Millenial Woes: Pro-White Vlogger Youtube Star Doxxed


A star of the pro-white movement has been doxxed and demonized.

The Mirror makes no pretense of being “fair and balanced” in outing Millenial Woes for its readers.

In a way, the story confirms that the young white male everywhere in the world has had economic opportunity denied him. So why wouldn’t he be jobless and living with mom and dad if most of the jobs are being given to nonwhites?

The Mirror demonizes Colin. The Mirror is lying or the reporting is ridiculously poor. Millenial Woes is not about hating other ethnicities or races, but is about loving your own people.

A vile racist whose ­hate-filled videos have made him a global YouTube sensation has been unmasked as a jobless ex-student who lives with his dad.

The extremist has amassed 20,000 followers on his “video blogger” channel – where he spouts pathetic white ­supremacist views and promotes hatred of black people, Jews and women.

The sick ‘unknown’ discovered notoriety via his ­Millennial Woes blog – and has gone to great lengths to hide his identity.

But today The Daily Record named him as Colin Robertson, 34, from Linlithgow in Scotland.

He ­broadcasts his vile rants from a bedroom of his dad’s ­semi-detached house situated in a quiet street in the town.

And he even delivered a speech at a US rally where far-right ­extremists shouted “Hail Trump” and made Nazi salutes.

Because of the danger to himself and his family MW has left Britain and is being sheltered by friends abroad.

Much of the rest of the story revolves around the expressions of contempt for MW and “racism” dug up by the Mirror. It’s really funny that the big newspaper can’t find one person in Scotland to say, “No Niggers. I think Millennial Woes is right.” Or something similar. Apparently, we’re supposed to believe that the Scots, all of them, approve of their own extermination.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve embedded a video showing MW discussing the death of morality among today’s youth. It’s not a hater video, as you will see if you watch.

Neighbours in the Scottish town in West Lothian last night spoke of their shock over the racist living next to them and branded his outbursts as “despicable”.

The Record visited his home yesterday to try to speak to Robertson, but no one answered the door.

Minutes later, a police van arrived at the address after someone called the force and claimed they were being harassed.

Two police officers told our reporter the person inside the property had “no interest whatsoever in speaking”.

We told previously how Robertson delivered a speech at a white ­nationalist conference in ­Washington DC in November.

The rally sparked a political firestorm and forced president-elect Donald Trump to disavow the extremist alt-right, a movement of racist right-wing activists.

Under-fire Trump told the New York Times: “I condemn them. I disavow and I condemn.”

The move followed the release of a video showing supporters giving Nazi salutes and bellowing “Hail Trump” at the annual conference of the National Policy Institute.

Robertson appeared as a speaker at the event.

The video blogger has posted around 600 videos on YouTube, racking up 20,000 subscribers and 2.1million views.

Neighbours said Robertson has stayed for periods at both his mum and his dad’s houses, which are a short distance apart in the town.

A woman who answered the door at his mother’s house declined to speak yesterday.

Recently Robertson has been living at his father’s home, where blinds were drawn and a white material covered another window next to the front door yesterday.

One neighbour said: “I’ve seen him once or twice, coming or going.

“His views are absolutely ­despicable and it’s worrying that someone like that lives here.

“I value free speech but this crosses all sorts of boundaries that I’m not happy about at all.”

Another resident said: “I’ve known him since he was a child. He’s lived in Linlithgow all his life. Someone told me about the videos so I watched a bit.

“It’s a free world where people should be able to speak their mind but they’re a bit dark.

“He makes the videos from his bedroom in his dad’s house.”

Another neighbour said: “I would have nothing to do with him ­whatsoever. Those are the total ­opposite of my views.

“You might get the odd one, but those are not the kind of opinions you’ll find among people in Linlithgow.”

Robertson admits being reported to police over his videos.

Neighbours said they’d seen police officers call at his home late last year.

It’s understood he attended a London art college in the mid-2000s before launching his YouTube channel in 2013.

Anti-fascist campaigners say he has developed a burgeoning “fanbase” among other deluded far-right fanatics.

In a recent posting, Robertson told how he realised he was a “racist”.

He said: “I just didn’t want loads of black people in my country.

“It came down to a racial thing, a racial loyalty.

“I didn’t want black people, I didn’t want Indians, I didn’t want Chinese, I didn’t want Arabs, I wanted my country for my people.

“It took me quite a few years to realise the scope of my objection to what I was seeing in the world.”

3 thoughts on “Millenial Woes: Pro-White Vlogger Youtube Star Doxxed

  1. MW admitted his sexual attraction to men, and claimed there’s no real argument against bestiality at the NPI conference, from which one of your pictures of him was sourced. He even looks weird for a typical white. I unsubscribed from him after he spouted all this crap (and on camera!) and I now refuse to endorse him. The only interest the mainstream has in him is for villifying racists in general. He’s controlled opposition, who has lately led believers down the wrong path, and his latest situation is a psy-op meant to rekindle interest in him so he can ultimately gain more influence. As the Donald would say, I disavow Colon Robertson.

    • I was unaware of his background. I did watch two videos of his, the one in the post and the one where he addressed Spencer’s conference. I was impressed. I’ll be re-evaluating, but I do have problems criticizing anyone who is pro-white. I fear falling into a trap set by (((liberals))) by doing that.

      • He has been in constant contact with Black Pigeon for quite some time. My bet is that he has gone to Japan for a while; it will buy him time until a group can organize his accommodations in the USA. This will not be easy for him. It is like any of us. Our identity and living space must always be kept anonymous due to the ((politicized)) world that we now live in. Trust is not easily given, and the consequences of giving up personal info can destroy one’s life forever. So many snakes in the grass. MW has interesting monologues. Not always my fave channel, but he does give straight goods. The Douche that called him out for doxxing is now under serious threat from hackers and Alt-R> groups in the UK. Latest I heard from London associates is that his credit cards have been compromised and he has moved to the country for the time being…

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