Inspirational Quote of the Day: Wisdom from the East by Lao Tzu

I’ve published this one before, but it’s so good it bears repeating.

Learn more about Lao Tzu at Wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: Wisdom from the East by Lao Tzu

  1. Paladin, Here is one I thought you would want to know about. This Republican female Senator seems to be encountering many of the types of people who were after you. I’m not from Idaho, but it seems like a railroad job to me. I’ll give you the basic facts as reported along with my commentary and some links with more information.

    “On Thursday, Idaho Rep. Heather Scott was stripped of all committee assignments after claiming female members of the Idaho House were able to advance in their careers only because they “spread their legs,” the Spokesman-Review reported.

    According to the Idaho Statesman, Scott made the comment to Rep. Judy Boyle after learning she was appointed as the new chair of the House Agriculture Committee.

    Rep. Stephen Hartgen on Wednesday said of Scott’s allegations, “People get ahead here on the basis of merit, in my humble opinion. I’ve never seen anything that would cause me to question that premise.”

    Several lawmakers who heard Scott’s comments said her allegations made them “pretty uncomfortable.”

    More is at the article link below where it explains that Rep. Scott was removed from all committee assignments after displaying “aggressive and anti-social behavior by sneering and glaring at other members”.

    Do you not suspect, as I do, that the real reason is not her “anti-social” behavior, but is because the leadership really likes that system where those female members do spread their legs (hey, that’s some real merit!) – and intensely dislikes those who don’t – or who won’t for them? Not to mention that she’s a Republican who gets a 90-100% rating award for Conservative Excellence for 2015, with her having cast 11 out of 12 possible conservative votes. Check her Vote Heather Scott site link below which goes toward explaining other motivations.

    “Attacks on the Truth- Top Myths about Heather Scott Debunked”

  2. Big beard. This guy was white probably.
    The Chinese are really sensitive about the fact that many of their famous brains were at least part white.

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