Two black men ‘rape a white women while yelling racial slurs’ outside of a Colorado strip mall

Because the alleged rape of an unidentified white woman in a Colorado strip mall was perpetrated by blacks yelling racial slurs, feminists will have nothing to say about it.

But let a white male college student and a drunk female hook up and they’ll put hundreds of sluts in the streets, screaming, “We’re sluts and you can’t rape us.”

Blacks are more and more open about their hatred of white people and their desires to beat, torture, and rape white women. It’s becoming a plague that the authorities have no ability to stop.

What might slow it down is legalized surgical castration with a rusty machete for any Negro caught raping anyone.

Daily Mail

Police are investigating a possibly racially-motivated sexual assault outside a Colorado shopping mall.

The alleged victim, a 23-year-old white woman, claims she was raped by two black men early Friday morning outside the Mission Viejo Shopping Center in Aurora.

She says that before taking off, the two men yelled racial slurs. It’s not clear what those racial slurs were.

The woman did not know the attackers, leaving police little to go on in tracking the men down.

They say they have no leads so far and no suspects, but are canvassing the area.

The alleged sexual assault has left the community fearful of more attacks.

‘I’m afraid. I’m scared,’ Mirna Ontiveros, who works at the mall, told CBS Denver.

Ontiveros says she was robbed at gunpoint recently and that she’d like to see a bigger police presence.

If police catch the two men, Aurora resident Claire Miller said she’d like them to receive the maximum penalty.

‘As much as humanly possible. I hope they throw the book at them,’ Miller said.

The victim is expected to be OK. Anyone with information of the incident is being asked to call the Aurora Police Department.

Chop, chop, chop it off!

5 thoughts on “Two black men ‘rape a white women while yelling racial slurs’ outside of a Colorado strip mall

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  2. My God, look at how small their heads are, there is no way an average human brain could fit into such a small space. Conclusive biological proof that the negro is sub-human.

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