r/K Selection Theory: The Rabbits vs. The Wolves

white wolf

As you read this little excerpt from a much longer piece, you might think about who the r people are and who the K people are. I have faith that it will be clear to you.

Excerpt from ROK

A while back, I came across a thought-provoking article about r/K selection theory. The basic idea is that r-selected species are adapted for environments with unlimited resources, while K-selected species are adapted for competition. The typical examples of these are rabbits and wolves. As the article explains:

Rabbits (r-Strategy)

They’re herbivores with near unlimited resources (never a shortage for grass).. The virtually unlimited resources are a primary reason why rabbits are not territorial. This is also part of the reason why they opt for breeding often; unlimited resources means they’re not going to starve.

They have no defense against predators other than running. They do not have any loyalty towards their group. It makes no sense for a rabbit to rush to the aid of another rabbit being attacked. Then you’d just have two dead rabbits. Because they can be killed so easy, it makes sense to reach maturity as quickly as possible so they can begin birthing children.

Hierarchies are pointless in rabbit society. Rabbits lives are rather simple; eat grass and run away from danger. There’s no need to invest heavily in their offspring. As such, there’s no need to prove who’s the superior (alpha) and the best candidate for passing on their genes.

Wolves (K-Strategy)

They’re carnivores that must hunt to survive. Hunting requires more intelligence and training than grazing on grass. Due to the increased difficulty of hunting compared to grazing, more time is invested in training the offspring to survive.

Because prey is limited, wolves must viciously protect their territory from intruders. While it might seem heartless, if another pack is allowed into their territory the supply of prey will be exhausted and both packs will starve to death.

Wolves are monogamous/pair-bond. Because raising the offspring is so important for the continuation of the species, the wolves will pair for life in order to raise their young. As such, they will choose the best mate they can find to further improve their chances of birthing strong, healthy cubs. This process of choosing leads to hierarchies with an alpha male leading the pack. Wolves also wait longer before reproducing and generally have less offspring. If they reproduced early and often, there would be too many wolves for the ecosystem resulting in the consumption all the prey and starvation.

Wolves are more complex. This is true for carnivores in general. Because carnivores typically live in groups, they must have more sophisticated ways to communicate. The same is true for their domesticated brethren. Look at a dog and you can easily identify if he is scared, happy, angry, or bored by his body language and barks. Can you tell the same moods on a rabbit?

This isn’t a completely binary distinction. For example, some herbivores (such as bovines) will flock in packs and defend themselves. Lions are more K-selected than domestic cats.

ROK took the quotes from The Gentlemen’s Club 2016. Both pieces elaborate on r/K selection theory. Both are worth a read. There’s a lot more on this topic easily accessible on the Internet. Critics call it “scientific racism,” but it’s really not racism at all since the r/K selection theory describes the real world.

I found this infographic to help you understand the significance of the r/K selection theory.

This video offers a quiz to help you decide if you’re an r or a K.

11 thoughts on “r/K Selection Theory: The Rabbits vs. The Wolves

  1. Thank you for linking my article. While I think there are some inherent flaws and areas of overlap in this theory, it is still immensely useful for understanding why certain people do what they do.
    After making this original post on the topic, a lot of the “scientific racism” comments began to surface, even from Roosh himself on RoK. This is a little confusing to me as I’ve never heard anyone use this theory to justify racism nor did I ever mention race in my post. I believe it is more useful for studying political ideologies. Is there a sect of people using this theory to justify racism that I haven’t come across?

  2. A great quotation from the head guy for the Vietnam Army HO went ” A mouse CAN kill an elephant. He just has to bite him every day.”
    or close to this. It worked for old HO.

  3. There was a sci-fi author, Larry Niven, who created the “Known Space” series. It if there were various sentient species and the majority of them had evolved from hunting carnivores. The few intelligent species that had evolved from herbivores took very much longer to do so. As one of the former group put it, “How much intelligence does it take to sneak up on a leaf?”.

  4. Comparing wolves and rabbits is flawed. Wolves do not survive by eating rabbits, whereas foxes do. So foxes and rabbits should be compared, or cats and mice. Wolves should be compared to large bovines which they hunt such as deer or bison. Many of these deer/bison have complicated social structures and the males do defend the herd against attack. Male water buffalo are very brave and very dangerous to lions, or niggers, who attack or disturb the herd. Whereas zebras are more like rabbits.
    The article also dos not mention that rabbits have a great defense system by digging burrows. Their white tail underside flip flopping up and down confuses chasing predators. Also rabbits can run very fast and the burrow is usually close nearby. There are many pairs of rabbit eyes and ears at work and it only tales one to spot a predator. How can a pack of wolves get close to grazing rabbits? Stealthy foxes can do it, and eagles can drop on them like a stone.

    Meat eater lives are not so bad. The grass eater must eat grass all day. The hunter can relax all day, or soar like an eagle, and just hunt for a few minutes to catch his days protein.

    Liberals are worse than rabbits. White human liberals are feeding Africans so they can reproduce fast and take over the entire world habitat. This black population bomb will destroy the world and it will destroy the liberals too. Even rabbits are not that dumb, they do not collect grass to give to non rabbits. Africans are a lot like rabbits, eat and reproduce and run away from danger. They are already unable to grow enough food to feed themselves. Hence Band Aid and other Jew/white liberal disasters. 200 million Africans in 1950 will be 4.7 billion in a total of just 150 years – by 2100.

  5. Why would rabbits be lefties and wolves right wingers? Hillary says to the wolves (Africans) – free rabbit meals (cash from whitey tax payers) if you vote for me. Wolves then vote left.
    Trump says to the rabbits (timid white folks), I will keep out the huge violent African wolves to make it safe for you to graze again. So the rabbits vote right wing. And they did!

    From Turdpedia “Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.”

    (((Psychology))) is Bull. Mostly dominated by the You Know Whos.

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