Opportunistic Backstabbing Negro Senator Testifies Against Jeff Sessions in His AG Confirmation

Life lesson: Befriend a Negro? OK, but prepare to be back stabbed when race enters the equation.

Powerline Blog

Scott has written about Sen. Cory Booker’s vacuous testimony against the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general. Booker broke with Senate tradition, becoming, it is said, the first U.S. Senator to testify against the nomination of a colleague.

Why did Booker do it? I believe he did it to establish his place as a possible contender for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Before Booker testified, Sen. Tom Cotton had this to say on Facebook:

I’m very disappointed that Senator Booker has chosen to start his 2020 presidential campaign by testifying against Senator Sessions. This disgraceful breach of custom is especially surprising since Senator Booker just last year said he was “honored to have partnered with Senator Sessions” on a resolution honoring civil-rights marchers.

Senator Booker says he feels compelled to speak out because Senator Session wants to keep criminals behind bars, drugs off our streets, and amnesty from becoming law. He’s welcome to oppose these common-sense policies and vote against Senator Sessions’s nomination, but what is so unique about those views to require his extraordinary testimony? Nothing.

This hearing simply offers a platform for his presidential aspirations. Senator Booker is better than that, and he knows better.

Booker’s testimony lived up to this billing. As Scott observed, it “came wrapped in transparent self-aggrandizement” and “proved precisely one thing: the utter shamelessness of Booker’s ambition.”

Booker attempted to invoke that old time civil rights religion. It was good enough for his father, but has scant relevance today except as a way to bask in the reflected glory of leaders who, back in the day, actually demonstrated courage. Booker demonstrated only opportunism.

Booker may be the biggest phony in the Senate, which would be quite an achievement.

Speaking of which, Sen. Cotton tweeted “@cory booker attacks on Jeff Sessions are so far-fetched I half-expected his make-believe friend T-bone to be his next witness.” Morons on Twitter promptly accused Tom of racism, claiming that “T-bone” is a “dog whistle.”

No. “T-bone” is exactly who Tom said he is: Booker’s make-believe friend. In a previous act of opportunism, Booker made up a street character by that name for dramatic effect, or something.

Cory Booker is a poseur and an embarrassment. Should he choose to run for president, Booker will fit nicely in the likely 2020 Democratic field.

21 thoughts on “Opportunistic Backstabbing Negro Senator Testifies Against Jeff Sessions in His AG Confirmation

    • Mitchell tweeted on 1/9/17 that he was changing his twitter ID photo “just for fun.” He changed it back to his “finger to eye” pose like one he had way last year (but in a black shirt).

      Supposedly that is a Masonic hand-sign, though it’s not clear via online searches of the exact meaning. I’m thinking something to do with Intelligence (as in Brainy, not Intelligence Agencies).

      Other similar photos: Malcolm X:

  1. This site says it means. “The finger to the head like these indicates the elite’s approval of the individual’s intellect and fitness for office or promotion to the next level.”


  2. Walid Shoebat, finger to eye/temple lower right corner… He’s supposedly a former Muslim/Arab guy who got saved & then started preaching love-the-Jews whom he supposedly grew up hating:


  3. There’s not too many of those “finger to eye/temple” handsigns in google images, so the “upper echelon” must not think too many of their own are very smart, lol.

    I’ve never seen Trump do that with his hand/finger, but he sure lays on the 666 and the Inverted Pyramid hand-signs in excess.

    Back to Mitchell, I believe you have the same photo of him in the above greenish shirt in a larger size somewhere in your blog. I saw it before.

    Here’s one of him in the original black shirt that was in one of your fairly recent posts:

  4. Here’s his tweet from the other day re changing his photo from suit/tie during campaign back to finger to temple/eye photo like he had before the Trump Campaign went full gear:

  5. I guess I sort of hijacked your thread. 🙂 Been meaning to post all those photos as “food for thought.”

    Mitchell definitely has a quick mind, or he has an army of elves helping him tweet so many funny & clever things near non-stop for over an entire year.

    One of the creepiest things he says is that he is all for a REAL-ID so frauds cannot vote. Then he backs it up by saying, “I have nothing to hide so why does it matter?” (or words to that effect). Ugh. That’s the “dumb line” that all dummies use who fall for MORE GOVT. CONTROL. So either he’s “dumb” on that one aspect, or he’s working as an operative to sway the crowd in certain directions.

  6. Doc Marquis, raised in Illuminati family, supposedly converted to Christianity decades ago after reading the book of Revelation & freaked out that it said everything the Illuminati has planned; has worked with CuttingEdge.org making videos re NWO, etc.

  7. If I ever find the Jon Voight finger-to-temple photo I’ll add it here in the future. For now, here’s a 2-min. clip of him joking around, using a foreign accent, talking about the Masons (back when the National Treasure movie was out):

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