GQ: Dressing Nice and Supporting Donald Trump Makes You a Genocidal NAZI

A slightly different take on the usual kind of smear job against Trump supporters, and the alt-right in particular, has been crafted by a writer for GQ magazine. Dressing nice makes you a NAZI, in case you didn’t know.

Excerpt from GQ Magazine

“America was until this past generation a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity,” the alt-right leader Spencer claimed to his adoring fans, demanding that “It is our creation. It is our inheritance and it belongs to us.” This must come as alarming news to native Americans whose country was forcibly taken from them by white settlers, but the claim should be no surprise to anyone who understands the dangerous appeal of Nazism in the 20th Century. Adolf Hitler was spending a small fortune on tailored suits in the Thirties and took great care over his image. Hitler understood the appeal of a safe space for the white population, too.

So now our Native American brothers declared independence, wrote the Constitution, fought the British twice, and thus created the United States of America.

The left gets more and more ridiculous every day. Which of the many warring tribes did all that, Mr. Leftist writer?

And how does dressing in a nice suit make you Adolf Hitler? It doesn’t except in the minds of leftist propagandists.

Clothing isn’t the only thing the alt-right seems to have borrowed from their favourite Norwegian killer. In his manifesto, Breivik suggested that American white supremacists play the very card that Richard B Spencer is now deploying when he tries to claim America as the land belonging to a marginalised white population: “Rhetoric related to ‘indigenous rights’ is an untapped goldmine which has currently been deluded and sidetracked due to “rhetorical contamination” from the US. If you use “white nationalist” rhetoric you are instantly placed in the same category as Hitler. This is not the case with rhetoric related to indigenous rights as this rhetoric is usually related to the Aboriginal or Native American struggles.” Forces within the alt-right seem to have borrowed ideas from a mass-murderer about how to repackage Hitler’s agenda for winning power without the baggage of the tarnished brand.

If the alt-right has borrowed Anders Breivik’s ideas, the left had better sleep with one eye open and a gun in hand, because there’s going to be massacres of them. But in reality, the alt-right is home grown, with little to do with Breivik. It’s a smear job to tie us to Breivik.

There is no intellectual case for what Spencer and his ilk claim, no proper basis to argue the supremacy of whites, or their entitlement to claim American territory. It is merely hatred and prejudice. Breivik’s manifesto, the rambling diatribe of an evil man, described much of what we see today with Spencer’s alt-right. Breivik said of the bizarre claims in his manifesto that “Much of the information… has been deliberately kept away from the European peoples by our governments and the politically correct mainstream media” and that political correctness – the practice of not using inherently prejudiced and discriminatory language – is a form of “cultural Marxism.” This methodology of self-delusion and purposeful victimhood, this “untapped goldmine” of political power is the alt-right’s real inheritance.

All the evidence suggests that whites (and Asians) are the only groups capable of creating prosperous, safe societies. If you want to label that “white supremacy” I’ll take it as a compliment.

Since this article was published in GQ in December we had the infamous Tweet by a professor calling for White Genocide. There are such calls on a daily basis on Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. Ignoring the left’s plot to exterminate the white race isn’t going to lead anywhere but to FEMA camps and coffins.

Like many despicable narcissists who have come before him, Spencer dresses up smartly to project what he considers to be his superiority. The boldness with which Trump’s supporters are openly hailing the success of the president-elect in a manner evocative of the Nazis, the metamorphosis of a Norwegian mass killer’s ideas within a popular political movement in America, and the election of a President who gives these men such cause for celebration should not be ignored. The clothing worn by the alt-right may be new, but the ideas are second-hand, and extremely dangerous.

The leftard who wrote this apparently has the ability to read Spence’s mind. I always thought Spence dressed nicely because he came from a wealthy family and because he’s looking for a new woman since he and his wife separated.

Silly me for thinking such reasonable, rational thoughts.


andre anglin

4 thoughts on “GQ: Dressing Nice and Supporting Donald Trump Makes You a Genocidal NAZI

  1. LOL on Baked Alaska & Anglin. Very true.

    It was the Commies who destroyed the DRESS CODE of the 1950s, by manufacturing the SLOBS of the Hippie & “Love Child” & “Woodstock” movements of the ’60s; plus by 1970, at least in the South, they eliminated the DRESS CODE from Public Schools. As of that year everyone could wear jeans & teeshirts, no more dress slacks & dress shirts for the men, skirts, blouses, & hose for the girls, etc. Of course, the “No DRESS CODE” was to help the “Po’ Folk,” don’tcha know.

    If TRUMP’s Presidency inspires more men to DRESS NICE AGAIN like the “old days,” then hallelujah! Nothing more handsome than a man in a suit. And if you really want to knock the lady dead, rent a TUX once in a while! 😀

    • I agree with you. I dressed nice for 30 years while I worked. Now, however, I’m a slob, even though I detest the slobbery. The worse invention for men are those long “gangsta” shorts and the backward caps, with arms totally inked. That’s not me. I’m not that much of a slob.

  2. Jew Spew and not worth replying to in detail.

    Two points. One “Forces within the alt-right seem to have borrowed ideas from a mass-murderer”. I have never read anything written by Anders Breivik. Why does the Jew journalist assume that Spencer is a fan of Brieivik? Trotsky, mass murderer, enacted the first “Anti Semitic” hate crime laws in the world – in the Jew run Soviet Union. Does the magazine GQ endorse Trotksy and the mass murder of Christians?

    Two, “Like many despicable narcissists who have come before him, Spencer dresses up smartly to project what he considers to be his superiority”.

    I am in Sydney now and am shocked at both how dark skinned and dark haired the population now is, but also how badly the vast majority of males and females are dressed. Only real estate agents wear suits and ties in the suburbs. Only old male office workers dress well. Except – guess who – fucking POOFTERS who think they are superior to normal men. Homos, especially those aged under 25, always wear the latest fashions and always sport expensive and recent haircuts. This makes them extremely incongruous and conspicuous in a city of bums – which is what they want. No Nazi or right winger would be seen dead in such clothes or with such fashionable haircuts either. A few metrosexuals sport this type of look. So GQ insulted their own despicable narcissistic left wing readers – it is a fashion magazine is it not?

    In general, it is nowadays hard to tell in Sydney who is an unemployed welfare bum and who is a high paid software engineer, or even who is a tourist, who also dress casually.

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