Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Leader “Mike Enoch” Quits After Revelation His Wife is a Jew: Proof Daily Shoah Controlled Opposition

Uh, oh. We’ve had an infiltrator in our movement. He, along with Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin, are given credit for being the leaders of the alt-right. So, who will be the next one to be exposed as a Jew infiltrator, working for muh shekels?

I’m still trying to mentally process what’s happened. Thus, I don’t have anything to say other than I think that there are many Jew worshipers who are trying to kill the movement. Enoch surely was put into the alt-right to kill it by making his followers disillusioned when the time was right. The time was right just as the Inauguration is about to take place.

If the Daily Shoah was controlled opposition, I think there’s lots more controlled opposition out there. Disgusting. I hope I’m wrong.

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet, but the racist alt-right movement that has latched onto him is already showing signs that it’s falling apart.

The loosely knit group was shocked to the core Saturday night when one of its most influential leaders — a man known to his online followers as “Mike Enoch,” a virulent racist and anti-Semite — was revealed to be a New York website developer named Mike Peinovich, who has said that his wife is Jewish. Although the motivations behind Peinovich’s apparent deception are not clear, his operation presumably generated some modest cashflow from true believers in the alt-right crusade.

As one chagrined poster on Enoch’s website put it, “It’s pretty bad for your WN [white nationalist], fourth reich, neo-nazi, facist [sic] movement when one of the head guys happens to be married to a Jew.”

Enoch/Peinovich is the creator of the popular neo-Nazi website The Right Stuff (TRS). For several years, he has also co-hosted a podcast called “The Daily Shoah,” a deliberately offensive pun on the Hebrew term for the Holocaust.

In his online persona, Peinovich routinely cracked jokes about killing Jewish people and forcibly deporting Muslims and people of African descent. The weekly program had roughly 100,000 regular listeners, many of whom regularly sent in financial donations by PayPal or bought merchandise from the site.

Peinovich’s wife appears to have been aware of the entire situation. She even appeared on “The Daily Shoah” several times, including a special holiday-season segment in 2015 where she read a neo-Nazi parody of “The Night Before Christmas.” Introducing the clip, which can be found online, Peinovich said his wife was “very proud of it.”

Peinovich’s doxxing — a term referring to revealing someone’s private information online — was largely the work of anonymous left-wing users on the Medium blog site, in a post that has since been deleted. Word spread like wildfire throughout the alt-right’s many web forums and message boards over the weekend, as TRS fans and detractors battled over whether the information was legitimate or not.

That initial report had an air of credibility, since the identities of Peinovich’s fellow “death panelists” on the podcast had been revealed earlier in the week. That doxxing was done by members of a rival website called 8chan, who attacked TRS for supporting the principle that non-Jewish white nationalists had common interests with extreme right-wing Israelis, which is anathema to hardcore neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.

First the 8channers unmasked one of Peinovich’s colleagues, a University of Nebraska philosophy student who called himself “Ghoul,” and whose mother was revealed to be married to another woman. After that, 8channers and anti-fascist activists temporarily worked together to dox the rest of the “Daily Shoah” crew. “Bulbasaur” was exposed as a corrections officer living in Nashville and “Seventh Son” was revealed as a guitarist in an obscure Goth-rock band.

The big prize for the doxxers, however, was Peinovich. As the creator of TRS, he was (at least until this weekend) regarded as one of the three most influential figures in the alt-right, alongside Daily Stormer creator Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer, the co-creator of the “alt-right” label.

Though TRS has not received as much coverage in the mainstream press, it originated or popularized many alt-right pranks and memes, including the practice of identifying Jewish people or those suspected of being Jewish with (((triple sets of parentheses,))) bogus White Student Union schemes at educational institutions, and racist or anti-Semitic song parodies. Peinovich was also reportedly among the people who gave the Nazi salute at the infamous National Policy Institute conference after Trump’s election in November.

Mike Enoch’s downfall was set in motion in December when a former alt-right vlogger named Mike Cernovich hinted to his viewers that one of his rivals “is morbidly obese and is married to a Jewish woman.” He declined to say whom he meant, but that salacious rumor set the cyber-sleuths to their task.

