British Rapper Jailed for 23 Years for Rape, Torture of Woman

Have you noticed that blacks enjoy torturing people. And they get a kick out of filming themselves torturing people.

They do it in Africa, America, Britain–wherever African genes are found.

A rapper has been jailed for 23 years after he imprisoned, raped, brutally beat and tortured a woman with an iron for three days.

Courtney Hutchinson, known as rapper DVS and 1ARDA on social media, held the 20-year-old in his flat before she managed to escape and flee naked into the street.

The 32-year-old even burnt her with an iron in scenes that mirrored British film The Intent in which he burns a man in a similar way as he is strapped to a table.

He even filmed his real life savage attack on his phone as he forced the woman to beg for her life while he told her to call her mum and say goodbye.

The attack on the victim began on February 5 last year when she drove to a flat Hutchinson used near London’s City Airport, east London.

He immediately began attacking, punching and kicking her.

Afterwards he forced her to eat a meal before going to bed before becoming even angrier then next morning and repeatedly hitting the victim.

He went on to push the legs of a chair into her stomach, drag her around the flat by her hair and whip her repeatedly with a phone charger cable.

Hutchinson pressed a heated iron onto her exposed skin several times before holding it above her face and demanding she burn herself as she pleaded with him to stop.

The force of his attack left the woman with 40 injuries, including a fractured eye socket, broken nose, dislocated shoulder, stab wound to the hand and severe burns.

Hutchinson told the victim that she would die the next day, and then raped her.

On the third day Hutchinson continued his assault, also forcing her into a hot shower and stamping on her burns.

He filmed her, making her state on camera that she was a bad person.

Throughout the entire ordeal he kept her naked until she finally saw an opportunity to escape.

The victim was taken to the Royal London Hospital and continues to receive treatment for the injuries inflicted.

Hutchinson pleaded guilty to rape, false imprisonment and GBH with intent on the second day of his trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court in July.

Yesterday, he was jailed for life and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

The race of the victim is not being reported, but rappers luvz dem white wimmens.


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