White Women Not Welcome in Feminist March on Washington Protesting Trump

The type of white woman who would attend the women’s march in Washington protesting the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency is your classic feminist social justice warrior.

In short, she’s a fool, driven by some inner self-loathing that expresses itself in some bizarre ways, like slut walks and nude protests.

Now these white women are finding that they are being treated like sh*t, not by men, but by nonwhite women.

There must be some real confusion in their pathetic excuses for brains at this point. They’ve discovered that the anti-white racism we talk about on the alt-right is real. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Let them attend and march at the back of the sh*tshow the day after the inauguration. Maybe some of them will get into cat fights with the sassy black women in charge of what promises to be a real fun event, if we can get observers there to report on the truth of it.


Many thousands of women are expected to converge on the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. Jennifer Willis no longer plans to be one of them.

Ms. Willis, a 50-year-old wedding minister from South Carolina, had looked forward to taking her daughters to the march. Then she read a post on the Facebook page for the march that made her feel unwelcome because she is white.

Stung by the tone, Ms. Willis canceled her trip.

“This is a women’s march,” she said. “We’re supposed to be allies in equal pay, marriage, adoption. Why is it now about, ‘White women don’t understand black women’?”

If all goes as planned, the Jan. 21 march will be a momentous display of unity in protest of a president whose treatment of women came to dominate the campaign’s final weeks. But long before the first buses roll to Washington and sister demonstrations take place in other cities, contentious conversations about race have erupted nearly every day among marchers, exhilarating some and alienating others.

No one involved with the march fears that the rancor will dampen turnout; even many of those who expressed dismay at the tone of the discussion said they still intended to join what is sure to be the largest demonstration yet against the Trump presidency.

“I will march,” one wrote on the march’s Facebook page, “Hoping that someday soon a sense of unity will occur before it’s too late.”

But these debates over race also reflect deeper questions about the future of progressivism in the age of Trump. Should the march highlight what divides women, or what unites them? Is there room for women who have never heard of “white privilege”?

And at a time when a presidential candidate ran against political correctness and won — with half of white female voters supporting him — is this the time to tone down talk about race or to double down?

“If your short-term goal is to get as many people as possible at the march, maybe you don’t want to alienate people,” said Anne Valk, the author of “Radical Sisters,” a book about racial and class differences in the women’s movement. “But if your longer-term goal is to use the march as a catalyst for progressive social and political change, then that has to include thinking about race and class privilege.”

The discord also reflects the variety of women’s rights and liberal causes being represented at the march, as well as a generational divide.

Many older white women spent their lives fighting for rights like workplace protections that younger women now take for granted. Many young activists have spent years protesting police tactics and criminal justice policies — issues they feel too many white liberals have ignored.

“Yes, equal pay is an issue,” Ms. Sarsour said. “But look at the ratio of what white women get paid versus black women and Latina women.”

For too long, the march organizers said, the women’s rights movement focused on issues that were important to well-off white women, such as the ability to work outside the home and attain the same high-powered positions that men do. But minority women, they said, have had different priorities. Black women who have worked their whole lives as maids might care more about the minimum wage or police brutality than about seeing a woman in the White House. Undocumented immigrant women might care about abortion rights, they said, but not nearly as much as they worry about being deported.

This brand of feminism — frequently referred to as “intersectionality” — asks white women to acknowledge that they have had it easier. It speaks candidly about the history of racism, even within the feminist movement itself. The organizers of the 1913 suffrage march on Washington asked black women to march at the back of the parade.

Real women, good women, will be working or running errands or taking care of their families. They “ain’t got time” to understand black women or to march against the man who has given women economic opportunities that have made a real difference.

21 thoughts on “White Women Not Welcome in Feminist March on Washington Protesting Trump

  1. Feminism has turned into a Anti White scam, for the most part it’s about getting European women to identify as a gender as opposed to a tribe, their tribe, and weakening Europeans politically.

  2. “Feminists” see no need to criticize third world immigration which European women are the most negatively effected, perhaps for those European women interested in gender representation they should form specifically “White women” groups or “European women” groups.

  3. Hahahaha, this is funny. Nothing like usurpation to give me a chuckle. And to think, the poor things tried everything to liked by the ‘right’ crowd.

  4. Fuck these hoez. If it was not for WHITE women protesting for their right to vote, these biaches would not have shyte today. Goes to show how canniving many women of color are.

    Social work was a profession invented by RICH white women – not ALL white women. So the women of color in general tend to associate social work etc with “Rich Whites” who are really Jews in disguise playing political chess.

    Who cares hoez. I would not march with your azzzzzzzes anyhow.

    I do no think many “white” or really Nordic Germanic women get how much they are despised by these women. They create all kinds of stereotypes about many of us, including the one that many “white” girls are quicker to give blow jobs than the sistahs. Not kidding here.

    This whole identity politics shyte gets really old. Most of us “white bitchez”…myself I call myself Nord, just want to work, have a family, and be left the hell alone without the hassel from these hoez.

    One thing I must say though is that I agree on the contempt black women have against:
    1) Trannies
    2) Homos
    3) White women datin’ black men
    **** I support the Minority Mamas on these points and perhaps they would unify with White Wimenz if these young stupid snowflakes would stop with “the swirl”. Really…..

    HuffPO is main Jew and Brown female SJW’s and actually, the BIGGEST SJWs are those biaches.

    Oh well, left out again. I am just a regular working “white” person.

    • “Germanicslav” – IF you are a White man, did you not ever learn to read and write? You don’t have to be an English professor to know the basics, but you have to display reasonable intelligence when you make comments. Why are you writing like a trash wigger? Your words sound very much like a hasbarat jew, since trash talk is what the jewish hasbara love to do while pretending that they are a White person.

      If you are not either one, straighten up and talk and write like a decently responsible White man, otherwise it will be reasonable for White people to assume that you are either a black, a wigger or a stealthy subverting jew hasbara who is trolling and making the idiotic trash comments.

  5. It usually dawns on them when the 4th or 5th man in the rape gang physically penetrates them. They see their life roll before their eyes, they get a sort of sinking feeling—at this point they have been brutally beaten every time they screamed out, so they now only whimper softly…

    It’s this sort of scenario that gets their minds “right.” Only a die-hard Marxist could pick herself out of the dumpster, walk home, have a shower, then ever dream of black dick again after such a night…

    One Socialist Party youth actually willed herself to enjoy her rape by a migrant while it was transpiring. She wrote an article in a well-known Newspaper a week later thanking the Somalian for raping her for 6 hours. She then told her rapist that if he wanted, she would buy him coffee and they could reconcile their cultural differences. She was German of course—only here does one find Jewish psychology so well honed to make people consider racial suicide as a mark of honour…

    Here is an article just to prove this isn’t made up:


  6. Speaking of FemiNazi Libtard crazies, the NY Times considers Ivanka Trump-Kushner a “dangerous fake feminist”:

    1/13/17: “Ivanka Trump’s Dangerous Fake Feminism”:

      • I could give a rip about Femtardism.

        Anyway, I like the Ivanka has apparently voice support over quality early childhood and daycare programs. There are plenty of SINGLE DADS out there that could benefit from these programs along with working couples and working single moms.

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