Trump Attacks “Heroic” Negro Congressman on Twitter, Sh*tstorm Arises

Haha. Trump just proved that he’s no Negro worshiper. You can bet that Paul Ryan and a host of other RINOs will attack him over these Tweets.

When a Negro criticizes you, the politically correct response is to kiss their black ass. Not Trump.

You may recall that Trump is responding to Lewis saying, “I don’t see Trump as a legitimate president.”

Others are weighing in. We can’t allow this anti-Trump horsesh*t to go unanswered.

As I’ve written before, you can’t criticize ANY Negro in America and not be punished for it by the lemmings and the media.

There’s a serious battle going on at Twitter as I write these words.

Support for Lewis as a “hero” seems to be running a thousand to one against Trump. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Negro race baiter had changed millions of lives for the better through his heroism. LOL.

More are already announcing a boycott of the Trump inauguration because of his two Tweets. Fuck them (no * this time).

No one is questioning the truth of what Trump said.

The issue is Negro worship. Again, you can’t criticize a stupid, know-nothing moronic black “hero” without getting sh*t on royally by the usual suspects.

We are having trouble dominating on Twitter because Jack (the CEO) keeps deleting our accounts. He’s pushing the propaganda war his way, while hopefully destroying Twitter. I just Tweeted @repjohnlewis my thoughts. If you can, do the same.

The Daily Caller is on top of this story.

7 thoughts on “Trump Attacks “Heroic” Negro Congressman on Twitter, Sh*tstorm Arises

  1. Quick…someone let “congressman” lewis know that the Russians have secretly replaced Charmin toilet paper with cheap sandpaper. I know we will not only get quick action but the full weight of the will be brought against the perps.

    Sorry…the absurdity of this black masquerading as a congressman is enough to drive anyone into the sarcasm zone. Like one of his compatriots from the Georgia delegation he probably spends nights worrying that Guam is about to tip over or that KFC is going to eliminate the $5 fill up. He is useless except to demonstrate the total dysfunction of the african.

  2. Lewis’ district really is a hellhole and he, himself, continues to rest upon 60 plus year old laurels. He does make sure the welfare checks roll out on time but isn’t known for accomplishing anything beyond a few federally funded renovation programs. He is an adept at doing nothing but talking too much.

  3. Negroid Lewis had intended to say:

    “I don’t see Trump as a legitimate president.” – “Since he is not from Kenya”.

  4. The irony is that P E Trump speaks of this ignorant negro just as he would anyone else, he doesn’t see his colour, he see’s his stupidity and calls him out on it. How dare he disagree with a negro? The “special rights movement” has a lot to answer for.

  5. Now cue the racial pile-on by all of the Ultimate Conservatives, i.e. Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan, Evan McMullin, Erick Erickson. They are really damaging themselves with all this racial shit. Btw, I’ve got a couple of private eyes trying to track down even one black man who has ever set foot inside Evan McMullin’s house. So far they are coming back empty-handed.

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