Weird New FKA twigs Ad for Nike Will Make You Want to Throw Away Your Swoosh Shoes


Nike’s bizarre, Satanic inspired ad campaign fronted by mulatto singer FKA twigs (small t) will make you want to throw away your Nike dancing shoes and never buy another pair.

Naturally the media is telling the sheeple what to believe about the ad. They can’t praise it enough. Yahoo, Vulture, and Jezebel, among many, praise the ad. Naturally, if you don’t like it, then you’re not hip, cool, with it, or edgy.

Actually, you’d have to be mentally disturbed if you do like it. The truth is always the opposite of what the MSM says it is.

I couldn’t figure out it’s not shoes being advertised, but women’s tights. What difference does it make? Unless you worship nonwhites or Satan, it shouldn’t make any difference at all.

The whole thing is just artsy-fartsy pretending to be meaningful, significant, and deep when in reality it’s just shallow and Satanic.

We have a lot of work to do to clean up the culture.

12 thoughts on “Weird New FKA twigs Ad for Nike Will Make You Want to Throw Away Your Swoosh Shoes

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  2. I’ll second the WTF of a previous reply. Sadly I fear we are beyond redemption as a society; the luciferian satan worshipping jooze that own everything have done a smashup job of brainwashing gen-x, millennials and most of the boomers

    If it were possible to build a time machine and as an experiment send travelers from 2016 back to 1916; sit the residents from that time down and run a marathon of current movies, tv shows, popular music, then ask them if we have grown and progressed as e society. Those who don’t drop dead from fright, suffer a major heart attack, will probable be crawling on all 4s begging God to take away these horrible visions of the not too distant future

    In anding, I must be getting very old as I do not see one speck of redeeming value to that ad or any other of today’s “edgy” media

  3. NIKE shoes are designed & targeted only for MORONS ?? Anyone paying $200 plus for a pair which originally has a value of $5.00 must be a moron ?? See anyone wearing them, he/she is classified in my mind as a moron & I look to see tattoos on their body & a bull ring attached to the nose ?? A NIKE customer ??

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