Negro Baby Kidnapped from Hospital 18 Years Ago Found Alive

A tiny black infant kidnapped 18 years ago grew up in the home of her alleged kidnapper.

At the current moment it’s not clear how the young woman realized that she was the missing person. Perhaps the woman who kidnapped baby Kamiyah Mobley kept old newspaper clippings of the crime. Or perhaps Gloria Williams, pictured above, talked about the crime.

Whatever the circumstances, let this story give a tiny glimmer of hope to the parents of other child kidnap victims who seemingly disappeared off the face of earth.

Hopefully, the birth parents will be meeting their daughter soon. They have a lot to catch up on.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (KABC) — A newborn girl stolen from a Florida hospital 18 years ago has been found alive in South Carolina. Authorities said the woman who raised her has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping.

Kamiyah Mobley was taken from her biological mother in July 1998 at just 8 hours old. Police said a woman posing as a nurse told the mother her baby had a fever, and she needed to check her. She then walked out of the hospital with the infant.

The case became a national story as police searched for the child. The kidnapper apparently took the child to South Carolina, where for years she posed as her mother.

During a news conference on Friday, Jacksonville sheriff’s officials named that suspect as 51-year-old Gloria Williams. Authorities said Williams and Mobley were found living in Walterboro, South Carolina.

Law enforcement officials said Mobley had been living under a different name for 18 years. A few months ago, Mobley “had an inclination” that she may be involved in the 1998 kidnapping, sheriff’s officials said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reached out to the cold case detectives at the sheriff’s office, and Mobley provided a swab of her cheek for DNA analysis that proved to be a match, the sheriff said.

Authorities said Mobley appeared to be in good health and will be provided with counseling.

Sheriff Mike Williams said Mobley’s birth family is rejoicing, but how and when to reconnect with them is up to the young woman.

“She’s taking it as well as you can imagine. She has a lot to process,” the sheriff said. “I can’t even begin to comprehend it.”

Mobley’s birth father spoke to ABC News and said he was able to talk to his daughter via Skype. He called it “the end of a nightmare.”

He also said he and his daughter could meet soon.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait. It’s been 18 years. I can’t wait no longer,” he said.

Williams was arrested Friday morning and has been charged with kidnapping and interference of custody. There is no minimum mandatory on time served for kidnapping. It is a first-degree felony punishable by up to life, while interference of custody is a third-degree felony with a maximum of up to five years, according to the state attorney.

There were other family members living in the home with Mobley and Gloria Williams, Williams said. However, officials say they have no other suspects.

CNN published an article on why women steal babies. According to that article, women do it to try to hang on to a boyfriend or husband. The women claim to have given birth to the boyfriend’s baby and use the child as a way to keep the pair bond with the man alive. The article also notes that race is not a factor in this relatively rare crime.

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  2. I saw this story first on the NY Post website and all I could think was (and still is) “UGLY, UGLY, UGLY! YUCK!”.

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