Mexicans Know Best: Eating Chili Peppers Makes You Live Longer

In spite of the enchiladas swimming in grease, and their fatness, Mexicans in America live longer than whites do. Could red chili peppers be the secret to their longer lifespans?

Excerpt from the UPI

BURLINGTON, Vt., Jan. 13 (UPI) — Researchers at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont have found that consuming hot red chili peppers may reduce total mortality.

The study found a 13 percent reduction in total mortality, especially in heart attacks and strokes, in people who consumed hot red chili peppers on a regular basis.

The research found that people who ate hot red chili peppers were more likely to be “younger, male, white, Mexican-American, married, and to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and consume more vegetables and meats … had lower HDL-cholesterol, lower income, and less education.”

Researchers said possible causes of the health benefits of red chili peppers relates to the principal component capsaicin, which is known to prevent obesity, regulate coronary blood flow, and possesses antimicrobial properties.

There’s a link to the full study at the UPI.

5 thoughts on “Mexicans Know Best: Eating Chili Peppers Makes You Live Longer

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  2. When researching cancer alternatives in late 2012-early 2013, one of the “natural” means to cure cancer is exactly as your post describes, HOT CHILI PEPPERS. It’s a form of “natural radiation,” ie, one way to kill cancer is to HEAT IT UP (the medicos do that via radiation which the “side effects” of that will kill you, but HOT CHILI PEPPERS do it naturally).

    New Mexico has one of the lowest cancer death rates of all 50 states & UCLA researchers who studied that, figured it was due to the fact they consume a lot of hot peppers.

    This guy, William Kelley Eidem (a Florida resident), researched & wrote a book about a Romanian-born cancer doctor, Emanuel Revici (“THE DOCTOR WHO CURES CANCER” book at Amazon), who later lived/worked in NY & was hounded by the AMA, etc. But Revici’s not the topic here. The point is, during Eidem’s researching of cancer in writing that book, he learned of the hot peppers cure for cancer & used it on himself when he had tumors on his legs.

    Eidem has several hubpages with 8,000+ comments from people who have tried his HOT HABANEROS PEPPERS cancer cure. Here’s his first link:

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