As the doxxing unfolded this weekend, Peinovich said nothing on Twitter or on his own site. Contacted via email by Salon, he denied being Mike Enoch but admitted to having been involved with TRS.

“I was involved with that site years ago, writing a few libertarian articles for them and using my PayPal for the exactly zero donations that the site ever got when it was still a libertarian blog,” he wrote.

Peinovich then claimed he had disassociated himself from TRS after it became overtly pro-Nazi: “I cut off ties when they went the direction they are going now, and that was 4 years ago. Honestly I have not thought much about them. As you can see from all public writings I am libertarian. My wife is Jewish. Do you really believe that I am this person?”

The TRS creator then asked Salon to help him deny that he was Enoch: “If you give any fucks at all then you could print that this is all bullshit. We are now being harassed not only by communists but by actual neo nazis.”

When asked if he would be willing to conduct a telephone interview, Peinovich replied, “Let me talk to my wife.” He never answered back.

As the evidence continued to mount linking him to the Enoch identity, Peinovich decided to fess up to his devoted Nazi fans in a post for TRS’ password-protected forums, part of which read:

As I am sure you all know, I was doxxed and an ill advised attempt to fool the media about my identity led me to not talk to you people and to try to simply ride it out by being silent. This was irresponsible and a disservice to all of you. Yes my wife is who they say she is, I won’t even bother denying it, I won’t bother making excuses. If this makes you want to leave the movement, or to have nothing to do with TRS, then I understand.

Don’t lie for me. Don’t try to defend me to those attacking me. Don’t jeopardize your own reputation by defending things that you don’t think you can. I could try to explain my whole life for the last ten years to you but what difference at this point would it make. Life isn’t perfect.

The admission sent a shock wave throughout the alt-right. The reactions began pouring in. Some listeners of “The Daily Shoah” were crestfallen. Here’s just one example of the anguish:

TDS was my favorite podcast and one of the best parts of my week. Enoch’s rants were both enlightening and triggering, but now I cannot listen to them the same way again. It just feels like they’re just more actors in the same play being orchestrated by the Jews. Half of my gut has also thought TRS has been controlled opposition for awhile now. Although I will continue to listen to the Shoah I just don’t know if I will be able to take Enoch as seriously as I used to. It’s pretty bad for your WN, fourth reich, neo-nazi, facist movement when one of the head guys happens to be married to a Jew.

Within a few more hours, Peinovich’s partners announced that he was resigning from TRS entirely.

The 8channers, who pride themselves on their refusal to adopt pseudonyms (all site users post under the handle “Anonymous”), were ecstatic.

“(((TRS))) is over. Period,” gloated one of them.

Many began improvising some of the Holocaust memes that have been lobbed at Jewish journalists, instead featuring Peinovich and his wife. Both were depicted in gas chambers before the night was done.

Another, who prefers being called neo-Nazi instead of “alt-right,” hoped the entire movement would just disappear: “After the shitstorm is over the alt-right won’t be important enough to warrant a [discussion] thread,” he wrote. “In my opinion, they never did.”

With Peinovich gone and many TRS readers mistrustful of the “death panelists” who helped him cover up his secret, the site’s future is an open question. Its unique blend of pop-culture references and hardcore neo-Nazism will be hard to replace. By around 3:30 on Sunday morning, at least some 8channers had begun to feel a sense of regret.

“I’m going to bed but I want everyone involved with this doxxing to think about contributing something to replace TRS rather than pissing on its grave and saying that they did the right thing,” wrote one of them. “So far you have fucked up royally.”

11 thoughts on “Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Leader “Mike Enoch” Quits After Revelation His Wife is a Jew: Proof Daily Shoah Controlled Opposition

    • David Duke is defending him as well.

      I don’t have time to listen to 3 hour podcasts so I never visited the site much either. The only thing I can say is that he could not be married to a Jew and take seriously what he was saying. Our survival is serious business, not the stuff of jokes.

      I’m tediously working my way through the 8chan stuff to get a better handle on what’s happened.

