America is Shutting Down Today to Honor a Dead Communist Negro Who Enjoyed Beating Up White Women

Might as well have a federal holiday for Benedict Arnold.


The counter-culture communists were successful in expunging every single national holiday that centered around the name of a national figure except MLK, by design. Lincoln’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, all gone and replaced with generic equivalents. They’ve also been successful at renaming roads in virtually every major city to Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. They’ve also been successful at removing the religious component of King’s name, “Reverend” and turned him into an academic “Dr.” instead of a Baptist preacher. They’ve also been successful at removing his support for Dwight Eisenhower and his GOP party affiliation from public knowledge. Please don’t contribute to even further disinformation.

Amren reports the files on MLK are sealed until 2027. Read more here.

The facts about this POS hailed as a hero by know-nothing white liberals and dumb blacks are present in this Amren piece. IB Times discusses his adultery and other lesser known facts.

Bet you didn’t know that MLK freed the slaves:

Finally, here’s an idea of how to celebrate MLK Day:

One more thing. Let’s petition Trump to release the files on MLK this year. There’s no reason to wait another decade.

African American school boy looking up - Black people

14 thoughts on “America is Shutting Down Today to Honor a Dead Communist Negro Who Enjoyed Beating Up White Women

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  2. Excellent website. This is a nice little gold mine of everything that makes America great. Your kind are few and far in between, but you’ll have your day now that our great Führer is in office. On a side note I didn’t know MLK never got a doctorate or was communist trash. I guess their kind really has no good people. Keep up the good work by the way.

  3. Michael King Jr.(never legally changed name) burns in Hell today! “Dr.” King denied the divinity of Christ, denied the virgin birth and denied the resurrection. He was NOT a Christian. In his final speech “I See The Promised Land” he applies that name to Mount Olympus. He also believed Christianity to be copied from Mithraism(instead of the other way around). He was a fake Christian, a tool of the Reds.

    • Maybe he was a fan of the Khylst group Rasputin may have belonged to. Sin as much as possible, so the repentance and forgiveness is all the greater. Obviously God would see through this gag and such sinners would surely burn and not be forgiven. I also hope that the Catholic priest buggerers of small boys are not forgiven in spite of their alleged repentance.
      MLK was a big sinner, fraud and hypocrite and should burn in the lake of fire.

  4. Happy Marxist Looter Koon day. I has has a dream dat little black chillins will be stomping on little white chillins while dere stoopid crakka peera cheer their own demise . I has a dream dat sum day bootiful white wimmins will leave white men for the superior negro race and ebbyone will be at each others throat until only dat black man survives

    • I found this on 8 chan:

      I saw an 11 year old in the OR once who had “respect” tattooed on each arm. He was getting his femurs bolted back together because he was run over by a stolen car while standing in the middle of the street shooting at an ambulance who just picked up someone that he and his friends had just shot. Just let all that soak in for a second. This is real life.

      • Well, my best friend’s wife was the head nurse of an Emergency room and she saw a massive Spanish onion get removed from a gay man’s asshole. The British doctor who did the procedure, once the onion was removed and being held aloft with giant tongs, turned to the nurse and said in a deadpan monotone: “Extracted, one Spanish onion.”

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