Black Singer Backs Out on Inauguration After “Uncle Tom” Backlash

One of my commenters used to say that you can always count on blacks to stick with other blacks, no matter what. That’s not entirely true, but for sure, the black entertainer pictured above, Jennifer Holliday, is protecting her career after a backlash from blacks and homosexuals for her agreeing to sing a song at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In all honesty, I don’t know the entertainer Jennifer Holliday. I’m not sure she’ll be missed by the Inauguration crowd.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Broadway star Jennifer Holliday has backed out as a performer at next week’s presidential inaugural following protests from her gay and black fans, further dimming the event’s already low celebrity wattage.

Holliday said it was painful to read racial epithets, insults such as “Uncle Tom” and people wishing that she were dead “just for singing a song.” She had been scheduled to sing the Stephen Foster song “Hard Times Come Again No More.”

“I had no idea it would be interpreted as a political statement,” she said. “That’s my fault for not paying attention to what the climate is like in the country right now.”

She cited an article by Kevin Fallon in The Daily Beast, which explained why Holliday’s role as Effie in “Dreamgirls” made her an icon in the gay and lesbian community during the initial AIDS outbreak in the 1980s. In that context, learning Holliday was performing at the inaugural “feels like a betrayal,” Fallon wrote. “It is heartbreaking.”

It’s interesting that homosexuals feel so threatened by Trump, who seems to support just about everything faggoty. It’s similar to how Jews feel threatened too, although there is no bigger supporter of Israel than Trump.

The issue that no one talks about is that Trump is explicitly advocating policies that would help white working people instead of policies that would continue the War on Whites that has been ongoing for 50 years now.

Trump’s crime is that he is not explicitly anti-white, as are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, among many others in politics, including RINO Paul Ryan.

Believe me, talent is not in short supply. I’ve seen little bars feature bands and singers who are just as good as the big names, but who refuse to s*ck Jew d*ck, and thus stay marginalized in the Jewish controlled entertainment industry.

Trump should just get talented ordinary people without a big name to sing for him.

7 thoughts on “Black Singer Backs Out on Inauguration After “Uncle Tom” Backlash

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  2. A negro woman being called an Uncle Tom, by nigs, queers, the Hollyjudeans and other leftists. Now that the left is losing control of most of their intended “boiling frogs” in America, they are turning the heat on high among themselves.

    I’ve never tasted Steamed Mud – but I think I will pass.

  3. Trump’s team should forget about celeb singing-cunts, disregarding color, bootleaps or jaws. It would be hilarious if some Military chorus would perform at his inauguration. As he said, he will make America Great AGAIN, well, than he should avoid Negroids, Latrinos … in short – all non-European US citizens, and focus primarily on AMERICANS … TRADITIONAL Americans.

    Forget HollyQeerWood faggs and the rest of LGBTQ degenerates; forget “progressive” DemoCrap’s and the whole Left, as they would do the same to Trumpsters. Above all I hope that Southern Cross would PROUDLY come back and someday might even replace Stars and Stripes.

    • With the evidence out there that there could be World War 3, a coup, or an assassination attempt on Trump, I’ll just be happy if he makes it into the White House safely. You’re right about the entertainment. Now that I have Twitter, I should Tweet Trump this message: Avoid the groid, Around blacks, never relax.

      • He should just get someone to read The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon in front of a fireplace and leave it at that.

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