      • Very true a man could not get away with saying that stuff unless his wife was in on it. Otherwise, she’d be clobbering him or divorcing him. Probably both he and she are operatives, so it was all a big joke. I’d like to see their bank account statements.

        (PS: Never heard of the guy nor his group until now; but had to pipe in re the fact he could not get away with that while having a Jewish wife. Even if she is “awake” to Communist Jews’ tactics, I doubt she would appreciate his rants just the same. At least Alex Jones kept his mouth shut while married to his former Jewish wife.)

      • Paladin. Two points to consider.

        Right from the beginning of this saga my spidey senses began to tingle. Without concrete background info for this fella, I am starting to believe that ALL of this story is some kind of disinfo game. Remember that the Left and the Antifa-types are now using our meme trades, our trolling techniques, etc. There is something rotten in Denmark here. Even 4 and 8Chan have become places where you literally sink into the false data streams and go nowhere fast.

        Furthermore, the fact that this “Enoch” fellow went to Salon (WTF?) to help him deny his identity raises alarm bells everywhere. Salon is the enemy incarnate—so why go to them as your sounding board?

        Whoever he is—infiltrator, posseur, or fat basement dweller—he can be replaced by something better. There are many other sites with creative talent and leadership. Never go in for the “name brand” variety of our movement and you will always stay on the straight and narrow…


      • Thanks for helping to clarify my thinking on this issue. There’s always going to be a suspicion in my mind about some of our leaders. In general, it’s not worth talking about without evidence, however.


    It’s the agreement between ZIONISTS and NAZIS to work together!

    Jewish bankers financed both COMMUNISM and NAZISM.
    The plan was to destroy RUSSIA and GERMANY and then take them over.
    Israel is a ZIONIST/NAZI state!

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  3. The 3 Parentheses were a credit to its designers because (((THEY))) are a symbolically and mathematically perfect ashlar…. perhaps too perfect. It is the +x of 3P or 3 16 that derives the date 1948…. the make undead date of jew Israel. The ‘british’ flag appears as a +x. Same initial gematria as Corn Poppies…. or CP 1948…… The BnaiBrith were intimately involved with the design and advocating for the use of these things in the 1920′ via at least Lillian Freiman , because they knew that they knew the purpose of WW1 and 2 was for the creation of jew Israel as ‘prophesied’.

    It is inappropriate that the jew parasite is permitted to remain amongst racial Europeans, as a function of its ongoing, usurious, Borg like treachery. (((THEY))) are truly a most grateful nation.

  4. “New York website developer named Mike Peinovich, who ”
    He is from Hymie Town, strike one. His name is a Russian Jew name. Most people whose names end in “ovich” or “ovitch” are Russian Jews. I personally knew, and was financially conned by, one such despicable Russian Jew “ovitch” and he was a lying con artist who pretended to be a Christian. He had spent ten years in jail in Australia for drug dealing and other crimes. Never trust a Jew!
    Strike Three – he is a Nazi that says gas the Jews, kill the niggers etc. people like this harm the white race in a huge way and nobody did it better than Hitler.

    Have a look at Henry Makow dot com and there are many articles which suggest Hitler was a Zionist operative all along. He took many crazy actions which ensured Germany would lose the war. He often snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, as he did with Dunkirk, then Rommel who could easily have conquered Egypt and the Suez Canal. When Rommel started losing Hitler gave him the famous “stand fast” order which Rommel disobeyed. Otherwise, the war in North Africa would have ended there and then. Jets – a war winning fighter which Hitler isisted must be used as bombers. How could any German still believe in 1944 and 1945 that Hitler was on their side, and how can so many modern Nazis ignore evidence like this? Those jets – as fighters – could have blasted the allied bombers and fighters from the skies! As bombers they were useless.

    There have many many Jews leading US Nazi parties for many years now.

    Nazis never had a hope of winning in the 1930s when almost all whites looked down on tinted people, so what chance do Nazis have now?

    Maybe though, this Enoch guy is innocent and the left are smearing him with the Jew brush. The disadvantage of using a secret identity is that it is easy to smear such a person. I.e. Peinovich may be a left winger stooge and not the Enoch guy.

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