‘Werewolf’ of Siberia confesses to killing 81 women, police say

Rather than try to murder prostitutes out of existence, serial killer Mikhail Popkov would have been better served becoming a missionary. White women of child bearing age are rare relative to world population. We don’t need them raped and chopped up with an ax.

With Dylann Roof receiving the death penalty for killing nine blacks, I have to ask the question: Why hasn’t Popkov been sentenced to death? Do black lives matter more than white lives when the dead women are alleged prostitutes?


Former Siberian policeman Mikhail Popkov, who is already serving a life sentence for the murders of 22 women, has confessed to killing 59 more, police told the Siberian Times.

Nicknamed the “werewolf” of Siberia for the brutality of his methods – he raped women and then killed them with axes, knives or screwdrivers – Mikhail Popkov carried out his bloody rampage between 1992 and 2010 in the Angarsk and Irkutsk regions of Siberia, the paper reported. According to the state news agency Tass, he resigned as a police officer in 1998.

When he was first detained in 2012, the Siberian Times said, he told police his goal was to “cleanse” the streets of prostitutes.

According to Tass, the investigation began when women kept disappearing from public places in Angarsk in the mid-1990s, at the time Popkov was a police officer. Later, authorities started finding mutilated bodies of the women around Irkutsk.

They also found tire tracks from a Niva cross-country vehicle at some of the crime scenes, which ultimately led them to Popkov.

At first he confessed to three murders.

But as police investigated, and as he began talking, the number rose to the 22 for which he was convicted and sentenced in January 2015.

Irkutsk police spokeswoman Karina Golovacheva has told the Siberian Times that Popkov has now confessed to 59 new slayings. “That means, if we add them to the earlier 22, it will be 81 murders in total.” Of the 59 cases, 47 have produced charges. “We are quite sure about the 12 other cases,” Golovacheva told the paper, and “in the nearest future we can bring charges” in the 12 others.

The victims have ranged in age from 17 to 38.

Popkov, according to earlier reports of the case, started his spree when he was a policeman, offering women rides in his police car and then taking them to remote locations and raping and killing them.

After laborious probes, police have found body after body in the places where Popkov told them they were hidden.

The Siberian Times speculated that he was confessing gradually to the killings rather than all at once in hopes of delaying his transfer from a detention prison to a penal colony.

If authorities ultimately confirm 81 as the number of Popkov’s victims, that would make him one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, behind Colombia’s Luis Garavito, a child-killer nicknamed “The Beast” who claimed at least 138 lives in the 1990s, and Pedro Lopez (“The Monster of the Andes”) with 110 proven victims in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru between 1969 and 1980.

Prostitution is certainly an evil, but murder is worse. If we knew what makes serial killers tick, it might be possible to identify them before hand.

America’s Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, and Jeffrey Dahmer all liked to watch people die. But why?

One of my classmates from the eighth grade on through high school turned into a serial killer in his 20s. I think he killed several hitch hikers along I-10. He was a bit of a bully in high school, but he really didn’t stand out. He may have been killing in conjunction with robberies.

9 thoughts on “‘Werewolf’ of Siberia confesses to killing 81 women, police say

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  2. Women who do not adhere to the “good woman” stereotype are looked at as throwaways. Prostitutes would not have work if there were not men who looked to pay for sex.

    Why aren’t Johns murdered with axes?

    I knew a chiropractor once who knew a busdriver in Russia who used to be a neurosurgeon. He got paid more as a busdriver! Just goes to show what Russia values…

    Women are often the objects of society’s “working out” of issues. Many men, in place of seeking therapy, work their issues out through women. Women are looked as conduits, or instruments of a society’s good or bad values.

    This man is a piece of shit

    • I’ve noticed that a lot of these serial killers have a sexual motivation. The homos are into serial killing too. As well as cannabalism, I’ve noticed.

      Re your busdriver. In the old Soviet Union, wages were set by government fiat. Most doctors were women. Men took the muscle jobs. Men were paid more because muscles were in short supply, along with men, who died in WW II. I wrote a little about this in one of my books. The Soviets also set the price of bread below cost in order to keep the masses from revolting. Loaf bread was often used as footballs because it was cheap.

      This guy needs to be executed.

      • The scary thing is Paladin that there are many sickos in the whacked WN movement that would much enjoy turning the USA into the Russia of which you speak. That shyte backfired though as life expectancy has decreased to like below age 60 and all the men are alcoholics. I guess that’s what happens when you think that you are Big Pimpin’ and you get all the bitches for free….a lack of character develops and you turn into a waste.

        Pieces of shit like this will never kill The Goddess. Karma is a Bitch.

      • Russia is recovering from Jewish communism that killed millions in purges and WW II. So sad for the Russian people, but at least Putin has given them a chance to come back strong.

        WNs seem to have a strong dislike for women. Do you read the Daily Stormer? Often there is a hatefest going on there.

      • Most WNs are psychologically and emotionally gay. They may not be doing the poop chute, but they might as well.

        Gayness= arrested development

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