First wave of Hungary’s ‘border hunters’ prepares to push back migrants

After January 20, the U.S. will be hiring more border patrol agents too. Unlike Hungary, the Trump administration will not trumpet the news since it will trigger leftists and Mexicans into more anti-American, quasi-violent street protests.

Viktor Orban again shows Europe how it’s done.

Fox News

Hungary stuck to its promise of protecting the nation against a flood of refugees by swearing in its first wave of so-called “border hunters” on Thursday, officials said.

More than 500 border guards took their oaths ahead of their planned deployment to the Serbian border, the Budapest Business Journal reported. They would carry pistols with ammo as well as pepper spray and batons, the BBC added.

“Hungary is one of the safest countries in the European Union, where there is no violence, and where no one drives trucks through crowds,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, referring to terrorist attacks including the July 2016 massacre in Nice, France. “At the same time, this does not mean that such atrocities cannot happen here.”

Political leaders in Hungary have blamed non-governmental organizations for pointing refugees toward the country. Opponents took an apparent swipe at NGOs by drafting a bill that would force the groups to post financial statements publicly, even though they haven’t received public funds. The NGOs have called it a plot to silence them.

Thousands of refugees reportedly poured into Hungary and other nations in the region daily at the height of the crisis in 2015, many of them sailing to Greece and traveling northwest to escape ISIS, war and famine in the Middle East. Hungary has since built a razor-wire fence signaling that refugees should head somewhere else.

As many as 100 people still try entering Hungary each day, according to the prime minister’s top security advisor, György Bakondi. The government reportedly has aimed to boost its number of “border hunters” to 3,000.

Meantime, Eastern Europe has been under the grip of a deadly cold snap, with some areas seeing its coldest temperatures in a decade, and with refugees at significant risk. In Serbia, officials blamed the cold for the deaths of six people.

Greece’s navy sent a ship to the island of Lesbos to house some 500 refugees and migrants. A medical association on the island said conditions at the main camp there were “inhuman,” with refugees in tents exposed to freezing temperatures. Rights group Amnesty International urged the European Union and the Greek government to move migrants from the Greek islands to the mainland and launched an online petition.

Not until the philosophy of New World Order globalism is exterminated from the face of the planet will any formerly white country be safe. Hungary is fighting a holding action, but the vermin are still at the door howling to get in.

6 thoughts on “First wave of Hungary’s ‘border hunters’ prepares to push back migrants

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  2. Well done Hungary. Wish UK does the same instead of allowing all those “unaccompanied minors” into the country.
    As for freezing temperatures, I lived on the streets and during 2010 winter had a tent on parliament square in london. Nobody showed any concern about me freezing to death in – 10 degrees temperatures. Alas, I’m white and british so it does not count.
    Hopefully it will encourage some of those invaders to return to their warmer origins.

  3. I have visited Hungary twice. Will be going there next Fall after I go thru Latvia and Poland—because big blue eyes and big tits still mean something to me. The men there are still men. When I get drunk with them they talk about food, women, and how the Jews must be destroyed—in that order. I love East Europe.

    Back in Canada, I remember my Ukrainian Grandfather, whenever we went into a Supervalue (1970s), when he would pass a bill to the cashier girl at the checkout, he would ask her: “Are you a Jew?” I would be embarrassed. But they would always reply: “God forbid, no.” He would just nod with a smile, and I was so happy. It meant I was going to get an ice cream cone at Wiltshires Gorcery…

      • I am 45 next week. If I have to, I will die in a foxhole somewhere in East Europe. I have contacts and friends there. Those people deserve so much after what they have had to go through the past 100 years…

      • Oh, and hey there Paladin. Just wanted you to know that I have put up quite a number of new video docs on my Youtube channel over the past few weeks. I am re-uploading former colleagues (ie. Thorium) and friends’ works that were taken down at various stages by the YT Stasi. I am putting my old videographic platform together next month so that by mid-Spring I should be uploading my own primary content again. I was having problems with getting merit at various websites (several of which are now very popular) where my content contribution was often not getting acknowledged enough—which is typical of the Alt-R> scene these days. But, just water off of an old duck’s back. Maybe push some of your main fellas this way. The ideas need to become legion, and hopefully I can get these gears to go larger this year. The content is typical of our shared concerns. I hit hard. It is the only way to hit…


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