Beautiful Emily Youcis Gets Gavin McInnes to Say 13 of the 14 Words

Gavin McInness is most famous for sticking a dildo up his ass on live TV. He writes a weekly piece at Taki magazine, where he’s pretty well hated, although his articles get a lot of clicks. To be honest, I like most of his articles because I learn something from them.

McInnes also famously engaged in a deep tongue kiss with Kike MILO after the faggot club shooting in Orlando, Florida last year. This was some kind of truly retarded protest that was supposed to suggest that love trumps hate or something like that.

McIness, a drug-using hipster they say, is married to a nonwhite woman and has mixed race children.


Full interview:


10 thoughts on “Beautiful Emily Youcis Gets Gavin McInnes to Say 13 of the 14 Words

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  2. “They say” lots of things (telephone game in full effect), we can make our minds up for ourselves. His articles are generally good reading, it doesn’t mean you are in bed with the guy. If you agree with him 75% of the time then there you go. We don’t need to throw a hissyfit over every single guy who writes things, this point will be missed of course by the overwhelming majority of anonymous commenters who don’t contribute anything. As to his wife being Asian, again, being unattractive does not make one a non-Caucasian as all cannot be beautiful. What do you think most of the dingbats who read these sites think of Youcis? Guaranteed they consider her non-white for whatever reason and are waiting for her to say the ‘wrong thing’ at some point so they can go “aha!!!” and kick her to the curb. Failure is inherent in the ‘patriotic’ sphere, fight the urge people. Gavin is just some dude that writes some things that some people partially agree with; that’s all. Fight the urge to lose, fight it.

      • Yeah, I’m not endorsing the guy, but some of his articles are good and I take them for what they’re worth. Guys like this I put into the ‘ignore’ or ‘benign neglect’ category. I don’t see why these guys expend so much energy on him. As for the girl, she will be called non-white the moment she steps on a landmine.

  3. He once sucked on a black dildo on live TV as if it was a cigar.

    He also said at the video’s beginning that they’re given too much crap for liking the (((J’s))). The word he refused to say is “white”, and he replaced it with “Western”. He ended up asserting it’s okay to be racially replaced by naggers, as long as they and their values are Western. As Hitler said, the cause is lost if your racial purity becomes too diluted. That Irishman fails to understand even the most basic principles of being red-pilled. He’s no clansman of mine.

    Throw him into the oven!

  4. Taki’s commenters pretty much hate >80% of the writers over there but, point well made.

    Maybe Gavin’s “stunts” are made to draw attention to his message. Maybe I’m playing devil’s advocate.

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