a political party can say it’s not racist by accepting Jews and homosexuals into the party.

Excerpt from the Christian Science Monitor

PARIS AND AMSTERDAM—Leon de Winter, a Jewish bestselling novelist in Amsterdam, says supporting the Dutch political figure Geert Wilders, who seeks to “de-Islamify” the Netherlands, is “politically incorrect” and “not civilized.” But he defends the controversial leader anyway, calling him “a necessity in today’s political landscape.”

Bruno Clavet is well aware of the homophobic origins of the National Front, but today the gay Frenchman sees his country’s far-right party as the only one defending what he cares most about: reducing immigration, taking back control from the European Union, and promoting a tough stance against Islamic fundamentalism.

Even Poles, a target of British frustration over immigration that drove the vote to leave the EU, have supported the UK Independence Party (UKIP), the political face of last summer’s Brexit referendum. The party even at one point boasted a Polish fan club.

The minority vote for populist parties is not alone going to tip European politics. The votes of gays, or Jews, or immigrants for anti-establishment parties have grown alongside the population at large on questions of sovereignty, economy, or immigration, especially of Muslims, but remains a minority.

Yet their support serves an important purpose for the populist right in France, the Netherlands, Austria, and beyond, who are attempting to scrub away claims of racism, and often their anti-Semitic, homophobic histories. Even as they feed on the fear of the “other,” attracting minority voters helps them rebrand and move deeper into the mainstream.

“Populist parties are trying to make it clear that they are not racist in the traditional sense, not concerned about a person’s ethnic background but their cultural and social behavior,” says Eric Frey, managing editor of the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard.

He says that the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) in Austria, for example, founded by former Nazi party officials in the 1950s, has been courting minorities, including Jews, not so much because they need the Jewish vote in the country. “It is minuscule, it doesn’t bring you any votes. But it does protect you against accusations that you are too close to old Nazi ideology. It makes you more acceptable, both nationally and internationally.”

The rise of the self-declared Islamic State and other radical terrorist groups has made these parties powerfully attractive to segments of society that in another era might have turned their backs on them.

Rational people recognize that the enemy is howling at the gates and has breached the walls. It’s very much in one’s self interest to be opposed to the destruction of Western civilization. If embracing Jews and gays into the right, the parties are holding their noses and doing what needs to be done to save Europe.

13 thoughts on “Why are European Nationalists Seeking Votes from Jews and Gays?

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  2. Jews and gays have God’s mind in them. That is why. The eyes of people are opening up to See where God is regardless of a name. God is looking out of their eyes. Racism is a Muslim Allah lie. We are the human race that has one Father God that Philip saw named Jesus.

  3. The jews are trying to keep their foot, along with Rothschild’s heavy loot, solid in the door of Europe and may try maneuvers to gain more “credibility” there since many of the jew’s most influential agents are in the upper tiers of the EU. Creating a global insecurity between the “US” and Russia, while fanning activities against Muslim fanatics would suit the jew’s purposes fine.

    The jewish master plan for Europe – Cucked-European people are too dense to figure it out

    Israel itself, and jewry in general, is searching for an ally to give Israel a false legitimacy, a legitimacy which gives them an edge in world balance of power in the long-run. It’s actions against the world have become too well known. They use illegitimate means to do that, which is one reason that the Muslims have been both imported by, stirred up, and demonized by jews. The jews think that people cannot see it, and it’s true that many cannot or refuse to, but many of us do. Europeans should have learned not to be so short-sighted.

    “Israel’s global standing continues to sink, top strategists say”

    • “We [Jews] see ourselves fighting [against Old Europe] together with our Muslim brothers…They [Muslims] are our natural allies.” – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis

  4. European politics seems a lot more complex then down here in the occupied Confederate States so I won’t judge. Plus it makes senseverything since jews and queers are at serious risk if hajjis contuine to flood in.

    You get the votes where you get the votes and the various right wing groups need to win elections more then they need ideological purity

  5. It could be a form of cooptation and has propaganda value, “see, we offered you guys a hand but you would take it, have it your way duuuuude,” is the technique applied here. Obviously, all but a handful of outliers will accept it.

  6. We need to distinguish between those Jew-wise figures flying under the radar and those who are in fact working for the Jews by misleading the people.

    I remember watching that All in the Family episode, where Archie Bunker convinces his lodge to allow one black and one Jew into their club to take the heat off, so to speak. But they only admit one person – how so? The character Solomon Jackson, as you might guess from the name, was black AND Jewish.

    We already tried a similar tactic by asking Milo Yiannopolous to represent us in the mainstream, because he’s a faggot AND a kike AND a mudshark who agrees with our views. But it’s backfiring. I’ve believed this idea was over the top, and you kind folks are (hopefully) learning that Milo is controlled opposition.

    The less they’re like us, the more likely they’re against us. Supporting gays and Jews (or other minorities) makes us more easily infiltrated.

    The FN party has been suspicious for at least four years now. They started their descent from credibility, when Marine Le Pen ousted her father from the party for basically being too far-right. Jean Marie Le Pen accused his daughter of kicking him out for speaking out too realistically about the Jews, IE: anti-semitism. Some small-time rural French communities, which are 90% white or greater, have reduced their donations or withdrawn their support of the FN party since 2013. Varg Vikernes, who lives with his French family in France, opines over the few thousand Euros they donated to what they now deem an anti-European party. The fact that Marine Le Pen is now openly calling for gays, Jews and other “French” citizens to unite against the migrants, should be enough proof for you to realize that the FN party are too infiltrated to rely upon them. If I were you, PJ, I’d be no better than skeptical of them from now on.

    Now, here are two nationalists who, although one refrains from discussing Jewry and another simply doesn’t believe in it, have enough influence to instill the proper awareness into our people anyway. Reality Calls, a beautiful British girl who was banned from YouTube for posting about White Genocide, just launched her back-up channel.

    And this morning, she uploaded an interview she managed to score with Jared Taylor of all people!

    Remember to focus on those who DO have our best interests at heart (and Richard Spencer very well could) and to only cherry-pick genuine tidbits of information that the controlled opposition reluctantly covers.

    • Good insightful advice, Originist. I’m going to post the interview with Jared with a H/T to you. I think the key to all this is to ask who’s making money by promoting Jews and gays into the WN movement. There can be differences of opinion among sincere people, but folks in it for the money can’t be trusted. I saw something that said that Jared’s salary is $65,000. If true, that’s not much for someone with his responsibilities. Likewise, I hear that Spencer’s parents fund him to a degree.

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