Afghan Convicted of Woman’s Murder in Netherlands Sentenced for Hammer Attack on British Cops


Add the Netherlands to the list of countries coddling Muslim psychopaths. Jamshid Piruz served just six years in prison for slitting a woman’s throat, a crime that might merit the death penalty in Texas, USA. We don’t have many women with their throats cut here.

The POS somehow ended up in Britain where he nearly beat a woman cop to death with a hammer. But not to worry. It’s not his fault. His scumbag lawyer says he suffers from PTSD. Give him a couple of pills and let him be on his way.

Sky News

A man convicted of murder in the Netherlands has been jailed for life in the UK for a hammer attack on two police officers that was likened to a horror film.

Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz lashed out when he was cornered by police after carrying out a series of burglaries.

Police bodycam footage showed Piruz being cornered by PCs Jessica Chick and Stuart Young in a tool shed before he lashed out with a claw hammer.

The court heard police had Tasered him three times, but it was ineffective because he was wearing thick clothes.

PC Chick was trapped screaming behind a pillar by Piruz, who swung the hammer at her.

She said: “I have never been so scared in my life. I have never been in a situation where I thought ‘this is it, I am going to die or I am going to be brain dead’.”

PC Young, who was hit in the neck, said it was “akin to a horror film.”

Piruz pleaded guilty at Hove Crown Court to burglary, as well as two counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent and affray.

The 35-year-old had previously served six years of a 12-year term imposed in 2007 for slitting a woman’s throat in Almere in the Netherlands.

He came to Britain in December 2015 to see relatives, but missed his flight home.

When he was told he would have to pay for another ticket, he spat at an easyJet employee.

After a court ordered him to pay compensation, he burgled garages in Crawley in Sussex, where he stole tools including a hammer.

Police were called when a member of the public saw Piruz attempting a further break-in, which led to him attacking PCs Chick and Young.

Judge Jeremy Gold QC sentenced Piruz to a minimum of six years in jail, telling him: “This was an incident of truly terrifying violence, the officers were in fear of their lives and you had no reason to attack them whatsoever.”

Piruz, he said, suffered “acute psychotic episodes”.

“You are potentially a very dangerous man and you are prone to outbursts of potentially fatal violence when you are stressed, with little or no ability to control those outbursts,” the judge said.

Simon Blackford, defending, said his client, who sobbed in the dock, was remorseful and added: “He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after he witnessed the murder of his parents by the Taliban when he was 11 years old and subsequent experiences living in Kabul during the war.”

The oddity in British sentencing is that the story tells us Piruz has been sentenced to life, but will only have to serve a minimum of six years. This makes no sense whatsoever to the American mind.

Let him rot, where hopefully another prisoner kills him with a shiv.

5 thoughts on “Afghan Convicted of Woman’s Murder in Netherlands Sentenced for Hammer Attack on British Cops

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  2. If he was White, he would have been given 20 years. This is the new programming. Whites will be receiving much longer, stiffer sentences for the same crimes committed by migrants. It demoralizes the European population while emboldening the tar heads. Again, further proof that liberal democratic western countries are demociding their native European populations…

  3. He won’t even serve the six, although it’s stipulated he’ll be released early, probably after 2 years as our prisons are full, mostly of white men serving 18 months for upsetting someone on facebook. Trouble is that our politicians have all had their spines surgically removed when they took office, they wobble around parliament congratulating each other and virtue signalling to anyone paying attention. We are cowards and we will be destroyed if nothing changes real soon.

  4. Were these Bobbies armed? If not why not? This Afghan should have been shiot dead after the first swing of the claw hammer. England is now a shithole and cops must always be armed in shitholes. Britain has gone for ever.

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