America’s Lady Liberty Portrayed as Negress on New Coin

Liberty is a concept created by Europeans, not blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. However, the now politicized U.S. Mint will be offering coins that depict Liberty as a concept shared by other groups.

This psy op, this PC nonsense, is an affront to the European-American. These coins should be boycotted. If you want to buy gold there are other alternatives.

Excerpt from Fox News

Lady Liberty appears “in a new light, as an African-American woman,” in a $100 gold coin unveiled Thursday, officials at the U.S. Mint have announced.

The 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin shows a woman’s head in profile with a crown of stars. It features the year of the Philadelphia mint’s founding, 1792, as well as 2017. The reverse side of the coin depicts an eagle in flight.

The coin is the first in a series. Future 24-karat gold coins will show Liberty in designs representing Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans, according to the mint. From the late 18th through the early 20th century, most U.S. coins featured depictions of Liberty as a woman of Europen ancestry.


The War on European-Americans is being fought on many fronts. Soon, we’ll be carrying around $20 bills that feature a Negress whose contribution to America was truly marginal, if it even exists at all.

Make no mistake, the New World Order wants the white race worldwide to go extinct. The Caucasian originating in Europe is the only ethnic group worldwide that is capable of thwarting the globalist’s enslavement of the world’s human population.

The new gold coin is just another in death by 10,000 cuts of the globalist’s sword.

Some past examples of Lady Liberty and liberty themes from World War I:

And while we’re at it, take a look at this one, depicting Germans as apes. The comparison of blacks to apes isn’t racist when whites have also been similarly compared.

16 thoughts on “America’s Lady Liberty Portrayed as Negress on New Coin

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  2. Not just in the USA. Up here in Canada, they will replacing our George Washington (founder of the country, Sir John A. MacDonald) on the 10 dollar bill next year, with a black woman who sat in the Whites Only section of a movie theater in a small, go-nowhere town 60 years ago and refused to move when asked. Other than that, she never did a fucking thing in her life. And she is replacing the man who created Canada, built the first transcontinental railway in history—amongst so many other things. A recent survey asked 15,000 Canadians if they knew who she was: only 17 knew her name. And this uptight bitch gets to replace a man who built half a fucking continent…

      • You are correct, Jimbo, and so is R. at 10:33. I was a Marine in Viet Nam, two tours, and had many friends and others whom I knew, all good Americans, who are never coming back – because in that war, as in most, the jews sold our country and it’s people out. None of them fought for this, and we all know that they had a different America in mind.

        The statue of liberty is a Freemason and jew symbol, and was designed and placed by Rothchild’s Freemasons from France. That old quotation inscribed on it is by a jewess named Emma Lazarus. It was intended to, and has, caused immigration from non-Whites, so that the jews could hide behind them and ally with the non-whites and utilize them against the White American people. That is why every Colored man in the world is being invited – make that IMPORTED – into America while White people from South Africa and other places are denied entry. America was never a “melting pot” before then, and before jew bankers took over with the Federal Reserve with it’s enforcer, the IRS (all at about the same time period), but America was a haven for White Europeans and other White people who wanted freedom. Black slaves imported by Jewry’s ships from Africa, and many were worked on jew plantations, and were the first mass of non-whites here. The blacks are victims of the jews, too. Non-white, but ‘white-skinned’ jewry has sold the American people, and all White people out by utilizing trickery and deception.

        It’s time we retake America. The failing media has kept the jew’s illusions in place. Americans are ditching it, and the jew-controlled system will fall apart without that jewish-media control.

  3. Humph… They could be tungsten gold plated coins ?? This is why the put a sheeboon on it’s face ?? So that the insider will know this & will avoid buying it ??

  4. Coin ho,

    If you get a $20 note in change at a shop just aks if they can break it into two tens.
    If they make a fuss, just say woooahhhh. I just want two tens.

  5. I call it the “Smirking Millennial Negress”. Order yours today. Since when do children get put on coinage? Leftists don’t buy precious metals as investments so this just shows how out of touch the government agencies are.

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