Extremely Curvy Danish Blonde with 422,000 Instagram Followers is Alleged Mudshark

YouTube From february I will be active on YouTube again, I will start doing a weekly vlog on my channel, the link to my latest vlog will always be in my bio here on Instagram I will focus on topics like bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness, training, nutrition, my personal life and things I care about So from this february my YouTube account will be alive again, im sorry its been a while since I posted my last video, but real life stole most of my time unfortunately, now ill make it part of my life so to speak, and give it a lot more attention So have a little patience yall and ill be on air again Wish you all a lovely weekend, Blessings Shirt by @fashionnova, use 6Milli for 30-70% off Nails by @lushnailsdk Lashes by @emilieekebjerg #girlswhopowerlift #girlsthatlift #workoutempire #youtube

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On GLP this woman has been described as a “sickle cell cootie catcher” because she allegedly has sex with black males. I have no evidence of her mudsharking beyond the issue raised at GLP.

The question posed there to the white male is “Would you date her?”

Well, would you?

Here are some photos with many more available for viewing at Miss Mia Fit’s Instagram. Would you go where the Negro has come before you?

Here are two Miss Mia Fit videos to help you decide.

8 thoughts on “Extremely Curvy Danish Blonde with 422,000 Instagram Followers is Alleged Mudshark

  1. Shocked is the word I expect. she doesn’t seem like a mud shark but the way her butt showing and I couldn’t understand why got to be like kim kardashian’s butt again.why can’t she have her own thoughts {image} instead of copycat? she didn’t try hard enough to find herself a Lumberjack Dutch guy. she can do it.if she put her mind set and to go around the world to find herself a real love strong Dutch man to work out with plus traveling together. this will make her life stable for sure if she not to be this idiots like kardashians. she can do better and be new creative with her new body unlike kardashian. for sure will Wow like a new dutch lady can do it. she can whip the social system,her body can beat kardashian,her thoughts fought back against the brain washing from all the kardashians ladies dating/married to Negros etc.it is not wise to interbreed with not match intellectual genes. Be a fighter like her great great great great father certainly to warning her. just like Spartans don’t interbreed the outside races.meaning the Spartans women are way smarter than nowadays. the Jews the one destroy Spartans,Greeks and Romans. Jews have the nasty disease and the mentally jealousy disorder and want to be special kind of gentile and which Jews aren’t the gentiles. Jews are the troublemakers ever since for thousand thousands of years concept character of the ugly Dobby constantly lies to Harry Potter.

    • she is not a mudshark she has white kids at least,and I didn’t see a black on any of her pages.give her the benefit of the doubt.she is not dating a shitskin.

    • how do you figure shes a mudshark,she has a white kid it looks like plus there are no blacks in Norway,i think you have been misinformed.if I saw this woman with a black he’d definitely get his skull cracked.i just don’t see it,she doesn’t exhibit any mudshark traits.it would have to be some ballsy negro to ask her out,but they are full of their own bullshit.all you guys on here accusing her are a bunch of virgins there is no proof not on her facebook nothin ,noteven any black friends,so I beg your pardon if I am wrong but it would be an awful thing if she was and the nigger would need to be tied up and thrown in a canal.but for some reason I’m prettysure itsall rumors, and bullshit.why don’t you ask her?hey do you date jigaboos?im positive her answer would be NO.

  2. Don’t understand the attraction to MASSIVE asses, like monkey butts, it’s a Black thing, I think natural European women look better without but implants etc.

  3. The fact that she’s in Denmark with that unnatural large bottom makes it about 99% likely that she is dating culture enrichers, since Danish men generally are more low key and tend to go with the girl next door type, and don’t waste too much time on a twerking blonde face boobed sex bomb. Something about IQ and stuff… That’s for da black man.

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